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What Type of Earrings Should You Wear With a Head Scarf?

A head scarf can be attractive on its own. But add the right earrings, and the look can be extraordinary. What type of earrings are the right ones, though?



One of the hottest fashion trends in the spring/summer 2020 runway shows is the addition of the head scarf to just about any outfit.  

And these days, head scarves can be successfully worn by any hair type: naturals, curlies, long or short hair, or completely-covered hair.  

Besides being practical for summer fun like swimming, boating, and other sports, head scarves are a smart and fashionable accessory to your wardrobe.

But, add to your scarf just the right pair of earrings, and your look can go from fabulous to extraordinary. However, you need to be aware of a few things in order to find the best earrings that both complement your scarf, your face shape, and your skin coloring. 

Let's take a deeper look at what to consider when choosing a scarf/earring combo.

Scarves/Earrings That Complement Your Face Shape   

Determine your face shape: oval, square, round, heart, or narrow. The shape of your earrings and scarf should enhance the opposite of your face shape. 

For example, a square face looks best in elongated earrings, and perhaps a scarf made of thinner fabric, while a round face with the same scarf would be better complemented by teardrop or graduated dangling earrings.  

Oval-faced? You luck out, as your face shape pairs well with just about any type of earring shape and scarf style.  

Remember that head wraps and scarves add volume to your head, so when looking at complementary accessories, stay away from anything that makes your head even larger-looking.  

Face shape is not the only consideration, however. Next is skin tone and coloring.

Scarves/Earrings That Work With Your Skin Tone

Not all jewelry metals work for every coloring. Pale skin is better paired with silver, rather than intense gold or rose gold. Traditional and rose gold works better with darker skin tones, and Mediterranean and olive-skinned people get to wear just about any jewelry tone.

When choosing scarves, keep in mind your skin's seasonal color/tone: cool or warm. If you are a cool tone, (your skin leans toward pink, red, or blue undertones), you might want to stick to jewel-toned colors such as blue, pink, red, or grassy green. If you are a warm undertone (your skin is peachy in color), opt for corals, olives, or golden colors. 

If your skin is neutral or a combo of cold/warm, just about any color will work!

Now that we have your face shape and skin tone figured out, let's look closer at head scarf styles.

Head Scarf Styles

There is no one way to wear a head scarf. Here are some of the various tying styles to experiment with:

  • Woven into a long braid down the back
  • Ponytail tie
  • as a headband, with knot at top, and/or back of neck
  • as a traditional scarf, over the head and tied under the chin
  • 60's style: over the head and tied at the back of the head
  • Turban style with or without top bow
  • Bandana style
  • Hijab style

And scarves come in all patterns, colors, and fabrics. Keep in mind what we have already discovered about your face shape and skin tone when selecting scarves and scarf colors, and then look for the best ways to tie and wear them. 

Never worked with a head scarf before? Grab a microfiber head towel especially made to tie around your head, and try a few tie styles at home before you make your grand appearance later.

Matching Earrings and Scarves

Now let's pair your scarf with the right earrings. Here are some general rules:

  • Don't create the battle-of-the-accessories with your choices. A more understated scarf or headband, perhaps in only one color or fabric goes best with more elaborate earrings.
  • Don't mix casual and formal accessories in the same look. This has a lot to do with the scarf fabric. Wraps or scarves made from cotton or even polyester will need to be paired with a more "everyday" earring, while head scarves made with silk, satin, or other shiny fabric will call for a dressier earring set. 
  • If your head wear has any jewels or appliques already attached, the earrings should be understated. 

Again, don't be afraid to try different combinations of earrings and scarves at home, alongside the clothes you plan to wear with them. Be aware of the overall vibe you want to create with your outfit, and coordinate your accessories appropriately.

Can't Decide? Go With Hoops

Hoop earrings are the ultimate in versatility when it comes to pairing with head scarves, provided you are careful in choosing the size, color, and material. 

Simple hoops made of gold or silver are always classic, but don't be afraid to experiment with non-traditional hoop styles made from wood, leather, and other metals. Fringes added to hoop earrings are dramatic and fun, and the addition of gemstones will add sophistication and a more formal air. 

Hoop earrings of any style are a good first place to start when learning which head scarf and jewelry pairings will work best for you.

All ready to start pairing? Just a few quick reminders:

Hair-Ready to Go? 

Don't forget to include other accessories in your style profile, such as shoes, handbags, sunglasses, or other types of jewelry. You want a coordinated look from head to toe, and you don't want your other extras to upstage your head wear.  

As you discover your best hair wear and jewelry styles, keep in mind that head scarves are not a substitute for good hair care and hygiene. Plus, you might not always want to cover your entire head with a head scarf, in order to let some of your fabulous hair show.  

Check out our soft and absorbent hair care items, as well as explore other avenues for hair care and style. Keeping your hair in tip-top shape, no matter the length or cut is the first step to an extraordinary look.

Have fun mixing and matching, and enjoy your most polished and unique look!