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What's the Best Material to Dry Curly Hair?

If you're looking to maximize fluff and minimize damage to your hair, it's time to learn the best way to dry curly hair damage free.

Did you know that curly hair is a dominant trait? This means that if you have a parent with curly hair, you're very likely to also have curly hair! This is why more than two-thirds of the population has curly or wavy hair. 

However, even if you have naturally curly hair, your hair might not actually look curly. This is because you're drying it incorrectly and causing damage to your hair! Learning how to dry curly hair properly is the key to effortlessly rocking your natural curls. 

In order to help you gain volume and shape while keeping your hair healthy and happy, we put together this guide. Read on to learn how to care for curly hair! 

The Key to Curly Hair

Curly hair needs more moisture than any other type of hair. This is because the straighter your hair is, the easier it is for the oils on your scalp to travel down to the ends of your hair. This makes it easier for straight hair to stay moist on its own. 

Curly hair, however, requires more help to stay moist. In addition, due to its shape, curly hair tends to be more fragile than straight hair. The curlier the hair, the more fragile it is.

Without proper care, curly hair is prone to drying out and breaking, leaving you with dull, frizzy hair. With that in mind, the key to drying curly hair is reducing breakage while keeping as much moisture as possible in each strand.

Is Your Curly Hair Hiding?

When curly hair is dry and damaged, it can appear straight. So, while you might think you have straight hair, you might actually have curly hair that needs a bit of TLC! 

You might have naturally curly hair if you notice:

  • Hair that frizzes when it's humid 
  • Your part has a mind of its own
  • Strange areas of volume
  • Random curls and waves
  • Your hair is easy to tangle
  • Dry and brittle hair
  • Lots of split ends

If you have straight hair that behaves like this, you probably actually have damaged curly hair. Changing your drying process can transform your frizzy straight hair into curly hair with both volume and shine.  

Materials for Drying Curly Hair

Most people use standard cotton bath towels to dry their hair. These towels, even if they feel soft, are actually quite rough and suck too much moisture and oil out of your hair. This means they cause frizz and friction in curly hair.

The rough texture is also too hard on your hair and can increase breakage and split ends, especially if you rub your hair or wring your hair out with a cotton towel. 

Instead, consider using a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are made with fine loops of fiber, making them less fluffy but much softer than cotton towels. A microfiber towel absorbs the perfect amount of moisture, so your hair isn't dripping wet while nutrients and hair oils are left intact. 

Because microfiber towels are so soft, they won't snag on your hair strands or cause breakage. This means that your curls aren't at risk of being damaged. They also prevent frizz thanks to a small charge of static electricity in the towel. 

How to Dry Curly Hair With a Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towels are very easy to use. They might even be easier than regular cotton towels! You don't need to rub or wring your hair out, you simply have to wrap your hair in the towel and let it dry for about 30 minutes. 

You can also try a Turbie Twist, one of the best curly hair products, as it has a twist and lock system that folds your hair into a microfiber turban. Then, you can let your hair dry while you get dressed or eat breakfast. When you unwrap it, your curls will be ready for the day!

The one drawback of microfiber towels is that they do take time to work. They're not quite as absorbent as cotton towels, so it takes time to draw the excess water out of your hair.

So, if you're in a hurry, you can also flip your head upside down, and gently scrunch your hair with a microfiber towel. This will help get the moisture out while giving your curls a bit of shape and bounce. 

Microfiber Towel Care

Microfiber towels aren't delicate per se, but they do require a little bit of extra care to keep them in good condition. It's best to hand wash them with a mild detergent.

You can throw them in a washing machine too, but try to avoid mixing them with cotton towels and rough fabrics. These materials can damage the fragile fibers of your microfiber towel.

In addition, don't use any fabric softeners or heavy-duty detergents. An excess of detergent can weigh down the fibers and can even get rid of the towel's static electricity.

Have a Good Hair Day Every Day

If you have curly hair, learning how to take care of it is the key to having a good hair day. Now that you've learned all our curly hair drying tips, you should be able to dry curly hair with ease as long as you have the right towel. 

To keep your curls sleek and healthy, pick up a Turbie Twist. A Turbie Twist takes all the effort out of curly hair maintenance. After a shower, you just have to wrap and go!

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