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The Truth Everyone Needs to Know About Cotton Hair Towels

A cotton hair towel is a smart investment for ladies who want to feel naturally chic and looking their best with minimal effort. Look and feel gorgeous with your lovely locks wrapped up in one of the most coveted fabrics in history – cotton.

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Cotton hair towels have gotten a bad rap lately, but you shouldn’t skip over one just because of what you’ve heard. Much of this is confusion about what a cotton hair towel is about how it differs from a cotton bath towel. It’s possible to use quality cotton hair towels to dry your hair quickly and without extra friction – just like microfiber.

If you’re convinced that cotton is a poor choice for hair towels, you’re in for a surprise. Most of our customers prefer cotton hair towels and for good reason! Here are six secrets about cotton hair towels you might not have known that could completely revolutionize your hair towel game.

6 Secrets About Cotton Hair Towels

Cotton hair towels have developed a poor reputation because of confusion between them and bath towels. Most bath towels are indeed made from cotton, but that’s where the similarity between the two of them end. Bath towels aren’t great for your hair, but cotton hair towels are another matter entirely. Consider these six things you might not have known about cotton hair towels.

1. Cotton Hair Towels Have Water-Wicking Superpowers

Did you know that cotton can absorb up to 27 times its weight in water? That makes it one of the most absorbent fabrics on earth. Unlike other types of natural fibers, cotton fibers are hollow. This allows them to suck up moisture out of your hair like a straw, which is what makes them so phenomenally absorbent. As a result, cotton hair towels have an absorbency rate which dramatically exceeds that of microfiber (which holds about seven times its weight in water).

Water-wicking superpowers mean your hair dries faster. Want the fastest hair towel? Choose cotton.

2. You’ll Enjoy a Natural Alternative to Microfiber

Microfiber is something of a wonder material, but that still doesn’t beat the fact that cotton is natural. With natural products being so popular these days in health and beauty, many people prefer a cotton hair towel simply because it’s not synthetic.

Both cotton and microfiber make fantastic hair towels, but cotton does have a slightly lower environmental footprint. Unlike microfiber, cotton is biodegradable and doesn’t involve the use of chemicals to make. Plus, with a 100 percent cotton hair towel, you’ll know exactly what’s in the fabric – cotton. Nothing else.

3. They’re Just as Easy to Launder as Other Types of Towels

Think high-quality cotton needs to be laundered a certain way? Think again. Cotton hair towels are as easy to launder as other types of towels. Simply add one to your load, use your preferred detergent and set your water temperature to cold. Remember also not to put your cotton hair towel into the dryer. Instead, lay it flat to dry atop another dry towel to help soak up moisture more quickly.

4. Cotton Hair Towels Are Great for Hot Weather

Although the fibers of high thread count cotton are woven incredibly dense to produce that smooth surface, cotton itself is extremely breathable and doesn’t trap heat. The hollow fibers transmit heat the same way they wick water, helping it move away from your head and into the air.

That makes it great for hot weather, which is why cotton clothes are common in warmer climates but warned against in colder regions. You can throw your cotton hair towel onto your head even in the height of summer and never have to worry about overheating or being uncomfortably warm as you go about the rest of your beauty routine.

5. You’ll Get to Indulge in Spa-Like Luxury

Are you still striking power poses in the morning to feel powerful, eloquent, and confident? Do it while wearing a cotton hair towel. Seriously.

Cotton has another advantage over microfiber hair towels – the sensual experience it provides. Whereas microfiber is soft and plush, the feel of high-end cotton is distinct. The history of cotton bath towels means that we still associated high-quality cotton with opulence and the aristocracy for which this fabric has traditionally been reserved. As a result, a cotton bath towel creates a much more refined feeling that will leave you feeling great.

Your beauty routine is meant to make you look and feel beautiful. A cotton hair towel can help not just by pampering your hair physically, but by inspiring you to feel like the queen you are.

6. A High-Quality Cotton Hair Towel Isn’t as Expensive as You Think

A quality cotton hair towel for $9.99? You read that right. Cotton hair towels aren’t as expensive as you might expect them to be.

As mentioned earlier, high thread-count cotton tends to be expensive. Traditionally, weaving such fine cotton sheets required immense skill and was time-consuming. Today, it still needs sophisticated and specialized machinery to accomplish this. Cotton bath towels often range in the $40 to $80 range.

Therefore, people are often surprised and suspicious when they come across a cotton hair towel that doesn’t break the bank. Since everyone is so accustomed to thinking of cheap cotton towels as poor quality, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the small size of the cotton is advantageous. A cotton hair towel can enjoy a high thread count – delivering water wicking superpowers and a super soft surface – without driving up the price.

Treat Yo Self (and Yo Hair) With a Cotton Hair Towel

Perhaps you don’t go all out on a yearly splurge of massages, mimosas, and fine leather goods. With a cotton hair towel, however, you can spend more than one day a year treating yourself to the luxuries of a spa. You can do it every morning, rather, and get your day off to a sublime start.

A cotton hair towel is a smart investment for ladies who want to feel naturally chic and looking their best with minimal effort. Look and feel gorgeous with your lovely locks wrapped up in one of the most coveted fabrics in history – cotton.

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