Healthy Hair – 10 Easy and Effective Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy and Happy

Healthy Hair - 10 Easy and Effective Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy and Happy

When it comes to having happy, healthy hair, there sure are a lot of myths and old wives’ tales out there. From the belief that plucking gray hairs make two more grow in their place to the idea that split ends can be repaired, we’re inundated with “beauty tips” that ultimately damage our hair and encourage us to buy more products.

Gorgeous, flowing locks aren’t difficult to achieve, but hair care goes far beyond simply what you put on your hair. We’ve compiled our favorite tips and tricks to empower you with all the secrets to having happy, healthy hair. Enjoy!

10 Secrets for Healthy Hair

Struggling to achieve your ultimate perfect hair day? Consider these 10 insider secrets to bring out your hair care A-game.

1. Wise Up About Water

Your hair needs moisture – the right kind. That isn’t water. In fact, getting your hair wet too often or allowing it to stay wet contributes to hygral fatigue, which damages your hair’s elasticity over time. Be smart about how you use water, by cutting down both on how often you get your hair wet and what you do with it after a shower.

2. Smarten Your Shampoo and Conditioner Game

There are a lot of myths out there about how to choose the best shampoo and conditioner. Many of them are perpetuated by haircare companies trying to convince you to buy their products. However, when it comes down to it, a lot of products are chock full of ingredients that damage your hair – and the environment. Look at what you’re using, and what it might be doing to your hair.

3. Go Natural with All Your Products

Switching from a low-quality shampoo to a high-end natural product will be the difference between night and day, but don’t stop there. Go natural with everything from your hair towels to your combs and your pillowcases. Wooden combs, for instance, don’t produce electrical static like plastic ones do. You’ll introduce fewer elements which inspire frizz.

4. Use the Right Towel for Your Hair

Have you heard the good news about hair towels? They’re saving our hair and our morning routines. Soft, gentle, and secure while hands-free, hair towels are an easy way to step up your hair care game. Save that great fluffy bath towel for its intended purpose – you – and use a towel specially designed for bringing out the beauty of your hair.

5. Keep Your Head (Hair) Cool

Just because you’re tough and can take heat doesn’t mean your hair should. Hairdryers introduce damaging heat to both your scalp and your roots. Over time, you’ll develop brittle hair that breaks. Likewise, that summer sun feels great on our skin, but it has much the same effect as a hairdryer. Do your hair a favor and wear a hat.

6. Treat Yo’self With Hair Masks

A hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment which contains numerous oils and micronutrients geared towards hair health. They’re also a great way to introduce the right type of moisture, which is critical for maintaining luscious locks and happy, healthy hair. Using one periodically will go a long way to supporting your hair’s health.

7. Double Down on the Omegas

A hair mask will introduce micronutrients and moisture that keep your hair healthy. You can also double up on these effects for ongoing support by increasing your intake of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. In 2015, a study found that increasing the intake of both in supplement form helped improve overall hair health and reduce hair loss.

8. Your Hair Is What You Eat

Always remember that you’re a queen, and your hair is the crown adorning your resplendent self. What you eat has direct impacts on your skin and hair. Therefore, eat a balanced diet full of protein, vitamin B and iron to maximize your natural beauty. Likewise, be sure to drink plenty of water as staying hydrated supports hair growth.

9. Leave It Alone

Are you always tying it back in tight buns or treating it with wild colors? Hairstyles and colors may bring out your true personality and look great, but they also stress out your hair over time. Counteract the effects of dyes and styles by letting your hair fall free as often as possible, or by going, if possible, between treatments.

10. Get with the Times: Use Seasonal Products

While it’s definitely not true that your hair can “get used to” a product over time, you will find that some products are less effective at times. Things like temperature, humidity, and sun strength can all affect your hair. That means you might find yourself needing to use different products during different times of the year to maintain perfect, healthy hair.

Get Healthy Hair Without Hair Care Myths

Hopefully, we’ve helped clear up some of the myths circulating about how to achieve beautiful healthy hair. No, plucking your gray hairs won’t cause them to double in number. (Sure, there’s scientific proof that stress can turn your hair gray prematurely, though.) Likewise, we’re side-eying anyone who claims you should brush your hair 100 times every day for maximum health – who even has time for that?

When it comes to healthy hair, fewer chemicals, and less hassle are always better. We’ve curated a set of our favorite tips which will largely guide you in the direction of augmenting your natural beauty without the use of harsh chemicals. Say goodbye to all those hair care myths and legends designed to get products into your hands. Beautiful, healthy hair is completely within your reach.

Hair stays healthy not only because of the product we put in it, but also the tools we use to maintain it. Hair towels are specially designed to dry your hair quickly and gently. Read now about what they are and why you need one.