Microfiber Hair Towel

Maintaining a smooth daily routine requires you to have hair towels that help dry your hair quickly, though that is only part of the struggle. You are probably tired of bending your neck to keep that hair towel from falling off too. What about the water dripping down your neck as you wait for that not so absorbent standard towel to do its “magic?" Yep, the struggle is real. Thankfully, all of that can be avoided with a microfiber hair towel. The thing is, your hair is delicate and drying it with a regular towel isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. In fact, some people damage their hair by creating friction when using a regular towel for drying.

What You Need vs. What You Probably Have

Women and men alike need a towel that helps them dry their hair quickly. Something that isn’t likely to cause hair to be frizzy or damaged. The weight of a standard or cotton towel wrapped around your hair can cause breakage in your roots. This leads to shorter hair around your hairline, which isn’t great! The materials used to produce standard towels are also less fine and generally too harsh for wet hair to handle. They aren’t all that absorbent, which means more blow-drying time will be necessary. This increases the likelihood of heat damage. Not like you can just sit at home and wait for your hair to dry naturally. That won’t work. We all have things to do and places to be, making the need to speed up inevitable. Also, shampooing can be a long and punishing process depending on your hair length.

The Super Absorbent Fabric You Must Have

The good news is that microfiber towels are greatly improving the lives of millions of women and men. This super absorbent fabric is helping people get to places on time, keep their hair healthy, and damage free. A microfiber towel is especially perfect for curly hair, since it holds more water. Microfiber absorbs water very well, allowing you to cut down on time spent getting ready. There is no need to rub your hair in order to get water out either. That means fewer instances of breakage, because there will be less friction on your hair.

Microfiber Hair Towel Saves You Money on Laundry

You will save so much money on laundry expenses with a microfiber hair towel! Using a standard bath towel for your hair doubles your laundry and wastes water. Microfiber hair towels are designed with only enough fabric to fit your head, so you can dry your hair with just a fraction of the laundry. No need to add fabric softener either, as fabric softeners and heat should be avoided when washing your microfiber hair towel if you want it to last.

The Turbie Twist® Microfiber Hair Towel

With over 30 million hair towels sold, the Turbie Twist® microfiber hair towel is taking the world by storm. This hair towel significantly reduces your hair blow-drying time and absorbs more water than cotton towels. Plus, it stays in place while you move around, bend your neck, or even have a dance party (go for it). All of this is because of its carefully crafted unique twist and loop design. No more re-wrapping your towel every time it falls off. The Turbie Twist® feels gentler on your hair and easily wraps tighter, making it even more absorbent! This microfiber towel lasts longer than cotton, comes in a variety of colors, and is designed to fit any head size.