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Towel-Dried Hair – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re still stuck in the old line of thought that blow dryers are better for your hair than towels, then it’s time to update your towel. In fact, towel-dried hair is faster, gentler, and frankly easier than any other hair drying technique that’s out there – when you use the correct towel.

Towel-dried Hair: Everything You Need to Know

We’ve been taught for years that the key to attaining a frizzy halo of misery is through towel-dried hair. Towels, especially those big fluffy bath towels, cause neck pain, aggravated cuticles, and waterlogged roots. To sidestep these unpleasantries, we’ve been taught to blow dry our hair. It’s quick, doesn’t involve rubbing, and introduces that growth-inspiring heat to help our luscious locks reach their fullest potential.

Actually, we fully recommend you stop using that bath towel to dry your hair pronto. But don’t reach for the blow dryer, either. There’s something even better. It’s faster, gentler, and comes with the advantage of being multi-tasker friendly.

It’s called the hair towel, and it can do anything the hairdryer can do – but better. Here’s how and why.

7 Ways Hair Towels Beat Blow Dryers

Beauty blogs have long praised blow dryers for their ability to quickly dry your hair without friction or a bulky towel. However, hair towels can deliver the same advantages – and then some. Here are seven times a hair towel beats a blow dryer at the same game.

1. Towel Wraps Keep Your Hair from Getting Waterlogged

Blow dryers rose to popularity because of their ability to target the roots, where most water gets trapped on your head. This water causes your hair follicles to swell, leading to a loss of too much moisture (called hygral fatigue) and dry, frizzy hair later in the day. As the logic goes, a blow dryer helps aerate your scalp, increasing the rate of evaporation to prevent your hair follicles from swelling so intensely.

In contrast, a microfiber hair towel elicits the same rapid removal of water from your roots with its moisture-wicking properties. In fact, microfiber was engineered to be ultra-absorbent. Hair towels take advantage of that feature, minus the damaging heat. 

2. You Don’t Need Heat Protectant

Read any beauty blogger’s tips on how to get the most out of blow drying your hair and, after recommendations on which blow dryer is best, you’ll be reminded to always apply a heat protectant to your hair before using a dryer on it.

If you need to spray protective “chemicals” onto your hair just to safely use the supposedly best solution for drying your hair, maybe it’s a sign that blow dryers aren’t really the best solution.

With a hair towel, you don’t need to use any extra product just to make it safe to use.

3. Blow Dryers Don’t Make Your Hair Grow

There’s a long-standing myth that heat makes your hair grow, which is why hair grows faster in the summer. Explanations range. Some say that heat produces growth hormones in the scalp. Others insist that warmth encourages increased blood to the scalp. Others think that hair grows faster in the summer because the heat makes us drink more water, or because we’re eating more fruits and veggies.

According to science, however, none of that’s true. In fact, science says that heat damages your hair, especially when it’s applied via hair dryer or curling iron. (Really. There’s been at least one study done on it.) We do know, however, that when done every day, blow-drying is known to cause dandruff and a dry scalp.

Skip the heat. Use a towel wrap.

4. Towel Wraps Target Roots Without Damaging Tips

The tips of your hair tend to dry faster because they’re more exposed. As such, most hair drying techniques can very easily damage your tips even if you’re trying to get to the roots. Using a blow dryer is no exception to this, which is why you can find so many different heads and attachments specifically designed to protect your tips.

A hair towel, in contrast, protects your tips even as it targets the roots. Your hair remains still, gently wrapped in a luxurious, silky turban that feels (and looks) great.

5. You Don’t Need to Learn Any Special Techniques

Say goodbye to spending hours on YouTube learning exactly how to blow dry your hair. Most of those techniques are designed to help you quickly dry thick hair without damaging it or provoking the frizz. A hair towel is so easy to use that it will become second nature in no time.

6. Towel-Dried Hair Is Cheaper and More Environmentally Friendly

If you’re trying to simplify and reduce your resource use, hair towels are the way to go. They’re cost-effective, reusable, durable and don’t require electricity to operate.

That means the initial purchase is the only money you’ll spend on it. Savings will return to you through a lower electric bill (a hairdryer costs $0.12/hour to run), the need to buy fewer products, and the ability to reuse your hair towel for a long time.

You can even get cotton hair towels if you wish to sidestep synthetic fibers altogether.

7. Drying Your Hair Shouldn’t Require Your Undivided Attention

Nothing is more stressful than running late in the morning, yet you must still stand there to blow dry your hair. What if you could dry your hair and finish your makeup, pack your lunch, and get dressed? With a hair towel, you can. Use a Turbie Twist® to keep your hair securely drying while you go about the rest of your routine.

Towel-dried hair means more time to focus on the things that matter. We’d like to see you do that with a hairdryer.

Ladies, Stop Manhandling Your Mane

If you’re still stuck in the old line of thought that blow dryers are better for your hair than towels, then it’s time to update your towel. In fact, towel-dried hair is faster, gentler, and frankly easier than any other hair drying technique that’s out there – when you use the correct towel.

A hair towel is composed of ultra-dense fibers which create a smooth, soft, moisture-wicking surface. They eliminate friction, wick water from your roots without applying damaging heat, and let you go about the rest of your beauty routine hands-free.

Ready to upgrade your hair towel game? Pamper yourself with a satin pillowcase and Turbie Towel® combo to help keep your locks looking glorious every day.