4 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Dedicated Hair Towel

Turbie Twist Hair Towels

You’ve got dedicated kitchen towels, dedicated gym towels, and dedicated bath towels. Why not have a dedicated hair towel? The idea isn’t nearly as crazy as it sounds. Instead, it’s practical and convenient. If you’re still struggling to find the ideal method to dry your hair without inspiring a crown of frizz, we’ve got great news! A dedicated hair towel is your answer. Read on to discover why you need one.

4 Reasons to Rock a Special Towel For Your Hair

There are a lot of beauty products out there you probably don’t need. A hair towel isn’t among them. These eco-friendly, cost-effective, and durable devices are as useful as they are convenient. You should rock a dedicated hair towel because:

1. It Will Help Your Hair Stay Cleaner (and You’ll Do Less Laundry)

Just like you wouldn’t use a kitchen towel to dry off after the shower, why would you use a bath towel on your hair? People use different towels for different purposes, and each of them is adapted to their specific use. If you were to compare your kitchen, gym, and bath towels you’d find they’re all quite different. A hair towel is a towel that’s specialized for your hair, exhibiting exactly the properties needed to dry your hair quickly and gently.

Plus, towels collect more than just water. They’ll also pick up any excess soap or product which didn’t come off in the shower. Likewise, your towel will also soak up product sitting in your hair. If you’re using a bath towel that will get transferred everywhere other than where it needs to be – on your hair.

Of course, you could get around that by using a fresh towel every day, but nobody’s got time for that level of laundry. You’ve got better things to do.

2. You Can Choose a More Appropriate Fabric

Many inexpensive towels are made from terry cloth, which is super absorbent. However, to lower the thread count (and thus the price of the towel), terry cloth is made by looping the threads when they’re woven to create a bigger surface to absorb water. A lower thread count plus bigger thread surface makes for a rougher cloth which provokes the frizz beast from its slumber.

In contrast, hair towels are made from sweet, silky, luxurious microfiber. This type of fabric consists of dense, ultrafine fibers woven together in a way which creates a frictionless, water-wicking surface that can dry your hair faster than even the fluffiest bath towel can ever hope to achieve.

Speaking of fluff, microfiber also doesn’t suffer from problems such as lint or becoming threadbare – thus rougher and less absorbent – through use. This fabric was originally designed for industrial uses by the Japanese. You’d better believe it’s as durable as it is efficient.

Of course, hair towels also come in high-grade cotton as well. Still fluffy, silky, and soft, cotton is a viable option for ladies who wish to maintain a thoroughly natural beauty routine.

3. Cotton Hair Towels Are Less Expensive Than Cotton Bath Towels

Cotton achieves its softness, silkiness, and ability to absorb 24 times its weight in water through high thread counts which make the weave of the fibers much dense. However, since it’s time-consuming, laborious and somewhat difficult (cotton fibers are hollow) to spin cotton fine enough to weave such fabric, high thread count cotton tends to command an impressive price.

Sometimes, manufacturers will blend cotton fibers with synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester. That creates the luxury of fine cotton and brings down the cost of production. It also reduces the absorbency which you need for a cotton hair towel. Don’t be tempted if you stumble across a cotton bath towel that looks and feels like it’s got a high thread count but doesn’t have the price tag to match. It’s simply not what your hair needs.

In contrast, a cotton Turbie Twist® hair towel starts at $9.99, just a touch more expensive than the microfiber counterpart. The lower price reflects the fact that it’s a much smaller towel – you’re paying only for the amount of towel you truly need. A cotton hair towel is, therefore, an excellent way to access the ideal fibers for hair drying in a cost-effective way.

4. It Will Make Towel Drying Your Hair Convenient and Practical

If you’ve got your bath towel turban down to a science and can quickly wrap your hair up without a second thought every day, then we applaud you. Otherwise, how many times have you simply forgone the towel turban in favor of air drying or blow-drying because you were simply short on time?

Your beauty routine shouldn’t make you late or inspire neck pain. A hair towel is a zero-effort way to ensure your hair dries quickly and perfectly without a second thought from you. Simply wrap your hair up and secure the towel with the attached loop at the back. You’ll make rocking a perfect turban a part of your daily routine in no time.  

Get Perfect Hair With a Towel Designed For It

Struggling with managing your mane? It’s time to invest in the tools meant to handle it. A hair towel is the easiest secret weapon you’ll ever wield in your quest for that always-perfect hair. Small enough to be practical, it’s cost-effective while still created from the high-quality materials a towel needs to be effective at drying your hair.

Simplify your beauty routine by saying goodbye to the bath towel balancing act and hello to a dedicated hair towel. You’ll love the difference – and so will your hair!

We’ve developed the Turbie Twist® specifically to make your hair routine quicker and easier. Check out our microfiber and cotton hair towels to get started achieving beautiful hair today.