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They've Made a Comeback! Here's How to Wear a Headband: 12 Tips

Headbands have always come and gone, style-wise. They're back in now, led in part by healthcare workers needing to keep hair off their faces. Read to learn more



Does your hair become an annoyance during sticky summertime weather? Are you looking for a new style to hold it back and keep it neat?

Lucky for you, the stretchy, comfy headbands of decades past are making a comeback. And they're even more stylish than ever.

If you've been out of the game for a while, you may be wondering how to wear a headband. 

Here's where you can start.

1. Sporty

Take care of the hair that's in less-than-tip-top shape with a sporty headband style. You can even pull the back of your hair into a loose, low bun while you top the front with an ample headband.

2. The Bohemian Scarf

You can wear a colorful, patterned scarf with your hair up or down. You can tie it in a knot or bow at the top of your head, or tie it underneath your hair.

If your hair is long, you can boost your look with a gel or volume styler. Blow out your hair and tease it all over your head. Use a brush to create a smooth section of hair over the teased section.

Finally, put your headband in and use a little hairspray to secure it in place!

3. Blend in With Your Hair

When you place a natural-colored headband toward the front of your hair, it can extend the look of your blowout. This is especially true if you have extensions or a long, full style. Tease your hair first and then add a headband. 

A band close to your face will accent lovely features, including your eyes, nose, and lips.

4. Short Hair Styles

Thin bands work best for short styles. Use some gel and top it off with a little hairspray. Make sure to smooth out any bangs or flyaways before you put your headband on, as these are more obvious with short hair wearing a thin headband style.

5. The Wide Headband

You can still wear a wide, flat headband if you're not into the sporty look. You can secure your headband over the middle part for a modern look.

6. A Winter Wonder

Keep your head and ears warm with a snuggly winter headband in lieu of a hat or earmuffs. It's more feminine and oh-so-stylish! Pair a woolen band with a peacoat and you're good to snow!

When wearing this look, brush your hair back before placing the headband on. Use a light hairspray or gel to keep it in place.

High-volume styles also work well with this look. You can even create waves using a curling iron or old-fashioned rollers. Comb through your curls after you've secured your headband in place.

7. The Turban

Turban-style headbands are super for keeping you dry during workout adventures such as your morning run or pilates session. It will keep hair off of your face, and many are machine washable. 

Many terry-cloth turban styles also work great when paired with other accessories designed to keep your hair off your face, including clips and scrunchies. They are an active girl's dream, and you can skip the towel

8. Padded Headbands

Designer labels and replicas have given new sophistication to the classic headband. While thinner bands can pinch behind your ears, padded options lend comfort and style.

Modern styles include satin styles, velvet headbands, and embellished styles. Clunky is all the rage, and keep it as close to your hairline as you can.

9. The Double Rope

Pretty braided headbands have a natural, earth-angel look that blends in with natural hair while holding it securely in place. You can also add a bold color to draw attention to this feminine style.

10. The Thin Ribbon

Thick headbands are making a comeback, but so are classic slimmer styles. In summer months, choose natural options like a bright color with a pretty Hawaiian flower. Winter brings the opportunity for a sleek velvet band to offset sophisticated style.

"Soccer-style" thin bands are great for taming flyaways during sports or windy days. And they provide some subtle, colorful style. Thin headbands are easy to buy in packs so you can reach for a new color if you're wearing them all the time and misplacing them on the go.

11. The Beaded Headband

Subtly beaded headbands are a great way to keep hair in place when shopping in town or even in the office. Check out beads in a cool bohemian style or a few sparkly rhinestones that set your look apart. 

For a night on the town, glowing gems make your look sparkly and party-fresh. Or check out bands with faux pearls or diamonds for a distinguished sophistication.

12. Psychedelic Patterns

Just because the 1970s are over doesn't mean you can't get groovy. Tie-dye headbands go with cool T-shirts and jeans. They come in a variety of color patterns including pastels.

And there's plenty of patterns that can show off your unique style. Think about eye-popping flowers or a patriotic pattern for the summer. 

Fall brings bold plaids, and winter lets your woolen self shine. Those who love the comfort and convenience of headbands can wear them all year long and never have a shortage of new styles and colors.

How to Wear a Headband

Headbands are no longer just for pre-teens or bobbysoxers. Awesome prints, embellishments, and fits make them beauty ready for fashion lovers of all ages. If you're ready to learn how to wear a headband, you'll have your pick of styles and colors for every occasion.

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