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5 Ways You Can Benefit From Using a Hair Wrap

What are the top benefits of hair wraps? Take a look at these 5 ways you can benefit from using a hair wrap.

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Did you know that over 50% of women will suffer some hair loss during their lifetime? Both men and women everywhere suffer the emotional toll of hair loss. 

Did you know that one way to protect yourself from hair loss is to wear a scarf or hair wrap when sleeping? These are not just fashion accessories. Hair wraps and scarfs can benefit your hair in many ways.

Why not take a few minutes to see how a hair wrap could keep your hair looking gorgeous. 

1. Avoid Tangling

Let's start with the basics. As you move naturally during the night, your hair can become tangled. Not only does this result in hair that is notoriously difficult to untangle, but it can also affect the health of your hair. 

Movement can cause hairs to become trapped. Weakened hairs can easily break, leaving you with less hair in the morning than you had the night before. Maybe you have already experienced waking up to find a large number of hairs on your pillow. 

Wearing a hair wrap is a great way to keep your hair from becoming tangled. Furthermore, as it is securely wrapped together, it cannot become trapped and break. Wearing a hair wrap is a simple step that can save you a lot of future hair maintenance. 

2. Take Care of Natural Hair Oils

Controlling the natural oils that are produced in your hair can benefit both your hair and your skin. Wearing a hair wrap can help to control the movement of these oils. They are distributed evenly throughout your hair, giving it a consistently rich look. If you suffer from dry hair, you may find that you need to use dry hair shampoos less often thanks to your wrap.

Another benefit is that these oils are not transferred onto your face. This can have a negative effect on skin pores and possibly clog them. Wearing a hair wrap keeps these hair oils where they need to be: in your hair. 

As an extra bonus, the oils from your hair do not transfer from your hair to your pillow. This means that you will have less laundry to do in the long term. 

3. Curls Not Frizz

When you finally get your hair to curl the way you want it to, you need to keep it that way as long as possible. But protecting your curls from turning into frizzy hair is not an easy task. A hair wrap can help.

Your hair wrap will keep your curls in place during the night. In the morning, you will have a minimal amount of work to do to keep them looking great. 

Science backs this up. As we sleep, our hair follicles come into contact with the bed and pillow. Natural movements during the night cause hair follicles to be pushed back and stand on end. This explains why you can go to bed with great curls and wake up with another look entirely. 

Wrapping your hair inside a scarf or wrap helps you to control the direction of your hair follicles. This not only protects your hair but retains your gorgeous curls for days longer than normal. 

4. Style Retention

Let's face it, professional hair styling is not cheap. Yet so many things can cause it to lose its new look by the end of the first 24 hours. Damp weather and sleeping on your styled hair are definitely among these. 

Wearing a hair wrap not only allows you to control the shape of your hair during the night but also prevents the atmosphere from affecting it. Dry air will not cause it to become brittle overnight. On the other hand, moisture in the air will not cause its volume to expand. 

Hair wraps can also help you to apply overnight treatments. They can ensure that the treatment completely saturates your hair. It also ensures that the treatment stays where you want it: on your hair, not on your pillow. 

5. Encourage New Hair Growth & Minimize Hair Loss

A hair wrap is a great gift for a special occasion. A family member or friend who is concerned about losing hair or wants to protect their gorgeous hair in the long term would especially appreciate it. 

If you have a friend who has recently undergone a harsh hair treatment or even suffered the effects of chemotherapy, a hair wrap is a great gift. It will give their hair every chance of growing back healthily and more quickly. 

Even if you have not had a traumatic hair experience when changing styles, we all want to protect the new baby hairs that can be damaged during the night. Wearing a hair wrap protects these new fragile hairs from being bent or twisted by the weight of your head.

The Benefits of a Hair Wrap and Much More

Hair wraps are great for women who suffer from some level of hair loss. However, this is not the only reason for wearing a hair wrap. Covering your hair can protect its health and help to retain its styling. It can help you to retain your silky curly girly hair for much longer than before.

If you are interested in hair wraps or other ways to keep your hair looking fabulous, we are here to help. We share our experience in the hair care and beauty sector with our readers. Why not follow our blog or contact us to see how we can help you today.