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Why Air-Drying Could Be Bad for Your Hair

Air-drying has been said to be the best way to dry your hair, but that may not be a good idea. Here's everything you need to know before your next hair date.

Do you fear that air-drying your hair is doing more harm than good? Are you worried that your current hair care routine is sabotaging the long-term health of your follicles? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about air drying.

Doing so can give you the results you've always wanted. Instead of dealing with flyaways and having your hair slowly rise like bread in the oven, you can have tame, natural-looking hair for the rest of your days!

See below for an in-depth guide on why air-drying could be bad for your hair if it becomes a frequent routine.

Why is Air Drying Bad for Your Hair?

When it comes to drying your hair, many people are used to letting it happen naturally. The modern hair care routine generally consists of dabbing at the hair with a towel, placing some product in it while it's damp, then letting it air dry as you go about your day.

Many people are trying to avoid hair dryers because they believe that the direct heat is damaging to the hair follicle. As it turns out, it isn't the follicle that's damaged with air dryers, it's the surface; your scalp can dry out due to the immense heat.

However, studies have shown that air-drying causes damage to the hair follicle due to it being wet for longer than it should. Wet hair swells, making it weaker. When it's in a weakened state, it isn't able to fight off airborne pathogens as well.

Here's the good news: air drying is better for your scalp than hair dryers. Your scalp already takes enough of a beating from things like stress, the detergent in your hair, the soap you use, and any significant changes in the weather.

So if air drying and hair drying aren't the answer, then what is? Let's take a look at what you should do instead...

Proper Technique for Natural Hair Drying

Don't get it twisted, natural air drying isn't a bad thing by itself. It's certain techniques that are leading to damaged follicles, such as leaving the hair damp and not taking any extra measures to help it dry. 

First, you should start by investing in a microfiber hair towel. These have been strategically made with hair care in mind. They offer such benefits as:

  • Absorbing excessive amounts of water
  • Cutting the hair drying time down significantly
  • Elastic loops (on Turbie Twist) to keep the towel securely on the head
  • Removes the need for hair dryers
  • Polyester and polyamide blend to avoid the consequences of cotton
  • Great for all hair types

The best part: it's easy to use. You won't have to alter your hair care routine or spend a fortune on different products to achieve a different result. The Turbie Twist allows you to dry your hair naturally and without any extra effort.

It will cut down on the time it takes for your hair to dry; it's hands-free, so you can make breakfast, pack your bag, etc. while waiting for it to dry in a few minutes.

How to Use the Turbie Twist Effectively

Now that you've read about the revolutionary product that can make air-drying easy and less harmful, here are the three easy steps on how to use it.

1. Perform Hair Care Routine

We all have a go-to hair care routine. The Turbie Twist can give you a healthy technique for drying your hair without disrupting the rest of your normal routine.

First, you can gently dab at your hair with a towel. Make sure not to rub your hair (as that would damage your follicles or cause them to fall out).

While your hair is still damp, be sure to apply some sort of leave-in conditioner and run a comb through it to make sure all of the tangles are out. This will help you avoid frizzy hair.

2. Use Turbie Twist

Using the Turbie Twist is as easy as three simple steps. After you've performed your hair care routine, place the Turbie Twist over the back of your head; make sure the elastic loop is as close to your neck as possible so that it stays in place.

Make sure to twist your hair and the towel a few times, just like you would with a regular shower towel. Once it's tied tight, loop that twisted portion through the elastic band on the Turbie Twist so that it stays in place.

In no time at all, using the Turbie Twist will become like second nature. It can cut precious minutes off your post-shower routine.

3. Remove and Spray

Within mere minutes, the microfiber body on the Turbie Twist will have your hair damp and ready to cooperate for the day ahead. 

Unloop and untwist the Turbie Twist, then run a wide-toothed comb through it one last time to ensure there aren't any tangles.

Once you're sure that the hair is almost completely dry, end this process by gently applying some moisturizer to give it that shiny body. If you'd like straight ends for the day, use a flat iron; if not, then let it rage!

Use Proper Air Drying Products for Your Hair

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on why air drying is bad for your hair and how to do it the right way, be sure to invest in a Turbie Twist today.

Take the time to read this article for more information on hair towel myths and facts that you will find interesting. Be sure to start by browsing our inventory of hair care products.