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Forgetting Cotton: Why You Should Try Microfiber Towels for Hair Care

Cotton has had its chance to properly dry our hair but after years of disappointment, it's time to use microfiber towels for hair care.

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If you have very long and textured hair, then you might be shedding strands all over the bathroom, feeling like “Cousin Itt” from The Addams Family. This is a common problem if you also use many hair products or spend a lot of time drying yourself after getting out of the shower.

Microfiber towels for hair go a long way when it comes to protecting you from frizz. They are more efficient during the styling, washing, and drying process than your old cotton towels. Here is why you should ditch cotton for microfiber bath towels to start boosting your hair’s health.

Microfiber Towels for Hair Always Stay in Place

The last thing you want is your towel always sliding off the top of your head and slowing the drying process. Microfiber towels for hair make it easier to use a unique twist and loop mechanism to help all your strands stay secure.

When you finish having a shower, flip your hair over your head as you face the floor, and then wrap the microfiber towel around. While doing this, you will also notice that the back of your microfiber hair towel fits more perfectly around the head. This makes it a breeze to wrap your hair using the long part.

All you need to do is twist the towel and pull it back up so that it remains in place, and this is all thanks to the small elastic loop in the back. This is very simple, and you will never have to keep adjusting the towel over and over again.

This comes in handy when you want to spend a long time wearing the towel to absorb water. Then you can turn on an episode on Netflix and practically forget that you are even wearing it at all.

Microfiber Drying Towels Prevent Frizz

The material for your microfiber drying towels is super absorbent. This is a blessing in disguise when it comes to preventing nasty frizz that makes it seem like you rubbed your head against a balloon. Your hair will dry much sooner compared to traditional cotton towels.

Then you can trap each strand more effectively to dry because the towel fits much better for any head shape. The elastic band molds itself around your head so that you never need to keep tying and holding the towel all the time.

This is necessary because frizz results from a lot of rough cuticle damage, so you need to remove all the excess water from your hair as gently as possible. The best microfiber towels will strip the moisture out of your mane better than cotton or terrycloth because they are not as fast-absorbing.

It is always best to ditch cotton and its coarse harshness to avoid damaging your hair and creating more annoying split ends.

The Microfiber Material Helps Prevent Snags

If you use cotton towels a lot, you may notice that many of your strands get snagged when the tiny loops intertwine and pull your hair while drying. After your hair is dry, have a quick glance at your cotton towel and see how many strands you lose because this worsens after every wash.

This unnecessary breakage is caused by the pulling and tugging of your hair strands, which ruins their natural beauty over time. Microfiber towels for hair will always help prevent this problem.

They are gentler and smoother on every strand, so you never have to deal with painful and itchy snags again just for wanting dry hair before going to bed.

The only thing you really should do is pat your hair dry with the microfiber cloth, and the job is done quickly. There will be no need to aggressively rub it against your head to get all the moisture out.

Never Have to Deal With Lint Again

The best microfiber towels do not leave balls of lint throughout your hair. This usually happens when you use cotton or terrycloth frequently. Parts of your hair can become tangled thanks to a lot of lint and debris. Then you will struggle to brush your hair since it will be painful, causing you to shed even more strands.

The quick absorbent properties of microfiber and the tightly woven material can help you rub your towel more smoothly throughout your hair. This helps prevent leaving these traces of lint stuck between strands that can also coat your hairbrush.

Gentler Drying Experience Treating Hair Kindly

If you want to achieve healthier strands that maintain their length for much longer, you will need to be careful about how you dry your hair. With cotton, you risk splitting your strands and ruining their smooth texture.

This is why microfiber hair towels are the best option. They have a much softer material perfect for all hair textures, especially if you have fragile strands that break off easily.

If you start using microfiber hair towels to dry your hair instead of cotton, you will notice very little friction. Then you do not need to manipulate your hair and be rough to get all that water out.

These towels soak up all the water faster and do not leave your hair feeling too dry. You will never have to disappointingly deal with the harsh brittle-like texture at the end that sheds even more after brushing or combing.

This material will help you maintain a lot of softness in the long run. This is perfect for managing hair more effectively compared to any other bath towels.

Are You Ready to Leave That Cotton Behind?

Microfiber towels for hair are new to the beauty scene, but they are becoming wildly popular for all the right reasons. They are lighter, smaller, and more comfortable than carrying a heavy towel turban around the house.

If you enjoyed reading about the benefits of using these hair towels to protect your mane, browse through our latest selection of Turbie Twist Microfiber XL and Microfiber drying towels. Get your favorite color today and say goodbye to all your hair problems.