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These Healthy Hair Accessories Will Help You Avoid Hair Breakage

Some popular hair accessories could be doing more damage than good. Try out these healthier hair products to avoid hair breakage in the future.

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Do you ever sit down and imagine long, flowing locks? Healthy hair is the dream for many people, but it can feel like a part-time job to try and achieve that. As you continue down the road searching for perfect hair, there are a handful of changes you can make to help you along the way.

For one, you can avoid hair breakage by using the right hair accessories. Some of the products you love may be doing more harm than good. If those flowing locks are going to happen, you need to try out these healthier hair accessories to prevent hair breakage! 

How Does Hair Breakage Happen? 

The most common misconception about hair breakage is that seeing split ends means your hair is done for. While you should be getting a trim to keep those ends at bay, hair breakage is a little more complicated than split ends. The presence of a disulfide bond with each hair fiber gives your hair the elasticity and strength you love.

Shiny, enviable hair relies on a healthy cuticle with compressed scales that keep your stands protected. If these scales are torn, the hair will dry out, and the important disulfide bond breaks. Many things can cause this, which is unfortunate.

With that said, it is good to know the cause so you can be one step closer to a solution. The main culprit of hair breakage is getting older. The biology of your hair (just like your body) changes as you get older. The sebaceous glands near your hair follicles will slow down and there isn't enough sebum oil production. 

This isn't the only cause of hair breakage. If you have a poor diet, you won't have sufficient nutrients to help your hair stay healthy. If you dye your hair often, you'll notice that it tends to damage your hair. 

If your shampoo or other hair products are made of damaging chemicals, they'll strip your hair of beneficial oils and can dry it out. This gives your hair a flat, full look - far from that dream head of hair. 

Hair accessories made of harsh material, like metal, can strain your scalp and actually cut your hair! Elastic hair bands can pull your hair strands and put a lot of pressure on your hairline. It may seem like every hair accessory is no good but some products actually help!

How to Prevent It: The Right Accessories 

The best way to prevent hair damage is to protect your hair as much as possible. This means researching to discover what type of hair you have, what products work best for it, and what to avoid. Let's take a look at some of the hair accessories that treat your hair with the care you deserve. 

Microfiber Headband

Your day to day life involves a lot of elements that are not ideal for your healthy hair dreams. This means everything from the weather to the way you style your hair. One thing you can do to help ease the burden is to invest in a microfiber headband. 

Something you can use for sports or just lounging at home, made of super soft material that will keep your hair tucked and protected. Pair this with different protective hairstyles and you'll be sure to keep those dreams of healthy, full hair alive. 


Ditch the harsh hair bands and invest in some silk or satin scrunchies! These are a stylish way to keep your hair from getting harshly pulled. In fact, replacing as many things that touch your hair with satin or silk is one of the best switches you can make for your hair. 

Outside of wearing it all day, you can also protect your hair when you get your beauty sleep! You'll wake up without any creases or dents and it'll keep frizz to a minimum. Many scrunchies don't stretch or slip so no matter what your hair type is, you can be sure that your mane is taken care of. 

Satin or Silk Pillowcases

Ask any girl with beautiful hair what her secret is and she will tell you that it's this: a satin or silk pillowcase. There's a good amount of debate between silk vs satin but essentially they both work similarly. Silk is more expensive and isn't vegan-friendly so consider that as you make your decision.

Not to diss your usual pillowcase but it's probably causing a lot of tangles. The roughness of the fabric can collide with your hair and cause damage. With a silk or satin pillowcase, sleep comfortably knowing that your hair will be in for a treat!

The soft surface ensures that your hair slides across the surface as opposed to getting tangled. It also doesn't suck all the moisture from your hair and you know how important hydrated hair is. Cotton pillowcases often strip your hair of that moisture and that leads it to be more brittle. 

Simply making the switch to these hair accessories will make a world of difference to your hair. That dream of long, flowing locks can easily become a reality. 

Avoid Hair Breakage

As dramatic as it may seem, coddling your hair is the best way to make sure you can avoid hair breakage. Start by replacing any har accessories made of rough materials that are tugging and breaking your hair. Then replace them with softer, gentler options.

Be sure to look for different protective hairstyles so you're not always leaving it exposed to the harsh elements of day to day and, of course, drink plenty of water. 

If you're looking for hair accessories to help you get one step closer to your dream hair, check out our products!