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What Is a Hair Mask? Why It's the Perfect Gift This Season

Many people have a solid hair care routine, but a hair mask can be a great gift to shake things up. But what is a hair mask? Click here to learn more.

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Have you ever wondered why the health of your hair is on the decline even when you wash and condition it regularly? Do you have a problem with split ends, brittle hair, or weak hair?

Maybe you just want to improve the overall health of your hair, but how can you do that? Your hair may not be alive but it needs a little extra TLC every now and then. You can see dramatic changes with a hair mask.

What is a hair mask and what can it do to help your locks? Keep reading to learn more about it and why every guy and girl should incorporate it into their hair routine. 

What Is a Hair Mask?

Washing your hair often is not only important for the sake of smelling and feeling fresh. You maintain the quality of your hair when you wash it too. This will help keep your hair long and strong, especially when you remember to massage. Still, washing your hair alone is not enough.

One of the best hair care tips involves using treatments on a weekly or monthly basis. Doing so can take your hair to another level. You will notice your hair breaking less because hair masks make your hair stronger.

Hair masks "fill in" the weak gaps and spaces within your hair that contributes to other problems like split ends and issues with breakage. If you notice your hair is falling out more than usual, or it feels hard and brittle, these are tell-tale signs you are in need of a hair mask. 

You can boost the effectiveness of the product by allowing it to sit for 15-45 minutes. The hair mask will work better when you let it sit with a shower cap because the added heat helps ensure the treatment will penetrate the hair shaft. Alternatively, you could use a hot towel or sit under a hairdryer or steamer to achieve the same results. 

What Makes a Hair Mask Different From a Conditioner?

Conditioners work by hydrating the hair and re-inviting moisture after you finish shampooing it. While there are plenty of moisturizing shampoos available now, most people still like to use conditioner to add extra benefits such as vitamins and keratin that conditioners offer.

While conditioners are good to use, they are still different from hair masks. You should think of conditioners as general maintenance for your hair and hair masks for more intense treatments. They are like face masks, but for your hair. 

When you use a hair mask, you should skip using the conditioner as well to get the best results. Less is more in this case, and there is a science behind it. Every time you cleanse your hair, you open up the cuticles, which is something you want.

Open cuticles allow the conditioner you use to enter the hair cuticles and reseal it. If you were to attempt layering a hair mask over already conditioned hair, your hair would not be getting any of the benefits. This is because your hair is now sealed by the conditioner. 

When you are using a hair mask, omit using conditioner. Although hair masks offer more intense hydration and nourishment to the hair, they are far from complex to apply. All you need to do is distribute the product throughout the hair, focusing on the ends of your hair. 

If you have thick hair, it may be better to apply the hair mask in smaller sections. After you wash out the hair mask you can use a Turbie Twist to allow your hair to dry faster over a towel with less breakage. You also won't have to worry about water dripping down your neck or back. 

Benefits of a Hair Mask 

The best hair mask offers a range of benefits for your hair rather than just one. Although some hair masks may focus on a particular problem (such as dry hair or split ends), you will notice a great improvement in the condition of your hair in general. 

Hair masks will make you fall in love with your hair all over again because they are capable of increasing manageability if you struggle with problems like tangles or frizz. Aside from the intense moisture, you will notice shinier, softer, and stronger hair that resists breakage.

Hair masks also help improve the condition of your scalp and help hair adhere better within the follicle. This means your hair will be less prone to falling out. 

If you apply heat to your hair often, you can keep up the health of your hair by incorporating hair masks. The same thing also goes for people who color their hair. Colored hair needs more care, and there are specifically designed hair masks that are safe to use on colored hair. 

Curly girls often struggle with keeping their hair hydrated, and hair masks can be the game-changer they seek. Hair masks can allow the hair to retain moisture better which you will be able to notice the minute after you wash it out. 

Treating Hair Right for the Holidays 

Most people know about face and body products they can use to pamper themselves, but many may forget to do the same to their hair. What is a hair mask and what can it do? Hair masks add more nutrients to the hair and offer more hydration to keep hair long and strong. 

There's no better time to care for your hair than during the holidays, especially in colder areas. It's the perfect gift to give to yourself or others. Hair maintenance does not have to be expensive.

Asides from hair masks, you can care for your locks with the right towels to prevent breaking or drying it out. Be sure to shop for other products on our website and receive free shipping on orders over $29.