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9 Important Winter Hair Care Tips

When it comes to winter hair care, there are several things you need to remember. These nine simple tips will make a huge difference.

Hair health is a huge deal for many Americans, with the average woman spending $55,000 in a lifetime on hair products and treatments. Time spent trying to make hair healthier, fuller, and shinier comes to about 11 hours a month. 

But keeping your hair healthy and gorgeous throughout the year isn’t always easy. Winter months are especially a tough time to care for hair. The colder temperature can take a massive toll on your hair, causing split ends and breakage, among other problems.

But winter hair care doesn’t have to be an ordeal. In this guide, we highlight nine expert tips on how to care for hair during the cold months. 

Read on to learn more.

1. Wear a Hat

The dry air of the winter can rob your hair of much-needed moisture. Wind, snow, and rain can also adversely affect your hair. 

The best way to stop harsh elements from messing up your hair is by wearing a hat. Ensure that the hat you wear is lined with satin or silk to prevent breakage that may be caused by cotton, wool, and other fabrics. 

Be sure to also use a dry oil spray to fight static electricity under your hat.

2. Invest in a Humidifier

A staggering 90 percent of Americans spend almost 22 hours indoors. A sixth of the population practically never steps outside, spending the entire 24 hours per day inside.

When you’re spending that much time indoors, you want the best conditions possible for your body, including your hair. One electrical appliance guaranteed to promote healthy hair during the winter is a humidifier.

A humidifier increases moisture inside your home, ensuring that your locks stay hydrated and lustrous.

3. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Getting a regular trim is a surefire way to keep your hair healthy and maintain your preferred style. Hair Stylists recommend 3 to 4 months on average between cuts.

Of course, there are other ways to tell that it’s time for a trim. For instance, if you notice split ends, it’s a sure sign that you’ve waited too long. You may also notice that it’s getting difficult to comb or brush your hair all through.

Trimming your hair helps reduce the chances of your hair developing those unappealing split ends.

4. Keep the Temperatures Lower When Taking a Shower

Sure, a steamy shower seems irresistible during the winter, especially when the temperatures drop below freezing point. But hot water can quickly zap your hair moisture. It can leave your hair brittle and vulnerable to breakage.

Instead of hot water, use lukewarm water for showering. Follow it up with a cool rinse.

5. Avoid Leaving the House with Damp Hair

Sure, time’s of the essence in the morning, but it’s essential to dry your hair thoroughly before you dash into the cold. Damp hair can freeze and break.

Learn how to towel dry hair so that you never go out with a saturated mane. Doing so helps prevent not only hair breakage but also color fading.

6. Deep Condition Your Hair Weekly

Another sure tip for caring for hair in the winter is to moisturize it. Each week, apply a leave-in conditioner to help replenish moisture and fight the effects of cold winds, indoor heating, and hot styling tools.

Many people experience static hair during the winter. The best way to combat that is to use a leave-in conditioner. Swipe a dryer sheet lightly over any flyaways to get rid of hair static. 

7. Hydrate Your Hair Overnight

During the night, dry air can leech moisture from your hair. The best way to combat that is by using a night serum for your hair. If you’re worried about the cream creating a mess on your pillow, consider designating an old pillowcase for hydration nights.

For ladies with curls, textured, or relaxed strands, it’s best to hydrate every night with a light oil that’s high in omega fatty acids. Try to cover your hair using a silk scarf or asleep bonnet to keep your moisture levels intact.

8. Cut Back on Heat Styling

A common mistake people make is to blow dry their air. Doing so can draw moisture out of hair, causing breakage.

It’s best to let your hair air dry. Heat-free drying keeps your mane healthy and shiny. If  you are concerned about time, consider taking a shower in the evening so your hair can dry naturally overnight.

If possible, resist the temptation to straighten or curl your hair during the cold months. Heat styling only makes your hair more delicate and drier. Use the winter to experiment with new styles, such as buns, twists, and braids.

9. Avoid Washing Your Hair Too Frequently

If you usually wash your hair daily, consider switching things up during the winter. The problem with washing your hair too frequently is that it strips your hair of natural oils, which are responsible for keeping your hair both moisturized and protected. Overwashing is especially dangerous during the winter when your hair needs natural oils the most.

Try to extend the time between hair washes. For people who wash their hair daily, it’s best to start skipping a day between washes. If your hair still feels very dry, then you can consider washing it every three days.

Winter Hair Care Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

The cold months can be harsh on hair. That’s why you need to take extra measures to protect it from the whipping winds, arctic winds, indoor heat, and static electricity. With the winter hair care measures you’ve just read in this blog, you can ensure that your hair looks gorgeous when spring finally arrives.

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