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The Best Hair Maintenance Tools You Can Buy This Holiday Season

When it comes to the hair maintenance enthusiast in your life, there are many tools you can buy this holiday season. Click here.

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Christmas is coming! With the holiday season right around the corner, everyone is rushing around trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list.

Finding that gift for the hair maintenance enthusiast in your life just got easier, even if you are on a tight budget. You are likely also to find the perfect gift for the person on your list that is trying to get healthier hair.

Continue reading to see all of the latest tools and gadgets you can purchase during this holiday season. 

The Turbie Twist Hair Towel

The Turbie Twist hair towel was created by women, for women who needed a faster way to dry their hair during their busy schedules. 

The Turbie Twist comes in different materials based on the hair needs of the person receiving your hair gift this year: cotton or microfiber. There is even an extra-long microfiber hair towel so that even people with longer hair can benefit from using the towel.

The Turbie Band

You can offer a solution to hair in the face while washing or applying makeup with the Turbie Band. The width of the band is great for gathering those pesky flyaways and keeping them back until your loved one is ready to focus on them.

Turbie Shower Cap

Your loved one is going to have days where they need to keep their hair dry while they are taking a shower. With buns and high ponies, there is still the humidity issue. 

Gift them a Turbie shower cap so they can extend the life of their recent blowout or keep their hairdo for a few more days while easily keeping it dry.

Satin Pillowcase from Turbie

Regular cotton pillowcases are likely to cause drying and breakage. Satin pillowcases are the next best thing for managing hair during the night.

When you give someone a satin pillowcase, they will find that the satin material helps to reduce frizz and friction while they move around in their sleep.

Scalp Massager

A scalp massage can help to get rid of any buildup on the scalp. It can help combat dandruff and exfoliate the skin. Massaging the scalp is an easy way to promote new hair growth, but it can be a tiring task for the fingers. 

Buying your loved one a scalp massager can take half of the work out of the process and make it more enjoyable. 

Detangler Brush 

A detangler brush will make a world of difference in your loved one's life. Whether their preferred brush is a cushion paddle brush, a wet brush, or a boar bristle brush, you could be a lifesaver for someone on your list this holiday season.

Make sure to consider their specific hair type when purchasing the perfect detangler brush or comb.


Hot curlers might help your loved one to get the headful of curls that they just can't get with their curling iron. However, you don't have to rely on heat to get beautiful curls. So why not share the gift of curling hair without heat.

Soft foam rollers, curling rods, and curl formers are curling products that can be put in fresh out of the shower and slept on before taking them out and having beautiful curls without the added damage from heat.


Normal elastics tend to tear at your hair and leave the dreaded hair crease in even the smoothest of locks. Don't fret, scrunchies are making a comeback and they are the perfect stocking stuffer for all of the long-haired individuals on your list.

You can buy scrunchies in bulk and distribute a couple of them into your gift bags.

Hair Clips and Bobby Pins

Hair clips are a cute and inexpensive gift idea for the woman on your list that is always fighting to keep her hair out of her face. If they aren't super blingy and don't want noticeable hair clips, you can always go for the bobby pin. 

You can't go wrong with this gift idea. You can get more for your buck when it comes to bobby pins. Bobby pins also disappear extremely easily, so you can't go wrong with replenishing your loved one's!

Diffuser Attachment

A diffuser attachment for a blow dryer can help to dry the roots and the ends of the hair at the same time. They can cut down on the time that the hair is usually exposed to heat, therefore cutting down on the damage to the hair.

Hair Repair Kits or Supplements

For the person on their list that is always struggling to get their hair into a healthier place, you may point them in the direction of hair supplements and hair repair kits. They may be lacking a cocktail of nutrients that is preventing them from obtaining long, luscious locks.

There are great starter kits full of amazing products that will help to rejuvenate dry, damaged hair, reduce frizz, and help your loved one get the perfect tresses that they are trying to achieve.

It's a good inexpensive way to help your loved ones try out hair products before buying the full-sized products. The smaller bottles are great for traveling or in a pinch when they run out of their current product at an inconvenient time.

Silicone Mat for Hot Tools

While your hair enthusiast might already have all of the hot tools that she may need to style her hair, she may need a place to set her straightener or curling iron while it is in use that will not scorch her countertops. Save the day with a silicone mat.

'Tis the Season for Gifting Hair Maintenance Tools

When deciding which gifts may be best for some of the people on your list, don't forget the abundance of hair maintenance products out there that might be perfect for them. From curling products to hair supplements, holiday shopping just got simpler.

Contact us today with any questions you may have about the perfect gift for your mom, sister, or best friend that may be looking for new hair products this holiday season.