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Why the Turbie Band Makes a Great Nurse Headband During COVID-19

Medical personnel like nurses often use wide headbands to keep their masks in place and cover the forehead and hair. The Turbie Band can do this effectively.



Are you overwhelmed as a nurse in the age of COVID19?

If so, you're not alone. A recent survey suggests that frontline nurses caring for Coronavirus patients struggle with overextended work hours, limited personal protective equipment (PPE), and limited emotional support.

As an essential healthcare worker, you deserve every tool available to make your job easier during this time. Enter an unlikely asset: A wide, comfortable headband you can use to accessorize your mask. Read on to learn why the Turbie Band makes the perfect nurse headband.

The Turbie Band Is Comfortable

How much of your uniform is truly comfortable?

As you care for patients during your extended shifts, you need clothing and accessories that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and pleasant against your skin. The Turbie Band, made of soft microfiber, is a comfortable alternative to headbands made of other types of fabric.

Though it's a synthetic material, microfiber is a breathable fabric that retains heat and is absorbent. This makes it an ideal fabric for staying comfortable and dry during extended periods of time. These qualities are especially helpful if you tend to sweat a lot while you work.

The Turbie Band Is Practical

In your hectic daily schedule, how much thought can you afford to put into your accessories?

Busy nurses don't have time to experiment with hairstyles or look for those elusive elastic scrunchies as they rush to get ready for work. Headbands, on the other hand, are easy to wash, easy to wear, and they make your hair look stylish on any given day.

Turbie Bands come in a variety of colors. Furthermore, you can buy them in packs of four. This eliminates the need to reuse the same headband every day.

Get a pack or two of these headbands, and you'll have enough to last you an entire week. They can be washed with your uniform or even rinsed individually. In fact, you can grab two headbands for each workday: One to wear, and one to stash in your purse and swap for the second half of your shift.

A Nurse Headband Keeps Masks In Place

As much as you may dislike wearing masks for the entirety of your shift, the current health guidelines state that N95 respirators should be worn by healthcare workers on a regular basis. These masks provide personal protection, and they reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

However, masks can be hard to keep in place during a nurse's busy shift. With a Turbie Band, you can reinforce the way your mask stays on.

Simply adjust the headband so that the bottom of it overlaps with the top of your mask. This will eliminate how often you reach up to your face to fix your mask.

Wide Headbands Expand the Function of Masks

While medical-grade masks cover the essential parts of your face, including your nose and mouth, your forehead stays totally exposed. Some evidence shows that, although it's rare, COVID19 can be caught through tiny mucus particles that get into your eyes. The consensus is: The more of your face that's covered, the more protection you have against contracting or shedding the virus.

Therefore, an extra-wide headband such as the Turbie Band is ideal for someone working in the medical field. Whether you directly care for COVID19 patients or you work as a general nurse, you are at an increased risk of exposure to the Coronavirus than the average person. Wearing a comfortable, wide headband that makes up for the exposure your mask allows will protect both you and your patients.

Headbands Promote Personal Hygiene

As a healthcare professional, your good hygiene is of utmost importance. If you wear a headband, you can easily and gracefully take care of any facial hygiene issues you may encounter during your shift.

For instance, hair that sticks out or is messy can be viewed as a hygiene issue. It is more likely to fall out or get tangled as you care for your patients. Since the Turbie Band is wide and stretchy, you can easily tuck any loose hairs into it.

Also, the headband is highly absorbent and will retain any sweat from your face. This will prevent you from absently mopping your sweaty brow with the back of your hand, thus reducing the likelihood of spreading germs to your patients.

Turbie Bands Support All Hairstyles

What type of hair do you have?

Some headbands only work well for straight hair, while others do a great job at holding back curly hair. The good news about the Turbie Band is that it works with all hair types.

Due to its width, it can accommodate long hair, whether it's straight or wavy. However, if you have a short hairstyle, such as a bob, this band will complement it perfectly as well.

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Ready for Your Favorite Headband?

When you start using the Turbie headband at work, you won't pick up another nurse headband for a single shift again.

Are you ready to get your pack of headbands?

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