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How To Tame Frizzy Hair: Tips for Getting Those Out Of Control Locks To Behave

Don't let heat and humidity ruin a great hair day. Here are some amazing tips on how to tame frizzy hair and keep it healthy.

how to tame frizzy hair


When your hair is all out there, it can be hard to not feel self-conscious.

You've tried frizz reducing products, you've doused yourself with enough hairspray to deplete the ozone, but you still can't get those frizzy hairs tamed up there. 

Is the frizz unbearable? Let's learn how to tame frizzy hair, together. We've got the frizzy hair tips you need for healthy hair care. 

Drying Technique Matters

We cannot stress this enough. Let your hair mostly air dry. If you do blow dry it, use low heat only, and use a diffuser.

Don't rub your hair with a towel. Adding friction will only increase the frizziness of your hair. 

When drying your hair, use a towel with a soft and smooth feel. A rough cloth will make your hair frizzier. Something like a microfiber Turbie Twist is the perfect way to get your hair out of the way post-shower. 

Just put your hair into the towel to dry naturally, or let the air do its magic. 

Adjust Your Shower Routine

In order to tame frizz, you'll have to tweak your routine just a bit. You may already be doing it all correctly, but let's take a second or two to review a healthy hair routine in the shower. 

Skip the Shampoo

You shouldn't be washing your hair every single day. Choose 2 or 3 days a week where you'll skip shampoo in the shower. Not only will it help your hair stay healthy, it'll save you some time!

You should definitely continue conditioning every day. Conditioner is one of the first places you should attempt to combat frizz. 

Use a conditioner with a deep moisture aspect. We especially love ones with coconut milk as it smooths and soothes your hair, and smells great too!

Weekly Hair Mask

In addition to adjusting your shampoo and conditioner routine, you'll want to add in a weekly hair mask to your showers.

This replenishment of nutrients is exactly what your hair needs to combat frizz. 

After your shower, or during a long hot bath, put the mask in your hair and relax, its good for you!

Lower the Temp

First things first. Turn all of your styling tools to low heat. And keep them there!

No styling tools work best for keeping frizz out in the long run, but we understand that some people just can't put the hair straightener down. We get it! We all have that hair product we love. 

The high heat does not help, no matter how much you think it does. It dries out your hair and robs it of moisture. Try lowering the heat to between 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit and holding the styling tool longer for the same effect.

When you need to get dry in a hurry, blow-dry your hair with a diffuser and use a heat protectant spray. Or, better yet, use a microfiber Turbie Twist hair towel.

There's another thing we need to tell you. Those steaming hot showers you love? Not great for your hair (or for frizz). 

The intense heat of the water will require your hair to need more moisture. Now, no need to take an ice-cold shower, but turn it down a bit. You'll likely notice a difference in your hair's softness and moisture levels. 

Upgrade Your Do

Believe it or not, your haircut can have a lot to do with how frizzy your hair gets. 

Talk to your hairstylist about styles that will reduce the amount of natural frizz. 

It'll also help to get rid of the dead and dry ends. Moisture helps reduce frizz, and split-ends are a major no-no for healthy and happy hair. 

Be Aware of When to Brush Your Hair

That's a fun rhyme, isn't it?

Here are the rules, brush your hair from the bottom to the top. Make sure to use a round brush when styling your hair.

You shouldn't brush your hair after you finish styling it. It'll add some unwanted frizzy flair to your hair.

If you need to brush your hair after you've styled, try a clean mascara wand with hairspray on it. Yes, it works! 

Use Hair Oil

To tame frizzy hair, you should be using hair oil at various parts of the hair care routine. 

Coconut oil is, in fact, a cure-all for hair. Apply it overnight for treatment, leave it on for a few hours for a hair mask or apply it to the tips of the hair to smooth and reduce frizz.

The options are endless with coconut oil!

Other oils are fine too, just find a product that is alcohol-free and doesn't make your hair too greasy. 

We enjoy keratin and argan in our oils for the sleekest, frizz-free look. 

Finishing Oil

As you've finished styling, apply some nourishing oil to the tips of your hair to smooth them down. Put a few drops in your palms post style and tame those flyaways.

If your nourishing oil isn't enough to control the frizzy hair, try a little hair wax to really add a hold. 

How to Tame Frizzy Hair On the Go

Keep a travel-sized alcohol-free hair spray with you to make sure your hair stays smooth all day. 

You can also dampen your hair on the go if you don't have any product with you. Just lightly wet your hair with some water and you should be good to go for a bit. 

Smooth Hair, Don't Care 

Now you know what to do, or not do, when it comes to keeping your hair healthy, shiny, and free of frizz. 

Want more help on how to tame frizzy hair? Are you looking for products to make your life and hairstyling easier? 

Contact us at Turbie Twist, where we have the best hair toweling products to keep your hair beautiful and frizz-free.