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Eco Towels: How Using a Hair Towel Is More Eco-Friendly

If you want to learn the truth about how using a hair towel is more eco-friendly, click here to learn more about it today!

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You pamper your hair with high-quality hair products, regular trims, and even the occasional hair mask. But have you ever stopped to think about how your hair routine is impacting the environment? 

Unfortunately, the beauty industry can be a contributor to negative environmental practices. The good news is that you can be part of changing that trend by choosing to buy more eco-friendly products. Your beauty habits and routines can also help make a positive environmental impact!

An easy way to make a small difference is to switch to using a hair towel instead of a hairdryer. Not only will this help the environment, but your hair may also become healthier as well!

If you're interested in seeing how hair towels can help you and the environment, make sure you keep reading below to find out more. 

Environmental Impacts of Hair Dryers

It's hard to believe, but your hairdryer is having a negative impact on the environment. Each time you use it, you're emitting carbon dioxide. In fact, over the span of one year, your dyer is putting an average of 57 pounds into the atmosphere. 

What's the Deal with Carbon Dioxide?

As we look back over human history, we can date a spike in carbon dioxide emission back to the Industrial Revolution. As factories began using coal, oil, and natural gas to produce goods and move items around the world, there was a spike in the amount of carbon dioxide put into the atmosphere. 

The increase in carbon dioxide has led to some significant ecological issues. This includes a rise in average temperatures, melting ice caps, disruption of animal habitats, rising sea levels, and major weather catastrophes. 

If you're interested in learning how to reduce your carbon footprint, you can check out a carbon footprint calculator. You can see your average contribution, as well as learn ways to reduce and offset your carbon footprint. 

Benefits of Hair Towels

One of the best benefits of using a hair towel instead of a hairdryer is that you reduce your carbon footprint as a result. Instead of using a hairdryer on your wet hair, a terry cloth hair towel can help remove more moisture.

When you towel dry your hair, it requires less time with a hairdryer. In fact, it can cut your drying time in half, if not more! This means less carbon dioxide emissions, as well as saving you money on your energy bill. 

Terry cloth hair towels are inexpensive but can be used and re-used for a long time. This cuts down on waste, which is more eco-friendly and better for the environment. 

Hair towels are also smaller than traditional towels. This means less water and energy when you throw them into the washing machine. 


Microfiber is a synthetic material made out of polyester. It can hold up to seven times its weight in water, as well as requires no pesticides or water to dye it. It's also durable, lightweight, and hygienic and will hold up under frequent use.

One of the best benefits of microfiber is that it doesn't require any rubbing. It absorbs moisture directly on contact, which leads to less frizz. Instead, you can wrap wet hair in a hair towel immediately after stepping out of the shower or a pool. 

It's also somewhat stretchy when woven into fabric. This means that it can accommodate any amount of hair, no matter the texture! It also can work for all ages from youth to adult. 


Cotton is all-natural and luxurious, helping you create the feeling of a spa in your own bathroom. It's highly absorbent as well, which cuts down on drying time. 

If you or a loved one has sensitive skin, cotton may be the perfect choice to help you dry your hair without worrying about irritation or a reaction from synthetic materials. 

Because cotton is naturally occurring, there are many benefits to using it in a hair towel. It's hypoallergenic, wicks moisture away from your hair, and is soft and comfortable. 

A terry cloth hair towel is woven into loops using fine threads. This design means the fabric can hold a lot of water, shortening your drying time. 

Why a Hair Towel is Better for Your Hair

It is possible to get water damage on your precious locks. If you spend time in the pool or at the beach, your hair may be absorbing chemicals and minerals that can lead to hair breakage, dryness, and frizz. Using a towel after being in the water can help draw these damaging components away from your hair shafts and follicles. 

In addition, terry hair towels are smaller, more breathable, and not as heavy as larger bath towels or bath sheets. Using a designated, specially designed hair towel puts less stress and weight on your hair follicles. This leads to less breakage and damage. 

When you commit to using a hair towel instead of blow drying your soaking wet hair, you're also helping to protect your hair. Blow drying on high heat on a regular basis leads to significant damage. 

Instead, you should towel dry your hair, then let it air dry most of the way before breaking out the blow dryer. You always need to apply a heat spray to protect your hair, as well as give your hair a break from the heat a few times a week. 

Choose the Eco-Friendly Way

Regardless of the way you style your hair, you will reap the benefits of a hair towel. Your hair will be healthier and stronger, and so will the environment! The more you rely on the natural drying process, the better it is all around. 

If you're serious about looking for the best way to treat your hair and make your beauty routine more green, you should also look at our other products, like our recyclable shower caps. You'll use less water and your hair will retain its natural moisturizing oils. 

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