The Top Turbie Twist Cotton Designs for the Stylish Superstar - Turbie Twist

The Top Turbie Twist Cotton Designs for the Stylish Superstar

If you want a Turbie Twist cotton style, you can get a solid color or one of many print designs. Click here to learn which is the best choice for you!



According to recent statistics, the average woman spends six full days out of every year taming her hair and making it look gorgeous! This is a lot of time, but we all know that your mane is well worth the effort.

But what if we told you that you could get that natural, amazingly-styled look with minimal effort?

That's where Turbie Twist cotton designs come in. Read on to learn some of the peppy and fun designs that you can choose to purchase these hair towels in so that you can feel fashionable while waiting for your hair to be fully styled.

Superb Solid Colors

The classic Turbie Twist cotton hair towel comes in one of many different solid colors. Whether you like teal, lavender, or bright pink, these classic styles go with any of your favorite bathrobes, tank tops, or silk PJs.

One way to choose your color is to pick something that matches your eyes. If you have blue or green eyes, colors like blue (with or without polka dots), seafoam green, and teal are perfect for you. For hazel-eyed gals and brown-eyed babes, something yellow, red, or plum is a good choice.

All eye colors look good with lavender, too! It universally brings out the best in people's eyes.

Another cool way to choose a color for your Turbie Twist (besides just choosing your favorite one) is to use color psychology. If you're a morning shower person who likes to feel refreshed after you let your curls loose, you may be interested in an energizing sand-yellow, banana, or hot-pink Turbie Twist. These colors are scientifically proven to pump you up so that you're ready for the day ahead!

On the flip side, if you're a night shower person who likes to sleep on your curls to give them a natural vibe, you might want to get a teal or blue Turbie Twist towel. These colors are calming and relaxing so that you'll be in the mood to catch some Zs as soon as the towel comes off.

Unleash Your Wild Side

As an homage to the eternally chic animal print trend, you can also get leopard-print Turbie Twist cotton hair towels.

These styles come in two different colors. The first is classic brown and black, which is perfect for women who want to show off their animal side while still staying true to tradition. A huge benefit of this style is that it goes with lots of animal print pajamas, lingerie, and more.

If you want to show off your individualism, then the white and grey leopard print option may be the one for you. This awesome towel goes with any outfit because of its neutral colors, but it doesn't sacrifice any aesthetic awesomeness.

You're sure to love the way that you look with your hair done up in these roaring towels!

Stripes, Polka Dots, and Beyond

Even if you're not a fan of animal print, we still have a lot of awesome patterns that you can choose from. Fans of polka dots will love our bright blue Turbie Twist that's covered in tiny white polka dots. It's a great way to show off your fun-loving and playful side while your hair plopping happens!

Bubblegum pink stripes are also a pretty cute style for a Turbie Twist, and we're proud to offer it in our store. As elegant as it is trendy, this towel will make you feel regal while you walk around your home wearing it.

If you're interested in getting any of these styles (or how exactly you can use a Turbie Twist to plop your hair), check out the frequently asked questions on our website!

Fun With Flowers

When it comes to cotton towels, we also offer a couple of distinct floral styles. The first is our 'pink flowers' style, which is a shade darker than our solid hot-pink towel. It features little white flowers all over the fabric, each with five petals for good luck! You're sure to love these adorable shapes and the fabric's overall funky style.

The other floral product that we offer isn't so much one that features flowers as one that features a pattern reminiscent of vines and natural beauty. The Aqua Parisian style is mostly light blue, but it has a white pattern that encircles the head with foliage-like features.

The best part? This is a two-pack! In addition to this blue-and-white patterned towel, you'll also get a plain white one. This is ideal for those who don't do laundry every day and want a little leeway with how often they need to wash their Turbie Twist.

Match Things Up

A satin pillowcase is a must-have item if you want to promote your hair health and make sure that it doesn't become damaged overnight. If you're someone who takes pride in matching your personal tastes, you may want to select a Turbie Twist that goes with your pillowcase.

You also may want to get a shower cap for those days that you need to shower without washing your hair. This is yet another item that, along with your regular bath towel, you might want to match up with your Turbie Twist. 

Get a Turbie Twist Cotton Design Today!

There are tons of time-consuming ways that you can make your hair look great, but why waste that time? Instead, you could just use a solid blue or leopard print Turbie Twist to keep your mane tamed!

Now that you know all of the adorable Turbie Twist cotton designs that you can choose from, it's time to head over to our online store. Here, you can browse our selection and choose the color and pattern that you're the most excited to show off while you wait for your hair to be finished drying stylishly.