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What Are the Best Hair Towels for Your Hair Type?

When it comes to choosing a towel for you hair type, you have several options. This guide will break down the best hair towels.

Did you know your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet? You may have your multi-step wash day routine down, but the haircare doesn't end when you step out of the shower. And those hectic, busy mornings can tempt you to reach for that bath towel to shake your mane dry and head out the door. But regular towel drying can cause hair damage and breakage!

So how do you conquer safely drying your hair while getting the style you want in the time you want? You'll want the best hair towels to do the job for you without damage. 

Keep reading for our list of the best hair towels for different types of hair. Let's get your hair dry right!

For Frizzy Hair

If you've been rubbing your strands together with an ordinary bath towel to dry, you're promoting frizz and damage. Keep the moisture locked in and the frizz out with a microfiber hair towel. 

Yes, that's right, magic microfiber can save your hair's wash day! And it's taking the world by storm! Microfiber is a gentle alternative to ordinary bath towels. Just sit your hair in a perfect twisted turban and let the microfiber get to work. 

Microfiber's moisture-wicking abilities absorb excess water from all sections of your strands. It can cut your drying time in half so you can go about your tasks while letting your hair dry. Pick out your outfit, pamper yourself with a skincare and makeup routine, even brew a cup of coffee - all while drying your hair! 

The secret is in the name - the smaller fibers in microfiber towels won't catch your strands and twist them into knots. Microfiber is a standard in the cleaning industry, so why not use it to soak up moisture from your wet strands? It's sure to save you any detangling hassle and valuable styling time! 

For Luscious, Thick Locks

Are you sick of the dreaded hairdryer that only ruins your hair texture? And you can't stand the thought of carving out hours in your day just to let your hair air dry? There are towel options for you! 

While microfiber is a good option for thick hair too, consider a high-quality cotton hair towel. This 100% cotton towel transports you to a magical spa day- all from the comfort of your own bathroom! Ditch wrapping your hair in a long, heavy bath towel to save your neck from the strain of a towering towel mass. This cotton hair towel is lightweight and easy to use.

A cotton hair towel may look small, but don't worry - it can fit your long, thick locks with no problem! Just tip your head forward, cover your head with the towel and twist it over your hair. Then, secure the towel with the elastic at the nape of your neck and you're good to go!

All hair types can enjoy a luscious, cotton hair towel, but what makes it extra special for thick hair is the quick drying time. This saves you time, energy, and heat damage from a hairdryer. Plus, the natural and eco-friendly fibers make your drying routine good for you and the environment.

For Curly Girls

There's nothing more frustrating for a curly girl than losing her beautiful curl definition while drying. You wash, condition, and apply styling products like leave-in conditioner or gel to your curls... and then what? Sit around for a few hours, never daring to touch your precious curls or expose them to harsh wind outdoors? It can be a nightmare! 

A microfiber hair towel is your new lifesaver. Keep the defining hair styling products in while taking the moisture out. We've already been through the many benefits of microfiber hair towels, but curly girls can use one without sacrificing style. 

A microfiber hair towel is there for a quick-dry twist, but you can also take advantage of one for curly hair plopping! Curly hair plopping usually involves a cotton t-shirt, but swapping in your microfiber hair towel works wonders. Flip your hair onto the towel and press your curls gently into it. Then, wrap the towel around your head to tuck it into place. Your curls are now nestled right on top of your head to keep their beautiful shape!

Depending on your desired dryness, your plopping time may vary. Some say the sweet spot is 10-20 minutes to get rid of most of the moisture without completely drying out your curls. But others swear by plopping overnight to wake up to a perfect hair day! Experiment and find what's best for your hair, but trust your microfiber hair towel can get the job done.

For A Damaged 'Do

If you already struggle with damaged hair, you'll want to be extra careful when drying. Wet hair is hair at its most vulnerable, and you don't want to expose your damaged hair to any more breakage. Keep it gentle with 100% cotton, similar to your favorite soft t-shirt. 

Whether you've exposed your hair to colorful highlights or excess heat, your damaged strands need care. A microfiber towel can also do the trick! Whichever you choose, staying away from harsh ordinary bath towels is always a safe bet. 

Your Hair Towels' Best Friends

A towel for drying hair isn't the only haircare weapon to have in your arsenal. Pair your hair towel with luxurious satin pillowcases and high-quality headbands.

Your hair spends half the day resting on your pillow. Just like harsh bath towels can damage your hair while drying, so can the average pillowcase. Any uncontrollable movements during sleep can cook up some frizz, giving you wicked bedhead! With satin, your hair easily glides across the pillowcase, reducing friction and frizz. 

For keeping your hair out of the way while exercising or while applying makeup and skincare products, you'll want a stretchy, soft headband. A microfiber band can help absorb sweat and moisture, keeping your hair looking and feeling its best. 

Find the Best Hair Towels For You

From thick and curly to brittle and straight and every hair type in between, there are towel options for you. Take care of your strands and you'll get great-looking results! 

For the best hair towels since the 1990s, look no further than Turbie Twist. Upgrade your routine by shopping our products today!