Twisty Hair Hacks

There’s more to washing your hair than simply picking out the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair and scalp type. We’ll take a close look at the science behind what inspires either a dull, frizzy mane or magnificent locks every time you wash your hair.
A cotton hair towel is a smart investment for ladies who want to feel naturally chic and looking their best with minimal effort. Look and feel gorgeous with your lovely locks wrapped up in one of the most coveted fabrics in history – cotton.
Struggling with managing your mane? It’s time to invest in the tools meant to handle it. A hair towel is the easiest secret weapon you’ll ever wield in your quest for that always-perfect hair. Small enough to be practical, it’s cost-effective while still created from the high-quality materials a towel needs to be effective at drying your hair.
If you’re still stuck in the old line of thought that blow dryers are better for your hair than towels, then it’s time to update your towel. In fact, towel-dried hair is faster, gentler, and frankly easier than any other hair drying technique that’s out there – when you use the correct towel.