Three Turbie Twists are stacked on a blue surface with a pink background. The towels are purple, white, and pink.

Turbie Twist Reviews

This is the perfect towel for your hair. Body towels are too large for the head and you can take these little towels on trips so you have a hair towel in the hotel room.

- Chris P.

This is the best invention ever made! Thanks for making my life easier.

- Dawn M.

They are the best! Large size, super soft and very absorbent.

- Linda

A woman wearing a bright blue printed Turbie towel lounges in her pajamas.

The Original Hair Towel

Dry your hair fast: Nothing beats the original. Our microfiber hair wrap is made from a super absorbent material that is specially designed to gently and quickly dry hair. Your hair dries faster, helping to prevent frizz and damage. This set of two Turbie Twists comes wrapped in ribbon, making easy and perfect gifts for a girlfriend, mom, new parent, teacher, dorm room, you name it!