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What Is the Best Perm Type for Me?

Do you want to get a perm but don't know which kind to get? We'll walk you through all the different perm type options so you can choose the best one for you!

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Are you looking to get a perm? Are you wondering which types of perms are available, and what type of perm would be best for your hair texture?

Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, there's a perm type that's just right for you. And it will keep you looking naturally beautiful for months.

Here's what you need to know.

Why Get a Perm?

A perm is a totally fab hairstyle from the 80's that's making a comeback. It chemically alters the strands of your hair to create texture and body. If you're the kind of person who's always reaching for a curling iron, a perm can end up saving you lots of time on styling.

A perm is a fairly serious commitment. You'll need to get one every three to six months to maintain your bouncy curls. You may also need to purchase perm-specific hair products.

Perms generally cost anywhere from $60 to $300. Much of that will depend upon the salon you choose and the area you live in. Some perm types also require more processing, which could mean you'll be paying more. 

Perms offer extra volume from your roots. If you've got drab or flat hair, it could be exactly what you need to keep you looking fabulous.

Spiral Perm

Spiral perms use a perm rod that will vertically roll your hair. They will result in a well-defined corkscrew look.

If you're looking for tight, well-defined curls, a spiral curl could be your best option. You can even customize your style by using a variety of rod sizes for different curl shapes.

You'll need to have hair that's at least eight inches long for a spiral perm. It works great for fine hair because it immediately adds volume. Spiral perms will make the length of your hair shorter, so you may want to consider one if you've been thinking about a different length.

You won't want to wash your hair for forty-eight hours after getting a spiral perm. You should also avoid styling with too much heat. A Turbie Twist can be used to absorb the moisture before you style with a lightweight mousse. 

A lot of moisture can help your hair retain its glorious curls, so it's wise to invest in some hair masks and leave-in conditioners.

Body Wave

A body wave works great for those with naturally straight hair who want a natural wave and a loose-looking curl. Body waves will use a larger curler than traditional perms do. If your hair tends to go limp, a body wave could really change your life.

You won't want to use heat to style body wave hair if you want to keep your style. Instead, use a towel and apply a little hair oil before combing it out. 

Beach Wave

Beach wave perms use soft, sponge-like rollers to create cascading, mermaid-like waves. They're safe for those with thick, heavy, or straight hair. If your hair is fine or color-treated, you may want to shy away from this option as it can cause breakage.

Your beach waves will remain tight for your first two weeks after getting the treatment. Daily styling will involve a simple mousse or hydrated styling cream. The perm itself will last you around four months.

Digital Perm

Unlike traditional perms, a digital perm will be most prominent when your hair is dry. Your hair may feel smoother and shinier after you get one.

Digital perms can last for a long time. You may need to invest in hair products specific for curly hair to keep it looking its finest. And leave yourself extra time in the morning for a gentle blow and style.

Pin-Curl Perm

Pin-curl perms work well with shorter hair, providing lots of bounce and movement. They don't last as long as other perms do but can be a great style for a special occasion.

Pin-curl perms use pins to secure your hair in place, along with a chemical solution. Once they're unraveled, your hair will look cute and flirty. Once you've had pin curls done, setting your dry hair into pin curls each night can help them stay in shape the next day. 

Stack Perm

A stack perm is used to curl only the middle and ends of your hair. It's designed to make curls and volume appear natural. A stack perm is achieved with variable-sized rollers.

Those with shoulder-length or long hair are the best candidates for stack perms. If you have layered hair, it may look over-styled.

Spot Perm

A spot perm is concentrated on one section of your hair. It's usually on the front section that frames your face. You can create a unique hairstyle with the size of your rollers.

Spot perms are great if your hairstyle is uneven. They involve fewer chemicals than other perms do. This means you'll have to worry about less time, money, and damage. 

A spot perm can add softness to short hair, especially if it's thin. These perms can also work great with long hair. If you have spots where your hair is thinning, a spot perm can be a great fix, leaving your hair with a new style to boot.

Finding Your Perm Type

If your hair needs some volume and style, a perm could be just the wave to ride. With a little research about how your hairstyle will work with a perm type, you could be on your way to a gorgeous new style in no time.

Don't stop getting smart about your mane now. For more information on hair care and styling, contact us today.