The Best Hair Towels of 2021 - Turbie Twist

The Best Hair Towels of 2021

Are you trying to find hair towels that keep your looks looking gorgeous? Here's what to know about the best hair towels of 2021.

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Do you hate when you get out of the shower and your hair is dripping wet and getting water everywhere? Ladies with thick and long hair, you really understand the struggle. 

Then you try to flip your hair over and twist it up in a regular towel, which is not only heavy on your head, but leaves your hair in a tangled mess. This is where Turbie Twist enters the scene!

If you are looking for the perfect hair towels for your hair, keep reading to learn why you need a Turbie Twist towel for your hair. 

Why Turbie Twist Is the Best

Not only does the Turbie Twist cut down on the time it takes your hair to dry, but it also helps you prevent heat damage from hair dryers by making twisting your hair up easy. 

These towels come in microfiber or cotton, and you can buy them in packs of four. If you are looking for the best hair towels, this is your solution. 

Stop Fumbling

When you use a regular towel for your hair, it's not easy.

The towel may or may not stay put in place as it perches on the top of your head. As soon as you bend over, this precarious arrangement will often come undone. Or, you may be walking around your home only to accidentally knock the towel on something and have it come tumbling down.

This requires you to start the process over, and in the meantime hope your hair doesn't become a tangled mess from twisting it up in this bulky towel. 

In contrast, the Turbie Twist is a small towel that is designed specifically for your hair. This means it is also designed to stay in place and not weigh your head down. 

If you're worried that you will not be able to use a Turbie Twist because of long hair, it also comes in a Microfiber XL size that is perfect for ladies (or men) with long luxurious locks. 

Why Microfiber?

Did you know that when you pat and rub your hair dry, it can cause frizziness and other damage to your hair? In contrast, utilizing a microfiber hair towel has benefits that help keep your hair healthy. 

Microfiber is a highly absorbent material and can hold up to seven times its weight in water. This means that not only is it going to help with getting your hair dry, but it will also help to pull the water out without all the rubbing you would do with a traditional towel. 

In addition, using a microfiber hair towel on your hair will also help your hair dry faster. In hair types where it is detrimental to let your hair remain wet, such as long and thick hair, this is a great choice. 

Why Cotton?

If you don't love microfiber, you can also choose the cotton Turbie Twist. Cotton, similarly to microfiber, is a moisture-wicking material. 

Interestingly enough, cotton is also great for individuals with allergies. This material is hypoallergenic. Our cotton Turbie twists are made from 100 percent cotton. 

100 percent cotton items are soft as silk. This leaves you feeling like you took a trip to the spa at home. 

Turbie Twist On the Go

Turbie Twist does not only make the list of best hair towels because of its design and materials, although that certainly doesn't hurt. Turbie Twist is a great towel that can help you when you're at home or on the go.

Perfect for Traveling

If you love hitting the road, the Turbie Towel is perfect for you. For those who prefer a hotel room, you can toss your Turbie Towel in your luggage. 

Instead of using scratchy hotel towels on your hair, this quick-drying towel is easy to pack and use when you're on the road. You can roll it up or fold it up, and it fits into your luggage easily. 

If you are more of a camper, don't waste precious space with an extra towel for your hair. Toss your Turbie Twist in your backpack and hit the trail with this towel that will be perfect whether you're backpacking and hitting a stream for a quick cleanup, or camping somewhere with a shower. 

Perfect for the Gym

When you head for your workout, make sure you put your Turbie Twist in your gym bag. After your workout and shower, the Turbie Twist is the perfect accessory as you get ready in the locker room. 

Perfect for the Pool or Beach

You take your beach towel to the pool or beach, but when you have long and thick hair, it's likely you will need a towel for your hair as well. 

Grab one of your Turbie Twists and toss it in your beach bag. Instead of worrying about your dripping wet hair getting water everywhere, you can let your hair dry and not worry about having an extra bulky towel. 

Save Some Water

When you are constantly using extra towels for your hair, you are also creating more laundry. Your Turbie Twist will not create the same amount of laundry as a big bulky towel. 

This saves you from having to do as much laundry and saves water.

Support a Product Developed by Women

The final reason the Turbie Twist is the best hair towel is that it was developed by women. By buying a Turbie Twist you are supporting two women entrepreneurs who created this product when they were still in college. 

Buy Your Turbie Twist Hair Towels Today

Are you convinced that Turbie Twists are the best hair towels out there? Grab a four-pack for your hair and toss one in the bathroom, one in your suitcase, one in your beach bag, and one in your gym bag.

Turbie Twist also has other great products including shower caps, pillowcases for hair, and hair covers. Visit our store today to learn more about how our products can help you care for your hair. 

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