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Why Microfiber Towels Are Good for Curly and Coily Hair

Naturally curly and coily hair is fragile and needs to be treated with care. Read our latest blog for why you need microfiber towels on your wash day.

An estimated 65% of the US population has curly, wavy, or coily hair.  With that many curly-haired folks, you’re sure to hear a lot of talk on the proper way to care for your mane. Washing and drying curly or coily hair is a big topic of conversation!

So what’s the big deal with washing, and especially, drying textured hair? In this article, we’re going to dive right into the drying portion of wash day and fill you in on what all the buzz is about when it comes to microfiber towels.  

Read on to find out why you should toss those old terry cloth towels in favor of microfiber!

What Exactly Is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a material made from superfine synthetic threads.  They usually contain a combination of polyester and polyamide (nylon) threads that are tightly woven together. Between the fine thread and tight weaving, microfiber can contain tens of thousands of fibers per square inch.

Having so many fibers in such a small area makes microfiber very absorbent. It is also very lightweight and can absorb approximately 7 times its weight in water!

Should I Ditch My Cotton Towels?

In short, yes, but only for drying your hair.  Traditional cotton towels have long loops that can snag on hair causing damage and breakage, showing up as split ends.  They can also dry the hair too much, causing frizz.

Cotton towels can be heavy, causing neck strain. They can even pull the hair, causing breakage and a thinning of the hairline.

Benefits of Using Microfiber on Curly Hair

When hair is wet, the outer layer (called the cuticle) swells and opens, leaving your locks vulnerable to damage.  Your hair is at its weakest when wet, so it is best to be gentle and quick when removing excess moisture.  Microfiber towels are here to do help with that!

There are so many benefits to using microfiber on your hair.  Here are some that stand out and make the biggest difference in your hair-care routine.

High Absorbency

Microfiber can absorb 7 times its weight in water which cuts drying time down.  This means less heat on your hair and even gives you the option to air dry your hair!  While it absorbs a lot of water, it won't leave your hair feeling over-dry.

Microfiber towels are capable of pulling moisture from all over your hair, too.  This means it doesn't only dry the parts of the hair that are touching the towel.  It leaves you with a more evenly dried mane.

Won't Over-Dry Hair

Even while being high absorbent, microfiber has the added benefit of not over-drying your strands.  It only absorbs the excess water, leaving the necessary moisture behind. Hair that is too dry has its own set of problems and we don't want that!

Made of Smooth Material

The construction of the super-fine fibers in these towels allows for less damage and frizz.  Traditional terry cloth can snag strands causing hair to break while microfiber works to keep the cuticle smooth. Microfiber causes less friction and is gentler on your natural curl pattern.

No More Rubbing and Wringing

Rubbing your luscious locks with a towel is something you want to avoid at all costs. Wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel will wick moisture away with time, eliminating the need for squeezing hair. No need for wringing or patting the hair, just let the towel do its job!


Do you know all that leftover lint in your dryer filter? Yeah, let's get rid of that, shall we?

The fast-absorbing nature of microfiber makes it so you don't have to rub the towel on your hair, which can leave lint balls throughout your curls.  The material is so closely woven and fine that it prevents the transfer of lint materials.

Reduces Frizz

So, now you've stopped rubbing and wringing your hair in a towel, right?  You're left with less frizz and this makes your hair so much easier to style. From now on you won't have to use so many frizz control products and that makes your hair and your wallet happy!

Less Breakage

With the reduced need for rubbing, wringing, and blow-drying your hair, you'll be able to retain all the length you so desire. When you allow your hair to dry gently, it will thank you by growing long and strong!

Microfiber Towels Are Lightweight

Give your neck a break from those heavy cotton towels. Not only will your neck thank you for the reduced strain, but your hairline will as well. Heavy towels can pull on your strands causing a thinning of the hairline.

Affordable and Long-Lasting

Adding a few microfiber towels to your hair-care routine won't break the bank either! The low-cost nature and durability of these towels will make you wish you'd bought some ages ago. Microfiber towels can last for years when properly cared for.

Boost Your Style

Not only is microfiber absorbent and lightweight, but it can also improve how your hair looks when styled! Wrapping hair up in a microfiber towel can lift your roots giving your hair that extra volume you love. It can also improve the definition of your natural curl and help with curl clumping.

How to Use Microfiber Towels

Even though microfiber towels are smooth and gentle on hair, there are still things you want to avoid. No matter what the towel, you don't want to rub your hair as this will cause frizz. There are a few options when it comes to microfiber towel use.

You can plop your hair in a turban-style wrap and twist it up while it dries. This method is quick and hands-free!

You can also gently scrunch hair upwards using a rectangular microfiber towel. This method requires a bit more care as you will be squeezing excess moisture from your locks. It gives you more control over your final look.

Make the Switch

Now that you know all the benefits of using microfiber towels, what are you waiting for? We have a great selection of lightweight and versatile microfiber towels for drying natural hair! Browse all our options and give yourself and your hair the love it deserves.