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Here's Why You Need a Satin Pillowcase for Hair Protection

Still using a cotton pillowcase? It could be damaging your hair. Get started using a satin pillowcase for hair protection and beauty today. Here’s why.

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Wondering why your frizz just won’t go away although you’ve tweaked your beauty routine to perfection? It could be the fact that you’re still using a cotton pillowcase.

Don’t get us wrong; quality cotton with a high thread count is wonderful. It makes a fantastic hair towel and is an excellent choice for bath time products when you want to feel absolutely lavish. Cotton has many blissful applications. It really is the fabric of our lives.

Except when it comes to pillowcases. Like drying your hair with that fluffy bath towel, it’s time to leave that outdated cotton pillowcase behind. Here’s why.

The Satin Pillowcase: Hair Protection 101

Got beautiful hair? It didn’t happen by accident. Women spend years experimenting with and failing at hair care before they finally figure out the ideal combination of products, tools, and techniques. It’s something of a personal victory for all of us.

However, it often still seems like the odd bad hair day is inevitable. When you’ve put so much effort into finding your ideal beauty routine, that’s frustrating.

Frizz is a sign that your hair is experiencing friction or environmental conditions against which it hasn’t been protected. That might be humidity or the wrong type of shampoo. It might also be what you’re using on it.

Haircare extends beyond the combs, conditioners, and styling products that you use. Anything which comes into contact with your hair – whether it’s your shower’s water or the type of hair ties you use – has the potential to affect the quality of your hair.

Even though it’s frequently overlooked, that definitely includes your pillowcase. We spend about a third of our lives in bed, which is ample time for a cotton pillowcase to wreak havoc on your hair.

5 Reasons You Need a Satin Pillowcase Now

Here at Turbie Twist, we’re huge fans of anything which simplifies and enhances your beauty routine. We want you to look your best, but we also realize you’ve got way more important things to do than spend hours in front of the mirror every day. A satin pillowcase has many advantages when it comes to bringing out your hair’s natural beauty. Satin:

1. Helps Your Hair Stay Shiny

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you first thing in the morning. Your hair really does get duller when you sleep on a cotton pillowcase.

Cotton can indeed be woven with very high thread counts to create a silky, smooth surface. However, as a pillowcase, cotton maintains the absorbency which makes it so great for hair towels and bath products. Using a cotton pillowcase is basically like rubbing your head with a towel all night long. It will suck the moisture and product out of your locks, leaving you with a frizzy, dull tangle of hair.

2. Spares Your Hair the Rub

We’ve said it here often before: a huge cause of frizz is friction. The type of fabric used on your hair plays a massive role in the creation of that friction.

The type of weaving which creates satin is ideal for producing a fabric with minimal friction. Likewise, most satin takes advantage of synthetic fibers which don’t split or fray the way cotton or linen might. The result is a smooth, glossy surface over which your hair glides with ease, resulting in less tangling and disruption.

3. Supports Multi-Day Style Marathons

If you’ve ever gotten your hair done professionally for an important event, you know how difficult it can be to keep it looking fresh over several days. However, bedhead isn’t a modern problem. Stone headrests – like those recovered from archeology sites of ancient China and ancient Egypt – were used until the 20th century to keep elaborate hairstyles pristine.

Sure, you could use a stone pillow if you want. They’re certainly effective or their use wouldn’t have persisted for thousands of years. A satin pillowcase represents a major upgrade in the comfort department. A satin pillowcase can greatly enhance the chances that all you’ll need to do in the morning is a quick touchup before you’re good to go – minus the neck cramps.

4. Keeps Your Head Cool

Keep calm and indulge that beauty sleep with the full confidence that you really will enhance your beauty. Unlike other types of synthetic bed linens, satin is incredibly breathable. It helps promote airflow through your hair and to your scalp. You’ll stay cooler and more comfortable, ensuring a better night’s sleep all around.  

5. Makes Your Morning Routine Quicker

If you’re constantly running late because you’re fixing that mess of hair every morning, throw that cotton pillowcase out today. You don’t need to spend hours correcting a perfectly avoidable hair situation. A satin pillowcase means a head start on looking your best every day with ease.

Protect Your Hair in Style. Use a Satin Pillowcase.

Are you still using a cotton pillowcase? Throw it out. Anything that touches your hair affects it – that’s why you should use a satin pillowcase for hair protection when you sleep. When you do, you’ll see a difference in the amount of frizz and styling you need to manage every morning. Tame that frizz before it even gets a chance to start. A satin pillowcase is a zero-effort, effective way to inspire the glory of your mane to its fullest potential.  

Your pillowcase shouldn’t be an extra step in your beauty routine. We provide quality, zippered pillowcases with the purchase of a hair towel. Pick up a microfiber hair towel and upgrade that pillowcase to a satin today.