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Quick and Easy Tips for Towel Drying Hair (Without the Damage!)

Are you noticing more hair breakage after drying? Switch to a new routine to save your hair. Don't miss these essential tips for towel drying hair.

A survey found that 81 percent of women feel most confident when their hair looks great. How is your hair? Have you noticed more hair breakage after you dry your hair?

You can dry your hair quickly without using a damaging blow dryer. Wondering how? Keep reading to learn more about how to towel dry your hair. These tips for towel drying hair will help you keep your hair looking great and give you the confidence of a great hair day.

Is Towel Drying Safe?

Towel drying your hair involves using an absorbent material or towel to dry your hair after washing. Sure, it sounds simple, but don't be quick to judge based on the definition.

There is a wrong and a right way to towel dry your hair. Your hair is at its most fragile when it is wet. So if you rub it vigorously with a towel, you can damage your hair over time and cause it to fall out. If you rub your hair excessively with a towel when it is wet, it can also lead to major frizz.

However, if you are gentle and use the right towel, you can prevent further damage to your hair. You need to take a few easy precautions for your hair.

What Are the Benefits of Towel Drying Hair?

Wondering why you should switch from your hairdryer? You can reduce heat damage to your hair. Anytime you apply heat to your hair it is not healthy. 

Most people use choose to blow dry their hair because it is quick, and air-drying is time-consuming, especially if you have long, thick hair. If you towel dry your hair after a shower, you can cut down the air-dry time, giving you a healthier alternative to blowdrying. 

You can also save money by towel drying your hair. You won't use as much electricity and won't have to purchase new hair dryers or heat protectants for your hair.

You will also have lesser friction damage from towel drying your hair. If you still have damage when you towel dry your hair, it is because you are not doing it the right way.

What Is the Best Hair Drying Towel?

You should not use your regular bath towel to dry your hair. You want to use a microfiber towel because it absorbs much more moisture at a faster rate than a regular towel. Microfiber towels are also gentle to your strands.

If you want to keep your hands free, try a hair-drying towel wrap on your hair after showering. These are perfect for the girl on the go.

How to Towel Dry Hair Without Damaging It

The best thing you can do to not damage your hair when towel drying is to use a microfiber towel or a soft t-shirt. Here are the steps for the best way to dry hair.

Squeeze Out Excess Water

When you are done showering, you should gently squeeze out the dripping water. Start at the scalp and slowly move to the ends. This gives your hair a head start without having to deal with excess water.

Blot Your Hair

Use your soft towel and start pressing your hair. For longer or thicker hair, you should do this in sections. Wrap the towel around each section and squeeze softly. 

You should never rub or tug your hair. Make sure you move the towel around so you are only using dry parts for each section.


Keep repeating until you are satisfied. Remember your hair will not be bone dry no matter how many times you repeat. Your hair will still have to air dry.

Wrap Your Hair

Next, you can wrap your hair with either a towel wrap or by making a makeshift turban with a towel. Keep the hair wrapped for about 10-20 minutes while your hair dries. This lets you do other things around the house while your hair dries.

Remove the Towel

Now, it's time to take the towel off slowly. Make sure you do not pull your hair because wet hair is fragile. Now, you can comb through it or use your fingers to detangle. 

Using your fingers start at the roots and start tousling it with your fingers. You may have seen your hairstylist do this. Focus on the roots and do not tug on your hair.

Other Towel Drying Tips

When you are removing the excess water from your hair, make sure you squeeze and don't wring your hair. This can cause breakage. Take the hair between your palms and squeeze.

Do not wrap your hair too tightly. You do not want to twist or stretch your hair because this can also cause damage and breakage.

You should always use a conditioner to help with any damage. You can use either a leave-in conditioner or use one directly after you shampoo your hair.

You should not dry your hair in the bathroom. If you dry your hair in the bathroom, it's counterintuitive because the room is humid after taking a shower. Instead, take your towel in your bedroom or any other room to dry your hair.

During the winter, you should avoid going outside with wet hair. The cold can dehydrate the hair and cause damage. Instead, you may want to consider washing your hair the night before if you are short on time in the mornings.

The Best Way to Dry Your Hair

The heat from your blowdryer is not healthy for your hair. It can cause damage and breakage. You can switch to towel drying hair to help prevent damaging your hair.

Looking for the best hair drying towel? Check out the Turbie Twist today. It's the softest, hair-drying towel that can help protect your hair from damaging heat. We also have other products to help you care for your hair.