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Are Terry Cloth Towels Right for Your Hair?

What kind of towel is right for you and your hair type? Use our guide to perfect towel turbans to find the right hair towel for you.

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The towel you use for your hair is not cutting it. In fact, it may be doing more harm than good by pulling on your wet hair. It may also not allow your hair to dry to its full potential.

For you and your hair, you deserve a towel that will support it, not ruin it. 

It can feel daunting to find the perfect towel for you and your hair, but it doesn't have to be that way. We're here to help you by breaking down what terry cloth towels are and if it's right for your hair. 

What Are Terry Cloth Towels?

Terry cloth towels are sometimes misconstrued to be the same as or similar to microfiber towels. However, there are some crucial differences. 

Made of 100% cotton, terry cloth towels can absorb a lot of moisture. In the way it is made, it has wide loops that help absorb water. Because it is made of cotton, it is made from natural materials as compared to microfiber towels. 

A terry cloth towel doesn't just have to be a hair towel wrap. Terry cloth as a material is also used in full-sized bath towels, robes, and other similar products. 

They are often soft and, like any towel, come in different colors as well. 

The reason you can dry your body off quickly after a shower is all thanks to terry loops and how much water they can absorb. 

What Are Microfiber Towels?

Microfiber towels do differ from terry cloth towels. Both are suitable for different types of hair, but we'll get to that later. 

Microfiber towels are made with their fibers closer together. This allows for maximum absorption, where polyester can expand to take in liquid. 

It is made primarily of polyester, which is a synthetic material. Polyester, like cotton, is a common material in bath towels, clothes, and more. 

They are also often used when trying to dry a car or restaurant table spills. They soak up liquid quickly and efficiently, which is why many professionals rely on them

Many people also use microfiber towels for their hair as well. 

Your Hair and Hair Towels

Knowing the difference between terry cloth towels and microfiber towels may not answer your question on whether terry cloth towels or microfiber towels are right for your hair. Let's take a closer look below. 

What Kind of Hair Are Terry Cloth Towels Best For?

If you are still looking for a close fit for hair towels but don't want your hair to feel constricted, you may want to consider terry cloth towels. 

While they stay tight to your head, it also doesn't feel as restrictive thanks to their wider loops of cotton fiber in its innate design. This means that not only does it absorb moisture from your hair, but it is a breathable material. 

You want to be careful that the terry cloth towel doesn't absorb too much moisture from your hair, as that could lead to your hair being somewhat damaged. 

That said, terry cloth is built to be durable, so you can count on any terry cloth towels you have to last a long time. 

What Kind of Hair Are Microfiber Towels Best For? 

Microfiber is a great material to absorb a lot of moisture too. It can also be a great frizz reducer. This means that if you have frizzy hair but are looking for frizz-free drying, then you may want to consider a hair towel wrap made of microfiber. 

It is good for drying your hair quickly too. It may also help your hair shine more and avoid friction, unlike with other hair towels. 

If your hair is thinner, using microfiber towels is also ideal.

Why You Should Use a Hair Towel Wrap 

You may wonder why using a bath towel for your hair isn't good. There are several reasons for that. 

A bath towel is larger, too big for your head, so the material may pull on your hair. It is also heavier, which can also contribute to pulling on your hair. 

In addition, most bath towels are made of cotton (they are also terry cloth towels—terry cloth isn't just for hair). When you have a terry cloth bath towel, the fibers are large to accommodate for absorbing a lot of liquid and moisture. 

Unfortunately, it is these large fibers can also snag on your hair and cause more damage. This is why using a hair towel wrap is a good idea. 

With a hair towel wrap, the material weighs less than it does in a full-sized bath towel. This means your hair will feel less friction and stress on it when you use it. 

It's also convenient to use a hair towel wrap. You can have it keep your hair in place and drying while you go about and do the rest of your morning routine. 

Terry Cloth Towels: It's Up to You 

You know your hair better than anyone. There are some pros to using hair towels made of terry cloth, and there are some things to watch out for. 

Regardless, if you prefer using terry cloth towels, then go for it! Just keep an eye on your hair and make sure it isn't pulling on it too much. 

Take a peek at our whole Turbie Twist collection today! Make the switch from your normal bath towels to an A-grade towel turban for your wet hair. 


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