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3 Good Reasons to Use a Cotton Towel to Dry Your Hair

Thinking about making the switch to a cotton towel to dry your hair? Know what to look for and why cotton rocks. Read now to learn more.

Turbie Twist 3 Good Reasons to Use a Cotton Hair Towel

Hair towels are in vogue and there’s much ado about what type of fabric is best. Should you choose microfiber, a cotton towel, an old cut up t-shirt – or something else entirely? The choice is simple: it’s a matter of personal preference!

Here at Turbie Twist, however, we’ve discovered that while there are many diehard enthusiasts of microfiber, a lot of our customers prefer our cotton towels. Made from high-quality cotton, these plush towels are as much a luxurious experience as they are a smart choice for ladies seeking to refine their beauty routine with simple, effortless techniques.

Microfiber has many wonderful qualities which makes it a supreme choice for hair towels, but cotton’s characteristics make it a truly sublime enhancement for your beauty routine. If you’ve been thinking about investing in a cotton towel to dry your hair, here are three great reasons to make the jump.

Three Fantastic Reasons to Invest in a Cotton Hair Towel

If you don’t yet have a dedicated hair towel, you need one. A hair towel is a convenient, low-cost, effective way to ensure that you enjoy the best hair day ever – every day. However, if you’re not yet sure whether you’d prefer cotton or microfiber, here are three reasons why our customers turn to cotton.

1. It’s About Quality, Not Quantity

Cotton is a natural fiber with a long history of associations with luxury and royalty – it’s no surprise why. Requiring immense skill to weave, the finest cotton towels and linens were as soft, supple, and breathable as aristocracy’s other favorite fabric, silk.

Cotton achieves its smoothness and silkiness by very tightly weaving the fibers together, meaning that more cotton is needed to make softer towels. Today, finely woven cotton, known as high thread count cotton, still commands a premium price. That’s why terry cloth, the type of weaving found in your bath towels, is so popular. It creates the softness, with added plush and absorbency without requiring a dense weave.

Don’t mistake terry cloth bath towels for a cotton hair towel, however. To achieve that soft and plushy feeling, terry cloth relies on its fibers being wider apart. The result is a coarser texture that can wreak havoc on your hair in the form of frizz, dried tips, and a waterlogged scalp. All of these problems create dryness, itching, and a messy head later.

Cotton hair towels are quite different from cotton bath towels. For one thing, they’re a third to half the size of a bath towel. These much smaller towels can take advantage of their size to utilize high thread count cotton without becoming overly expensive.

The hyper-absorbent qualities of cotton mean that you don’t actually need that much towel to dry your hair – especially when you’re talking about high thread count cotton. It’s a smaller towel, but it’s higher quality cotton. It’s the best of both worlds and your hair benefits as a result.

2. You Get to Lavish Yourself With Guilt-Free Luxury

Natural hair care is getting more popular as consumer awareness about chemicals grows. According to MarketWatch, people increasingly prefer organic and natural over “chemical-based” products with indeterminate origins. It’s a part of a trend towards products and techniques which are gentler, less resource-intensive, and all-around better for both you and the environment.

Cotton hair towels fall into the natural hair care product category. Unlike synthetic fibers like polyester, cotton doesn’t require fossil fuels to manufacture and it doesn’t introduce microparticles into the environment as it breaks down. Fully biodegradable, this plant-based product is seeing a tremendous emphasis on the development of sustainable and ecologically friendly practices.

Likewise, a cotton hair towel is a great way to reduce the amount of energy you consume every day. Believe it or not, a hairdryer is one of the biggest electricity hogs in your home. It uses just as much electricity as a microwave. If you use one every day, you’re adding between $10 and $20 per month to your electricity bill.

In contrast, a Turbie Twist® cotton hair towel costs $9.99 and that’s a one-time payment. Not only are you gaining a spa-like experience to feel as great as your hair is going to look, but a hair towel will help you save money in the long run as well. You’ll get to lavish yourself in a truly guilt-free way: without a higher electric bill, the use of fossil fuels, or synthetic fibers.

3. You Deserve to Simplify Your Beauty Routine With Style

It says a lot about the inadequacy of your bath towel when beauty bloggers recommend blotting your head with paper towels to wick away all that excess moisture. But if you ask us, wrapping your crown up in a sumptuous cotton hair towel sure beats blotting your scalp every morning with an entire tree’s worth of paper towels. It feels better, is way classier, and consumes less time.   

Cotton is quite a bit more absorbent than paper towels anyway. It holds up to 27 times its weight in water without disintegrating or tearing.

If you’ve got thick hair, you’ll especially appreciate that water-wicking power. The hollow fibers function like straws. Since our Turbie Twists® come with elastic bands at exactly the spot you need to create a perfect turban, you’ll enjoy quicker drying hair while your hair towel sits firmly in place. No more neck craning, constant readjustments, or time spent tethered to the mirror!  

Choose Cotton Towels for Your Hair

Cotton towels have a poor reputation among hair care gurus, but it really depends on the towel we’re talking about. While bath towels are universally regarded as not great for your hair, cotton hair towels deliver luxury, comfort, and style all while drying your hair quickly and gently.

It’s no surprise that many of our fans and customers prefer cotton hair towels. Whether you’re looking for a plant-based fiber to keep your beauty routine natural, or you’re seeking a spa-like experience to rejuvenate your mind and soul as well as your hair, a cotton hair towel will never steer you wrong.

Upgrade your hair game today with a cotton hair towel that matches your vibe. Choose from over a dozen different colors and styles to rock your hair (and your morning).