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Mastering Your Towel Technique: How to Air Dry Hair like a Pro

Hair experts say you shouldn't use heating tools too much. But how do you air dry your hair without it turning into a frizzy mess? Check out our best tips.

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The average woman spends $55,000 on her hair in a lifetime. This money goes to styling, products, and tons of hair tools. 

Blow dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners dominate the beauty industry. They offer a quick and easy way to help dry and style hair. Yet, overusing these items can cause serious damage to your locks. 

A healthier hair technique involves washing and drying your hair in a certain way. This method cuts down on drying time while giving you smooth and non-frizzy tresses. 

Read on to learn the right way to wash and air dry hair like a pro. 

Rethink Your Shower Routine

The secret to frizz-free hair is washing and drying your hair the right way. Frizz tends to happen as a result of our hair becoming stripped of natural oils. Then moisture from the air penetrates your hair and results in frizzier strands. 

It helps to cut down on the number of times you shampoo your hair each week. Less shampoo means less removal of natural oil from your hair, which leads to less hair damage.

Aim to use shampoo only a few times each week. Massage your scalp with warm water to clean your roots without stripping too much oil.  

Conditioning the ends of your hair is still important for keeping it well-hydrated. A gentle cleansing conditioner can help remove oil or dirt build-up between shampoos. 

Another tip is to use a comb to brush tangles from your hair. Do this while you're still in the shower to prevent breakage. This also makes it easier to master the technique of how to dry hair with a towel. 

When not washing your hair, a shower cap is helpful to use. These keep your locks waterproof during your shower routine. Wearing a shower cap will prevent moisture from causing hair to frizz while in the steamy shower. 

Perfect Your Towel Drying Technique

Towel-drying your hair is important to help remove water, so hair can dry faster. Yet, the wrong technique can result in extra frizz, tangles, and poufiness.  

The right ways to air dry hair include gentle drying techniques. It's best to use your towel to squeeze water out from your hair.

You can also twist your hair up in a towel. This reduces drying time as you get ready. The type of towel material you use for your hair is important. 

A 100% cotton towel is thick while still being breathable. It's soft on hair, with moisture-wicking properties, as cotton can absorb 27 times its weight in water. 

Microfiber towels are another good choice. These smaller fabric particles are ideal for soaking up extra moisture from your hair. They do this while still being gentle on cuticles and locks.    

Say Goodbye to All the Hair Products and Tools

Your bathrooms cabinets are likely filled with hair sprays, serums, oils, and creams. Yet, using too many of these products results in a build-up on your hair. This is not a good way to tame thick frizzy hair. 

The trick isn't going without any hair products, but choosing the right one and the right amount of product for your hair type. 

A light leave-in conditioner is best for adding moisture. A natural Moroccan or coconut oil spray are both good options. Here are a few tips on using coconut oil in your hair. 

A styling product can also be helpful for taming locks. Be sure to use enough to cover all of your hair. It's also best to use products that are made for your unique hair type. 

Using hot tools can cause damage to your hair. Using these tools often leads to hair dryness and split ends. Blow dryers can cause hair to become extra frizzy as well. 

Letting hair air dry is best for healthier-looking tresses. A weekly deep conditioner is also great for locking in more moisture. 

Don't forget to get a routine trim as well. This will remove dead ends for improving hair health. 

Try Not to Fight Your Natural Hair Type

Your hair texture and style likely suits your face frame and complexion well. So, why fight it?

For curly or wavy locks, it's best to work with your style and texture. Your hair will respond better when not trying to force your strands to straighten out. 

Use a styling cream to gently scrunch your hair while it's wet. Then help your hair dry in a stylish way by gently twisting your curls. This gives you more control over how your hair will look when dry.  

Thicker hair also takes much longer to dry. So, be sure to plan your shower routine accordingly. Give yourself plenty of time to air dry your hair naturally, without heat.  

You also want to avoid touching your hair while it dries. This can add oil and boost frizz. 

Many women find it's easiest to shower the night before. Then let your hair air dry as you make dinner and do your nighttime routine.

Once hair is half-dry, put it in a loose side braid as you sleep. You'll wake with soft and natural-looking waves. This also keeps hair from getting matted or tangled as you sleep. 

Another sleeping tip is to use a special satin pillowcase. This material creates less friction and helps protect your hair while you sleep.  

For wavier locks, gather your half-dry curls at the top of your head and secure them with a claw clip. This gives your hair extra body and keeps locks from getting frizzy or tangled as you sleep.  

Wash and Air Dry Hair like a Beauty Industry Pro

Learning to wash and air dry hair the right way will result in healthier-looking locks. Your hair will retain more moisture and respond better during styling. Your hair will also look and feel much less frizzy. 

Once you've got your washing routine down, be sure to use the right towel and drying technique. Browse our Turbie Twist collection for the fastest-absorbing hair towels. Your hair will thank you!