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The Do's and Don'ts of Dealing With Bedhead

We've all woken up with bedhead at some point or another. Is there a way to prevent it--especially before your big work meeting? Learn here.

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Bedhead breaks a lot of people's hearts. A 2017 survey revealed that 68% of women are unhappy with their hair.

One reason why is bedhead. Many people don't know how to deal with bedhead, and they grow annoyed with their frequent cowlicks. 

What do you need to do for your hair before going to bed? What tools can you use for your pillows and hairstyle routine? How should you tie your hair while you sleep? 

Answer these questions and you can master how to deal with a bad hair day. Here are the dos and don'ts for dealing with bedhead. 

Do Dry and Comb Your Hair Before Bedtime 

Wet hair is flexible hair. As you move around in your sleep, your hair will bend at odd angles and produce a cowlick. 

While you are in the shower, rub your shampoo into your scalp and on your individual hairs. If you just apply water, it is harder for you to keep clean and brush.

It is okay to take a shower before going to bed. But dry your hair and scalp off before you hop onto your mattress. Use towels or a hairdryer.  

When you're done drying your hair, use a comb to smooth it out. Run it through your hair a few times until the hair appears straight. It doesn't have to be perfect, but straight hairs will help you learn how to fix bedhead. 

Do Not Lie on Whatever Pillow You Have

Your pillow can make or break your hair. Most people use cotton pillowcases without thinking about it.

But cotton causes hairs to stay in place. As someone moves around, the hair does not move with them, causing hair to bend. Someone sleeping can also crush their hairs under the weight of their head, creating cowlicks. 

A silk pillowcase allows hairs to slide down. This keeps hair straight and lets a person move in their sleep. If silk is not an option, you can buy satin pillowcases. 

Do Treat Your Hair Ends 

Many people focus on the hair close to their scalp. But your hair ends are just as important as your scalp.

If your cowlick keeps standing up, look at it in the mirror. Most of the bend comes along the tips of the individual hairs. After you've dried your hair, you need to pay special attention to your hair ends. 

Put on a light conditioner or rub a little hair oil. Spread it on your fingers, then press it gently against your hair ends. When you wake up, brush the residue of the oil off using your comb. 

If you develop split ends, treat them as soon as possible. Hydrate your hair using water and coconut oil. Be careful when scrubbing or drying your hair, employing careful gestures to remove the water in it. 

Do Not Let Your Hair Flow Free 

The more your hair can move around, the more likely you will have bedhead. You don't want to tie your hair too tight because you may disturb the way you sleep. But you should tie your hair up to prevent the strands from bending. 

If you have short hair, you can tie a bandana around your head. You can also wrap a scarf or a light towel around your hair. In the morning, remove your bandana and style your hair as you normally do.  

For long hair, you can engage in a few different methods. You can take some bobby pins and pin your hair down over the top of your head. You need to cover all stray locks, then you need to remove the pins and brush your hair out. 

You can also pull your hair together in a top-knot. You should find a hairband that will not tear your hair from your scalp. 

If your hair is long enough, you can braid your hair. Give it a good wash, then twist your locks into a tight braid. 

Do Wet Your Hair in the Morning 

While your hair should be dry on your pillow, it should be wet once you get out of bed. Do not be excessive when applying water to your hair. 

Fill a spray bottle with some cold water and apply a light spray over your hair. If you have a cowlick, you can apply a little more water to that area. You can then smooth your hair with a comb. 

Do Not Fret Over Your Bedhead

It is impossible to prevent all cases of bedhead. Have styling products at the ready so you can smooth over some sticky locks when you get up. A simple gel cream and hair mousse may be enough for your hair. 

But you may wake up and have a hard time dealing with a stubborn strand. Do not worry too much. Bedhead is so commonplace that many people forget about it once they see it. 

You can wear an outfit that complements your messy hair. Put on some casual clothes in basic colors like gray and brown. 

Get Ahold of Hairstyle Help

Bedhead does not have to break your hair down. Before you go to bed, use a hairdryer and a comb on your hair. Put your head on a silk or linen pillowcase. 

Make sure to rub some lotion on your hair ends. Wrap your locks in a bandana, or tie them into a top-knot. 

Give your hair a little water in the morning. If you have bedhead, don't overreact and try to adjust your clothes to it. 

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