The Turbie Twist® Difference

Turbie Twist has a unique tapered design

Unique tapered design.

A lightweight, low-profile design eliminates the neck strain caused by wrapping your hair in a bulky towel.

The Turbie Twist will transform the routine of getting ready for your day — or for a fun night out.

Turbie Twist features an elastic loop

Stays in place.

A strong elastic loop keeps the Turbie Twist securely on your head.

Now, you can put on makeup or get dressed, while your hair virtually dries itself.

Turbie Twist fits kids and adults

One size fits all.

The Turbie Twist’s design fits all head sizes and resists slipping.

It's great for both kids and adults!

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A better way to dry your hair...

...or keep your hair dry.

"I am keeping all of mine, but they really do make nice gifts!"

Kristen S.

"The Turbie Twist is so easy to put on and it STAYS PUT...just what I was looking for."

Trisha R.

"This is the best invention ever made! Thanks for making my life easier."

Dawn M.

The best gift.

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