8 Reasons You Need to Switch and Stick to Microfiber Hair Towels

Microfiber Hair Towels

Microfiber hair towels are a relative newcomer to the beauty scene, but they’re proving to be wildly popular – and for good reason! Smaller, lighter, and more comfortable than a massive towel turban, they’re perfectly suited to help your hair dry quickly without frizz or frustration.

If you’re still using a big bath towel to dry your hair, you’re missing out on the numerous benefits which a hair towel has for your mane. Let’s take a deeper look at why a hair towel – specifically a microfiber one – belongs among the top beauty products for every woman who wants gorgeous hair for less effort.

8 Reasons You Need a Microfiber Hair Towel

Microfiber hair towels are an inexpensive way to do a world of good for both your health and your hair. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch, here are eight wonderful reasons to consider.

1. You’ll Cut Your Drying Time in Half

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that’s about 1/5 the width of human hair. This small size means the ability to pack more fibers into a much smaller space. That means microfiber is incredibly dense, but it’s also what gives it the smooth softness which makes it so perfect for polishing delicate surfaces.

When the fibers are split, as they are in hair towels, it also dramatically increases the water wicking ability of the cloth itself. Your hair dries faster, helping to prevent agitated cuticles and the dreaded hygral fatigue.

2. You’ll Say Goodbye to the Rub

In terms of the worst possible ways to dry your hair, we’d put rubbing it vigorously with a bath towel up there pretty close to the top. Rubbing works the hair in all the wrong ways, encouraging frizz and breakage to proliferate.

For curly hair especially, it helps to create that frizzy, tangled mane which gives this hair type its reputation for being uncontrollable.

Say goodbye to the rub and with it, frizz. A hair towel allows you to simply wrap your hair snugly in super-absorbent microfiber.

3. It’s the Gentlest Way to Dry Your Hair

Maybe you’re in the know and you’re not rubbing your hair to ruin every day. However, wringing or sharply twisting your hair in a towel can do just as much damage.

Likewise, using a blow dryer every morning to get to all that moisture at the roots subjects your hair to heat which will damage your cuticles over time.

A microfiber hair towel eliminates the need to rub, wring, apply heat, or perform any other harsh daily ritual which contributes to breakage.

4. It’s Great for Thick Hair

Thick hair needs a lot of moisture, but it needs the right type of moisture – of which water is not. In fact, letting water sit in thick hair for too long can prove harmful.

Yet, thick hair also introduces the additional challenge of making it difficult to get to all of the water hiding at the roots. That makes it difficult to simply air-dry thick hair. The tips and top layers will dry quickly but underneath might stay wet for hours.

On the other hand, thick hair is where the absorbency and water-wicking superpowers of microfiber reallyshines. It doesn’t just soak up what’s sitting on the top. It actively draws water from the entire strand of the hair into its folds.

5. You’ll Lose the Lint

If you examine a bath towel closely, you’ll notice that the fibers are curved and hooped. Manufacturers do this to create a plumper, softer towel without adding additional fibers. However, this structure also means that many towels, especially cheaper ones, shed their fibers much more rapidly. That’s why towels which were plush when purchased often become thinner and rougher with use.

Much of those loose fibers will come out in your dryer, creating that mat of lint in the filter. However, the same thing will happen as the towel rubs against your much more textured hair. Use a hair towel, and make sure that only product ends up on covering your head.

6. You Get to Rock a Perfect Turban Every Time

Sure, a turban is stylish – more importantly, though, they’re functional. Keeping your hair wrapped up while it’s wet is faster than air drying. That’s why it’s so popular to wrap the towel up around your hair while you go about the rest of your routine.

But if you ask us, we’d rather rock a lightweight, perfectly fitted one than the traditional towel turban we spent years learning to balance.

For one, it’s plain easier. There are no readjustments and no slippage. Your hands stay free and you can move about without interruption.

Plus, no heavy towel on your head means no neck pain or straining under its weight. Balancing that towel turban is equivalent to a thirty-minute yoga session which emphasizes poor posture. Do that every day, and your back and neck will hurt over time.

7. They’re Easy to Pack

Going on vacation? To the beach? A sleepover? The gym? Throw a microfiber hair towel into your bag and feel confident that your hair will look gorgeous no matter where you go.

Their much smaller size makes them a breeze to pack. If you need to, you can even pack more than one. Roll them up nice and tight or use them to pad something more delicate. Go ahead, save that suitcase space for something cute.

8. You’ll Do Less Laundry

When it comes to laundry, the only thing that bath towels have going for them is that they’re easy to fold. Otherwise, they’re bulky, can get extremely smelly and usually choke up the dryer with a thick coating of lint. Not to mention that you’re doing an extra load dedicated solely to your towels.

Hair towels, on the other hand, are just as easy to fold but don’t need an entire washer and dryer to themselves. You’ll save time, money, and energy.

Unleash Your Locks with Microfiber Hair Towels

Microfiber hair towels aren’t just a beauty trend. They’re a smart move for bringing out your natural beauty gently and effortlessly.

They help prevent damage and frizz while letting you move freely to focus on other parts of your routine. They’re also convenient, taking up less space and creating less hassle so you can spend more energy on doing things which matter.

Now that you know why they’re so great, check out our resources on how to use them in the best possible way. Or, browse our selection of high-quality microfiber hair towels to find the one which best suits your hair and your style.