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Tame That Mane! Our Top Tricks to Ban Hair Frizz for Good

Hair frizz can be very frustrating and difficult to deal with, but if you try our top tricks in this article, then you'll be able to banish it once and for all!

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Do you feel like you spend half your life fighting hair frizz? We hate to break it to you, but there's no quick one-size-fits-all solution or miracle product that can turn frizzy hair into a glossy mane. 

That said, while we're all for embracing your natural hair texture and wearing your crowning glory with pride, there are ways to make damaged hair look sleeker and help keep those flyaway hairs at bay. And, since these tips, smart products, and practices will ensure your hair grows through healthier and shinier, you can look forward to beautiful hair without the constant battle against frizz. 

Want to know how to tame your mane? Keep reading to discover the key to beautiful hair that shines with health!

Sleep on Satin 

That's right, one of the best ways to fight the frizz is to sleep on a satin pillowcase. Not only do these silky pillowcases look super luxe on your bed, but they also help stop the friction between your hair and your pillow that can lead to frizzy hair. As a result, you'll wake up with smoother, more manageable hair that won't be so prone to frizzing up throughout the day. 

Care for Your Scalp

Healthy hair can only grow from a healthy scalp. With this in mind, it's time to focus on caring for your scalp as a way to achieve glossier hair.  

The easiest way to look after your scalp is with a weekly scalp mask. Detoxifying ingredients such as salicylic acid help to unblock pores, minimize product build-up, and relieve irritation. This ensures that your hair's natural oils will be able to work their way down the hair shaft for an end to both frizzy hair and greasy roots. 

Wash Your Hair Less Often

For those of you who are prone to frizzy hair, washing your mane daily is a bad idea. 

Your hair swells from the inside when it gets wet. This forces the cuticle up, leading to more chance of frizz and breakage with every wash. If healthy hair is your goal, start washing your hair every other day at most. Less frequent hair washing allows your hair to hold on to more of its natural oils, ensuring that dry and damaged hair is a thing of the past. 

The best way to protect your hair while you shower is to use a shower cap. As well as stopping your hair from getting wet, the soft, ultra-absorbent microfiber will protect your hair from the moisture and ambient steam that can lead to frizzy hair. 

Always Apply Conditioner

Even if you have straight hair, applying conditioner from the middle to the ends of your hair after every wash ensures that frizz and flyaway hairs are less likely. 

As well as adding moisture, conditioners help smooth down your hair follicles for softer, shinier hair. What's more, conditioner also helps protect your hair before heat styling and blow-drying. This is why it's important to use a conditioner with hair-coating ingredients such as polyquaternium or dimethicone if you intend to apply any heat to your hair after washing. 

Turn Down the Water Temperature

While we're on the subject of heat, make sure to turn the water temperature down when it's time to wash your hair. In the same way that hot water dries out your skin, washing your hair in a steamy shower irritates and dries out your scalp, weakening the hair growing from it. 

While washing your hair, stick to warm water rather than hot. Then, once you're ready to wash the conditioner out, turn the water temperature down even more. Rinsing the conditioner out with cool water ensures that more residual conditioner remains on the hair. This seals your cuticles, boosts shine, and protects your locks against heat styling for beautiful hair every time. 

Reassess Your Drying Methods

The way you dry your hair has as much of an impact on how healthy and shiny it looks as the products you use. One of the key ways to reduce frizz is to use a turbie twist hair towel instead of a regular bath towel. Heavy cotton towels can weigh down your hair, which can then cause breakage and lead to damaged hair. In contrast, a soft, lightweight, and super-absorbent turbie twist applies less pressure to your hair cuticles and keeps both curly and straight hair looking sleek and defined. 

Then, let your hair air dry as much as possible before using a hair dryer. By waiting until your hair is around 90 percent dry, you cut the risk of disrupting the cuticle, meaning smoother hair and less frizz. You should also make sure your hair dryer is on a low heat setting and hold it as far away from your hair as possible. 

Consider Your Environment

Frizzy hair is a reaction to the moisture in your environment as your hair seeks out any available sources of hydration. As such, while you might have your haircare routine down wherever you live, you might need to add extra smoothing and moisturizing products to your arsenal when you head elsewhere or during different seasons. 

A spritz of leave-in conditioner, whether after washing or on no-wash days, is another great way to add instant hydration whenever the frizz hits in more humid environments. Likewise, keeping hair oil on hand for smoothing down the ends of your hair is ideal for tackling unexpected frizz when you're out and about. Use one or two drops on the ends of your hair, making sure to rub the oil in your palms to diffuse the product before applying. 

Say Goodbye to Hair Frizz for Good 

Fighting hair frizz doesn't have to be a constant battle. Instead, you just have to know what products and practices work for you and your particular style. 

But, it's also worth noting that small changes to your routine, from the way you dry your hair to where you rest your head at night, can make all the difference. 

For more information on keeping your hair healthy and frizz-free, contact us today!