Turbie Twist® Extra Long Microfiber Hair Towel (2 Pack)

Turbie Twist® Extra Long Microfiber Hair Towel (2 Pack)

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Finally, a Turbie Twist® microfiber hair towel for long hair! At 29" long, this Turbie Twist is perfect for when you are rocking a longer hairstyle.

If you want an easy way to dry your hair quickly, discover the convenience of the super-absorbent Turbie Twist microfiber hair towel.

The Microfiber Difference

Microfiber is an ultrafine synthetic fiber with moisture-wicking properties that helps dry your hair. The soft-to-touch, slightly elastic properties of microfiber mean your Microfiber Turbie Twist is comfortable and conforms to any head.

Pop on your Microfiber Turbie Twist when you step out of the shower, secure it with the elastic loop which prevents it from slipping and go about your routine. No more neck strain from using heavy, bulky bath towels and no more adjusting or rewrapping.

Microfiber — Great for Healthy Hair

Microfiber helps contribute to shiny, healthy hair by removing as much moisture as possible, so you cut your blow-drying time in half — or even more.

Less blow-drying means less exposure to harmful, drying heat — keeping your hair soft, and healthy.

Your Microfiber Turbie Twist Hair Towel Can Transform Your Morning

Now, you can put on makeup, and get dressed while your hair practically dries itself. The original tapered design means that the Turbie Twist will adjust to fit children and adult head sizes, without slipping. Try the microfiber Turbie Twist and discover how the ultra-wicking microfiber can speed up your morning and protect your hair. 

   Moisture-wicking microfiber absorbs excess water

   Perfect hair towel for curly hair

   Cuts down on drying time

   Less blowdrying means healthier hair

   Ultra lightweight design won't strain your neck

   Elastic loop keeps it secure - won't fall off

   Saves on laundry

   Great for the beach or the pool

   Easy to pack for the gym

   Take one with you when you travel

   87% Polyester, 13% Polyamide 

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