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Wrap It Up: Why You Should Consider a Hair Turban Towel

If you dry your hair with a blow dryer, you may want to consider a change. Learn why the hair turban towel is the way to go.

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Studies show that 68% of women are unhappy with their hair, and 80% rely on their hair for feeling prettier and more confident.

Needless to say, the majority of women aren't happy with their hair and put a huge emphasis on how their hair looks and how they feel.

Chances are, you're one of these women, and you're looking for ways to improve your hair so you can boost your confidence.

What if we told you that's achievable through a hair turban towel? It sounds weird, but we definitely think it'd benefit you!

Are you wondering why you should get a hair turban towel? Then keep reading! We'll give you plenty of great reasons for purchasing one.

It's Much Lighter Than Regular Towels

If you're like many other women, after you step out of the shower and towel your body off, you probably bend over, flip your hair over, wrap it up in your towel, and stand back up to go about your day.

But regular shower towels are usually huge, and when you pile all that on your head, it'll create lots of neck strain. Not to mention it'll make it hard for you to turn your head as well.

A hair turban towel is made especially for the purpose of drying off your hair, so you can count on it to be just the right size. It'll keep all of your hair atop your head, all without the pain that comes with using a regular towel.

You Won't Have to Readjust at All

When you use your shower towel, how many times do you have to rearrange, readjust, and rewrap your hair? Those countless times spent on this process can be a huge annoyance.

Again, hair turban towels are created specifically with hair wrapping in mind, so you can count on them to keep your hair on your head securely. they come with elastic loops that are slip-resistant, which means you can go about your daily routine without worrying about your hair slipping down and out of a towel.

It's Good for Your Hair

Hair turban towels are made with microfiber, which is amazing for your hair. You might have heard of microfiber cleaning cloths, which are better than traditional clothes for cleaning.

This is because they're made up of smaller fibers (hence the "micro" part in the name). This means you can fit more on a piece of cloth, which gives it more parts to do cleaning more efficiently.

But how does this translate into care for your hair?

Because there are more fibers on a hair turban towel than your shower towel, this means it'll soak up the water in your hair more. By the time you take off the turban towel, you won't have to spend as much time blowdrying it.

Also, when you rub your hair dry with a regular shower towel, this can damage it. This is because of the friction that results from you wiping the towel back and forth on your head. Using a hair turban towel will eliminate that friction.

As a result, your hair will experience less heat damage and friction, which means you'll have healthier, fuller, and shinier hair!

Another added benefit is that the hair turban towel will lock in moisture better, which means your hair will have less frizz. And during drier seasons (such as winter), your hair won't feel as dried out.

It'll Dry Your Hair Quicker

As we mentioned above, hair turban towels are excellent at absorbing water. This means you won't have to wait as long to "air dry" your hair.

If you shower at nighttime, you may have previously gone to bed with your head wet, which necessitates putting a towel down across your pillow so you don't get it soaked. But you won't have to do that anymore with a hair turban towel.

Depending on how much time passes between your regular shower time and bedtime, you can either go to sleep with a dry head of hair or just go to bed comfortably with the hair turban towel on.

You Can Multitask Better

When you have a giant shower towel on your head, it can be hard to get ready for the day. Not only is it heavy, but it can block your vision as well.

When using a hair turban towel, you can go about getting ready without any hindrance. You can sit at your vanity, do your makeup, and put in contacts without an annoying piece of a shower towel slipping onto the tops of your eyes.

The same goes for when you're doing your skincare routine and need to keep your hair (and towel) out of your face.

You can also put on your clothes without worrying about stretching out your tops since you have to fit that gigantic bulge of a towel through them. 

Purchase a Hair Turban Towel Today

Now that you've seen all the benefits a hair turban towel can provide you, don't you think it'd be a great addition to your daily routine? Not only is it easy to use, but it's very affordable as well!

So get on the road to better hair, and by default, a better you! When you love the way your hair looks, you'll ooze confidence and beauty. When you're picking up a hair turban towel for yourself, don't forget to buy some for your girlfriends too!

Would you like to protect your hair even further? Then consider purchasing a satin pillowcase in addition to a Turbie Towel. When you use both in conjunction, it'll protect both your hair and skin!