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5 Hair Trends We Should Keep an Eye Out For in 2021

Looking for a way to spice up your hair this upcoming new year? Here are some of the most popular hair trends that we'll be seeing in 2021.

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It is here, the moment we have all been waiting for. New Year's Eve is fast approaching and we cannot wait to ring in the new year! 

As always, we must do so in style. New year, new you! 

If you are looking for a way to spice up your hair this upcoming new year, look no further. Here are some of the most popular hair trends that we'll be seeing in 2021. 

1. Natural Hair Colour

We have all seen Balayage, it has been one of the biggest hair trends for years. However recently we have been seeing a switch from all-over color to a more natural highlighted look. 

According to celebrity hairstylist Travis Balcke, "overall color trends have become more refined and polished and more about the craft and placement of color." 

2021 will bring back highlighting and some Balayage techniques, and the natural shades that are found in the hair. Keeping the color more natural is far more easily managed and less maintenance for you. 

With Covid-19 and longer gaps between appointments, this has become a necessity in today's world. 

Especially because we all want the look that we naturally have from exploring the world and being out in the sun, no matter how long it has been. 

2. Scalp Health Care  

These days, self-care is at the forefront of everyone's minds. Including your hairstyle. 

Hairdressers are starting to educate their clients more and more about what is good for their hair and how to best take care of it. 

Healthy hair starts with scalp care according to hairdressers. If your scalp stays in great condition, then your hair can grow to be healthy. 

Some of the tips that we are getting on scalp care are:

  • Treat your scalp with beneficial oils¬†
  • Use heat protectant and try to let it air dry as often as possible¬†
  • Do not wash your hair too often¬†
  • Shampoo with an all-natural and sulfate-free shampoo¬†
  • Limit chemical treatments¬†

There are so many other ways that we can jump on the scalp care trend. If you want to know more about the best way to use a hair towel and truly protect your hair, read on! 

3. Accessories That Pack A Punch

Recently there have been amazing hair accessories that have come on the market, and that does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. 

Some of the most popular accessories at the moment are headscarves, headbands, and oversized clips. Some of the other trending accessories are thin scarves, wrap cords, sporty headbands, and veils. 

You will find that a lot of the trendy hair accessories have pearl accents or chains. There are also a lot of logos being added to barrettes. 

If you are looking for which hair accessories you should be running out to buy now, look no further. Here are the brands and accessories you need. 

4. Low Maintenance Looks 

These days, we all want effortless hair. So many of us are working remotely or spending most of our time at home. 

This means that people are looking for hairstyle ideas that look good when you air dry your hair or decide you do not want to style it for the day. 

Do you air-dry, blow-dry, or towel dry your low maintenance look? It can come down to your hair type and desired outcome. Here is how to tell which option is best for you. 

Here are some low maintenance cuts that could help you with your new effortless look. 

For anyone with straight hair, Jamie Brice, Amika pro educator, says to go with a blunt cut with soft angled layers around the face. 

For wavy hair, adding layers at the top of your head will give you a nice shape. 

Naturally curly haired people should be taking off some length. Brice says that "a little length can go a long way!" 

5. Layers 

It's officially time for some movement again!

According to Travis Balcke, we are "going back to having layers through the hair, but layers that are subtle and give the hair a more lived-in look". 

Blunt edges were the trend for a while, and it looks like we are going away from that. One length cuts and bobs were a popular hairstyle last year. Now it is time to get some shape and movement in your hairstyle again. 

When adding layers to your new hairstyle, think about face-framing layers that will grow out easily. 

You can also ask for fashion layers. If you ask for fashion layers, the layers will be carved out from the inside of your cut. 

Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what hairstyle is best for you. There are so many hairstyles and everyone has a different face shape. Here are the best hairstyles for different face shapes to help you decide. 

The Product You Need While Following 2021 Hair Trends

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