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Does Plopping Work on Naturally Wavy Hair? Your Questions, Answered

Looking for a way to tame your waves into curls? Click here to learn whether plopping works on naturally wavy hair and what this method can do for you.

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Does Plopping Work on Naturally Wavy Hair? Your Questions, Answered

Looking for a way to define your waves or curls? Let’s deep dive into why plopping works on naturally wavy and curly hair and why this method might be right for you.


Hair plopping — sounds like a TikTok trend or dance. Maybe it is a TikTok trend in the making. Save time and get beautiful waves and curls by plopping your hair? The benefits are certainly worth raving about!

Hair plopping is the surprisingly easy method many women are using to get gorgeous curls and natural-looking waves. 

Read on to learn how to plop, and how plopping works. Plop! How fun will it be to add “plop” to your morning routine and vocabulary?! 


What Is Hair Plopping? 

Plopping hair is a styling technique where you wrap wet hair so that it scrunches on top of your head. It can boost your hair’s natural waves and reduce drying time. 

And drying in this upward fashion (rather than wet hair hanging, weighed down by water and gravity) delivers lift at your roots!

Use this new method instead of scrunching to get natural-looking waves that are free from excess hair products that can make your hair feel crunchy. 


What Tools Should I Use? 

Like most everything in life and beauty, the best results are more easily achieved with the right tools. Some people plop their hair using an old cotton tee shirt, but there’s a better way!

As you may have read here before, cotton absorbs water very quickly and can suck too much moisture from your hair. Instead, opt for a premium microfiber hair towel. A microfiber hair towel can make the difference between beautifully defined, healthy waves and curls or a head full of the dreaded frizz. 

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber with moisture-wicking properties. This helps dry your hair without removing too much of the moisture your hair needs to keep healthy and shine. 

Unlike a cotton t-shirt, a microfiber hair towel doesn’t need to be tied. Microfiber is soft to the touch and slightly elastic, so it will conform to the shape of your head, preventing your hair from breaking or splitting off at the ends. 


How to Plop Wavy Hair

Plopping wavy hair is a simple technique. Some people plop their hair at night and leave it on to dry until the morning. Other people plop quickly for 20 to 30 minutes. Play around with this technique until you find the perfect amount of time for your hair. 

Step one: After a refreshing shower, apply your preferred hair products to your still-wet mane. 

Step two: Lay out your microfiber hair towel on your bed or bathroom counter. Flip your hair over and center it on your microfiber hair towel. Make sure your hair is lined up in the center of your towel. 

Step three: Wrap the microfiber hair towel around your head and secure it with the elastic loop to prevent it from slipping. 

And that’s it! You’re now plopping your hair! 

As it dries, you can continue with your beauty routine, enjoy a cup of coffee or go about the rest of your day at home (our hair towels are as cute a look as they are an essential haircare tool). 

When you are ready to remove your towel, carefully take it off so you do not mess up your natural waves. Leave it at that and hit the road, allowing it to fully dry naturally; or, finish off your style by using a blowdryer with a diffuser, as some women like to do. How you plop, exactly, is up to you!


Does Plopping Work on All Hair Types? 

Like any styling method, don’t be discouraged if it takes a bit of trial and error to land on the best method to plopping your hair.

Hair plopping is a great tool for women with curls and natural waves, because it leaves the curls intact and doesn’t stretch them out. If you have very fine hair, you can also experience the benefits of plopping, because it is gentle on your follicles and can lead to less frizz. And who doesn’t want less frizz?!


Why Does Plopping Wavy Hair Work? 

Sure, you could pile your hair up on top of your head in an ordinary bath towel, as people have done since the invention of towels, but that won’t help define your waves or curls. Drying your hair with an old school terry cloth bath towel is probably the worst way to dry your hair. 

Terry cloth bath towels create a lot of friction which equals a lot of frizz — and any frizz is too much frizz, right? Wrapping your hair in a soft microfiber hair towel, instead, eliminates the friction, thus eliminating the frizz. Really, it’s the best kind of math!

The moisture-wicking properties of microfiber hair towels help dry your hair without removing too much of the moisture your hair needs to keep healthy and shiny. Plopping is a careful tactic that won’t disrupt your curl or wave pattern, either. 


Do I Have to Use Hair Products? 

The short answer is no. You don’t have to use hair products. However, if hair products are a part of your normal styling routine, go ahead and use them. You’ve got options. 

The success of plopping doesn’t depend on hair products. It’s all in the technique. Some women prefer to use a leave-in conditioner, styling mousse, or gel on their hair to give it extra hold and fight humidity-induced frizz once you step outside. 

You can also apply hair oils or coconut oil to prevent flyaways, but it’s really up to you. Just make sure your hair products are evenly distributed throughout the hair so it is not weighing down your plopping. 


What Else Should I Know? 

Ideally, women with medium to long hair will get the best results from hair plopping. If your hair falls below the shoulder, then plopping is the technique for you. 

Wavy hair plopping is great for multitaskers. Hair plopping will not disrupt your morning routine. You could even say that it will add to your routine — starting your day with a focus on your well-being!


Plop Your Hair and Go In Style

Plopping is the perfect technique for people with natural waves, curly hair, or even fine hair. It will keep your hair healthy, shiny, and looking its best. 

You can always spritz your hair with a small amount of spray gel or light hair spray after your remove your microfiber hair towel to hold your waves in place all day long. 

Use a Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel to transform your morning routine and get the beautiful beach waves of your dreams.