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5 Hair Accessory Trends We Should Leave in 2020

It's a new year and it's time to try some new hair accessory trends. But whether you're pairing them with a new hair cut or color, leave these trends in 2020.

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2020 was a year that led to fewer opportunities to get outside and show off our cute hair pieces. It was a year that led to bad hair days and little chance to show off our cute 'do's outside during the pandemic. 

Let's be clear: there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these hair accessories. While there are some great 2021 hair trends to follow, there are some from last year that needs to be left behind.

While 2020 was a difficult year for all of us, we do not need to subject our hair to styles and hair accessories that don't work anymore. Here are five hair accessory trends that we should no longer wear.

1. So Many Accessories on One Head

As this suggests, one major trend this year was adding as many accessories as possible to your hair. This mostly got shown off by influencers since a lot of us were too busy quarantining inside to show off our entire drawer. Whether it was bobby pins or nostalgia-inducing butterfly clips, this trend was about being as loud as possible on the computer screen.

It's fair to say this did not do a lot to keep your hair up and was more of a fashion statement. Perhaps once quarantine is over and we have the vaccine, there may be a good opportunity to don it and see how it looks outside.

For some things, less speaks louder for more, and this trend is just one example of it.

2. Large and In-Charge Scrunchies

Another staple of the '90s that came back to adorn our heads in 2020 was the scrunchie. Scrunchies are a wonderful way to conveniently keep your hair back, that we agree. However, when that scrunchie is large and oversized, then it is time to wonder whether we need it on our head.

Instead of a scrunchie, why not use a Turbie Band to keep your hair out of your face? A Turbie Band can control any stray hairs during exercise and tuck any hair you don't want to show off away, and absorb any sweat. This is thanks to its lightweight, super-absorbent microfiber that it is made out of.

Put up your hair in scrunchies and bands that are good for your hair, not the size.

3. Pearls Galore

There may not have been many people getting married this year, but in exchange for that, many people were channeling that into putting pearls on every hair accessory possible.

It was also explicitly exhibited at New York Fashion Week 2020 through a speckled look and adorned by celebrities like Cardi B and Leticia Wright. This made most hair accessory brands use at least one or create a constellation with multiple beads.

While the look can be chic, it takes having the right outfit tone and hairstyle to pull it off. If not done carefully, it can make your 'do too formal. That may work for trying a work-from-home outfit that appears professional, but it does not work as well with laying around in sweatpants.

4. Bucket Hats

This '90s staple came back roaring onto the hair scene and it raged on. Bucket hats came back as one of the big hair accessory trends in 2020 that served to hide our quarantine hair on camera when we were not looking our best.

Besides looking like we have either regressed back to childhood or are in the middle of a fishing trip, bucket hats rubs against your hair all day. This can cause frizziness and hair static. 

Hats can a great accessory to don your head, but there are ways that you should take care of your hair while wearing a hat. Some of the ways to prevent hat hair is by not wearing a hat while your hair is wet or damp. Another way is to wear hair liners underneath the hat as a layer between the scalp and hat fabric.

5. Hairpins to Hold Face Masks

Yes, this existed and no, it does not work.

Once the pandemic began to affect people's lives, the CDC recommended that mask-wearing would be one of the best ways to prevent the coronavirus. With that, many companies started making their own face masks.

This came about as an alternative for having your face mask on your ears at all times when walking outside to go to the pharmacy and maintaining social distance. It was also touted as an easy hack in case the back of your ears got sore, and you needed to fit a narrow face. The wearer would attach the elastic strip to the hair clip and the person's head.

One of the reasons why this trend is a bad idea is because it adds unnecessary strain on your hair through the amount of moving and tugging your head does. Another reason is it did not do enough to not transmit your germs to other people.

Shrug Off These Hair Accessory Trends

A lot of hair accessory trends in 2020 were focused on comfort and making a statement at home in front of a screen when we couldn't give our hair the attention it deserves. A new year means better chances to show off our look with chic hairpieces. Here's to hoping the trending hair accessories this year is better!

We provide accessories for your hair that will make your hair healthy enough to follow these cool hair trends. For more articles about the latest trends in hairstyling, check out our other articles on our blog.