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The Best Way to Dry Hair: A Guide for All Hair Types

Simple drying mistakes can cause lasting damage, but you can restore your hair with a few simple changes! Discover the best way to dry hair for all types.

Are you worried that your habit of blowdrying your hair is doing more damage than good? Do you wonder what the best way to dry hair is? If so, then you need to learn all you can about safe and healthy ways to dry your hair.

Doing so depends on the type of hair you have. You might have coily hair, fine hair, curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair; each of which requires a bit of customization.

See below for an in-depth guide on how to dry your hair and make sure that you're protecting its integrity and condition.

Tips for Coily Hair

If you have coily hair, then you want to do all you can to keep those curls lively and active. If your hair gets too dry, it will give off a frizzy impression; it's just the nature of coily hair!

Thankfully, you can avoid that look by keeping your hair as hydrated as possible, which is where your hair-drying routine comes into play. If you play your cards right, those curls will be bouncy, consistent, and shiny; a look very few other girls out there can create for themselves!

Whenever you get out of the shower, place a cotton Turbie Twist on your mane for 20 to 30 minutes (depending on your schedule). The cotton will soak up excess hydration while allowing your hair to retain necessary moisture and its natural oils. 

Once the 30 minutes or so has passed, take two-inch-thick segments of your hair and loosely twist them into each other to the bottom ends. This will give your coily hair a tame, but the natural look of volume.

Lastly, place some oil and rub it into your hands to fluff up that hair. Give it a good push in then push-up, as if you were a girl from a 90's movie that was flirting with her high school crush.

Tips for Fine Hair

Now let's take things to the other end of the spectrum: we're making the jump from fluffy, coily hair to those that have flat, fine hair. It's nothing to be ashamed of!

In fact, many women with curly hair will admit they wish they had straight hair. We suppose its part of those "grass is always greener" situations, isn't it?

Getting back to the topic at hand, the goal with fine hair is to refrain from using such products, as it can weigh down the hair and make it appear even thinner. As soon as you get out of the shower, place your hair inside a Turbie Twist and let it dry for 30 minutes or so.

That should be the perfect amount of time for it to be about halfway dry. Remove the Turbie Twist and let it air dry for about 5 minutes more. After that, rub some mousse into your hands and place it throughout your hair for a bit more volume. 

Use your hands to style your hair and get it where you like it. Once that's done, walk away from the bathroom; you're done for the day!

Tips for Curly Hair

The goal with curly hair is very similar to the goal we had with coily hair: hold on to the hydration whenever and wherever you can. 

Most of your hair care for curly hair will be performed in the shower while the water is still running. Even when you're out of the shower, you'll want to apply all of your product, such as a nice curl cream, while the hair is still soaking wet. 

Once you hop out of the shower and have applied all the product you need, place a microfiber Turbie Twist towel on it and leave it to dry for around 30 to 40 minutes. Due to the thickness of your hair, the towel will need a bit more time to work its magic.

After that, take the Turbie Twist off and gently dab at any excessively wet areas that you notice in the mirror.

Tips for Wavy Hair

Wavy hair will require the least amount of towel time of any of the hair types. Experts recommend you let it air dry with the product in to reduce the frizziness. 

For that reason, we recommend only using the Turbie Twist for around five or ten minutes, just to eat up the excess moisture. Rub in your product while the hair is still wet so that it retains the water more. 

After that's done, scrunch your hair and gently dab at the wet hair with a microfiber Turbie Twist towel.

Tips for Straight Hair

Last but not least, we have straight hair. The trick here is to gently dry your hair while allowing it and the product to air dry as much as possible. 

First off, make sure that you take your Turbie Twist and gently pat/dab at the wet spots. You can rub some cream in your hands and lather it throughout your hair, but avoid the roots at all costs. 

If you don't want to place it inside the Turbie Twist, then dedicate 10 to 15 minutes for you to pat down the excess water in your hair. The results will be a full head of hair without the frizz!

The Best Way to Dry Hair: Follow These Tips

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the best way to dry hair depending on your hair type, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

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