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Air-Dry vs. Blow-Dry vs. Towel-Dry: The Best Tools for Your Hair

Are you looking to give someone new hair tools? Consider if they air-dry vs. blow-dry vs. towel-dry tools and which method is best for their hair!

Air dry hair


When it comes to drying your hair, air-dry vs. blow-dry vs. towel-dry is always a hot topic. Depending on your hair type and desired outcome, each option has benefits. If you have a little extra time and you want a polished look, blow-drying can give you lift and style. But air-dry vs. towel-dry specifically are more gentle alternatives that can still make you look great.

If you want to find the best hair drying option for your hair, read on to weigh the difference and see the full process for each to decide which one will fit your schedule and hair type the best!

Air-Dry vs. Blow-Dry vs. Towel-Dry: What’s the Difference?

Drying your hair can be a time-consuming process, but it’s a crucial part of polishing your look before work or going out. Depending on your hair, there are many different ways you can dry your hair, and the results will vary greatly.

If you’ve been looking for a more gentle way to dry your hair, weigh your options, the amount of time you have, and the results you like best.

How to Effectively Air-Dry Your Hair

When it comes to air-drying your hair, less almost always more! But if you want smooth, frizz-free results, you need to put in a little extra effort. To get effective results, follow these steps:

  1. Moisturize your hair with conditioner or a hair mask
  2. Rinse your hair with cold water
  3. Use a wide-toothed comb in the shower to smooth your hair
  4. Squeeze as much water out of your hair as possible and try to avoid towel use
  5. After the shower, add some leave-in conditioner or hair serum if desired
  6. Set your hair by combing it your desired style
  7. Don’t touch your hair while it dries
  8. If desired, loosely braid your hair or pin it into loose buns for added texture

Air drying your hair gives you the flexibility to play around with different setting techniques to see which one suits your hair and your style the best. You can try loose buns, loose braids, singles, multiples, or just tucking it behind your ears to find your style. It’s important always to add a little product to your hair and avoid touching it for a style that will hold and not get frizzy.

How to Efficiently Blow-Dry Your Hair

Don’t you love that fresh-from-the-salon feeling when your hair is blown dry to give you amazing volume? The reason our hair feels so good isn’t just because it has a fresh cut, but because the professionals know how to blow-dry your hair correctly and apply the right products

When you take the time to prep, style, and finish your hair like the experts, you’ll be more likely to have expert results. If you’ve never taken the time to learn how to blow-dry your hair, these tips can help you figure out where to start:

  1. Have the right tools like a hairdryer, paddle or round brush, and products for your hair type
  2. Prep your hair after washing by gently towel trying
  3. Apply prepping products like detanglers, leave-in conditioners, and heat protectants
  4. Dry your hair like the pros by starting at the roots with a paddle brush
  5. Add additional products like smoothers or anti-frizz treatments when your hair is about 60% dry 
  6. Use a round brush to shape your hair for a blow-out look, or keep things sleek by going back to the paddle brush
  7. To set your style, apply hairspray or pomade

Hair that is blown dry and set with products is easy to maintain for a few days. To keep your style, sleep with your hair in a loose top bun or braid. If your roots start looking a little greasy, but you’re not ready to wash, apply some dry shampoo to extend your style.

How to Expertly Towel-Dry Your Hair

Towel drying your hair is a great way to expedite your styling process without causing excessive damage to your delicate hair follicles. When done correctly, your hair will be clean, shiny, smooth, and dry!

The most important thing is switching from a heavy, traditional bath towel to a lightweight alternative specifically designed for hair. The Turbie Twist has cotton, microfiber, extra-long, and combo packs that will get you dry and back to your routine in no-time.

If you want to learn how to towel-dry your hair and the best products to help you through the process, these steps will help you develop a routine that works. Follow these steps for expert-level towel-dry hair:

  1. Wash and condition your hair, making sure you thoroughly rinse out all the products
  2. Prep you hair by adding products to help prevent damage and reduce frizz
  3. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb
  4. Squeeze out as much moisture as possible
  5. Apply your hair towel
  6. Once your hair is mostly dry, you can comb again, but try not to comb while it’s trying to avoid breakage

How to Choose the Right Drying Style

When it comes to choosing the right way to dry your hair, it all comes down to you! You know your hair best, and you know how you like your hair to look. If you’re not sure which option will suit you best, try each one and take photos of yourself after to compare the differences.

Each drying style will give different results that will make your hair look and feel different. If you experience a lot of breakages, try to avoid heat and be gentle as it dries because your hair is most delicate when it’s wet. 

If you want the most gentle but quick way to try your hair, choose a Turbie Twist! For more information about our business and what makes our towels work so well, check out our FAQ page. For more informative articles about hair care and drying techniques, visit our blog.