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Styling 101: Should You Wear a Hair Towel All Night Long?

Goodbye uncomfortable hair rollers, hello nice warm and comfy soft hair towel! Read Styling 101: Should you wear a hair towel all night long?

When styling wet hair before going to bed, you should always ensure that you never have any damp strands before laying down on that comfortable pillow. Otherwise, you may end up having a gross and moldy pillow that is hazardous to your health.

If you prefer to dry your hair while sleeping, a hair towel can eliminate all the friction to ensure that you do not wake up with brittle and frizzy strands.

Thanks to its innovative water-wicking material, a hair wrap is designed to protect your hair's cuticle layer so you can snooze soundly, knowing your hair is safe and healthy.

Here is everything you need to know about hair wraps and why wearing them all night is the best decision. 

What Is a Styling Hair Towel?

Most towels you find in regular department stores can have a coarse and rough texture. When you use them to dry your hair, they can strip away a lot of moisture from your hair strands.

However, this can make your hair feel more brittle in the mornings, especially if you do not dry enough before bed.

It is beneficial to grab a stylish hair towel to ensure that all the moisture from your head gets absorbed perfectly without yanking precious strands.

You also will save yourself from catching a cold every time you sleep with wet hair. Hair wraps will keep your hair damage-free for much longer than a general cotton towel.

Why Is Drying Hair Crucial?

Even though sleeping with wet hair may not seem like the end of the world and many people never get colds, it can significantly increase your chances of dealing with a fungal infection. If you accidentally forget to dry your hair, this mistake can result in severe dermatitis and dandruff issues.

It is always better to go to bed with dry hair as much as possible. Wet hair is prone to fungal infections because our pillows and bedsheets can act as a major hotbed for mold. Our bedrooms are also warm and cozy environments that help fungus thrive.

If you have a damp pillow, you can expect this to be the ultimate fungal breeding ground. If you continue sleeping with wet hair for a long time, you may struggle with harsh symptoms of asthma and a weakened immune system.

Why Wear a Hair Towel All Night?

Unless you are a big fan of tangles, knots, and frizz, you will enjoy hair drying time a lot more with the perfect hair wrap. This is because pillows have rough textures that can cause a lot of friction.

A standard pillow can break your hair after absorbing moisture and drying out all the strands.

The goal is to reduce this friction to maintain your hair’s natural volume and shine. A hair towel is the best addition for styling before bed because it barely requires effort.

Instead of coping with braids or a loud blow drier, you can cover your hair with a wrap to keep the shape in place as you sleep. Since they help keep your head warm, the natural oils on your scalp spread out from the roots to the tips.

This prevents your hair from becoming greasy too quickly. You will not need to wash and condition your hair too often during the week.

A hair towel also helps keep all the strands away from your face. This way, you avoid that greasy oil from seeping into your pores and causing skin breakouts.

Avoid New Tangles

When we are deeply asleep, we toss and turn more than we would like to admit. On standard pillows in most bedrooms, your hair can get tangled all the time. However, wrapping your head in a hair towel before bed can remove all post-shower knots.

The towel will gently twist your hair behind and away from your face to prevent strands from tangling throughout the night.

You will notice the difference when you wake up in the morning and brush your hair. Running the brush through should feel smoother compared to the times when you did not use a hair wrap.

If you have a lot of natural curls, these can become extra frizzy when you sleep.

No matter how much you love your incredibly soft pillows that smell of fresh laundry, the cases can tangle your curls like crazy. With a hair wrap, you can maintain your hair’s shape without waking up with unwanted frizz.

Best Way to Wrap Hair

Everybody has their own way of styling and wrapping hair into a towel turban. The goal is to absorb maximum dampness without damaging hair, especially if you do not feel like blow drying.

Once you have picked out the perfect hair towel that can cover every strand, the first step is to blot your hair gently. This will get rid of extra water that can leak out of your hair wrap and ensure that you never go to bed with dripping wet hair.

You should also make a habit of combing your hair while it is still damp. This will help untangle your hair to avoid dealing with knots when you wake up. When you are done combing, flip your hair forward.

After flipping your hair, position your head in the center of the towel. Then hold each side and bring the ends towards the front of your head. 

This should be in the middle of your hairline. Your final step is to twist the towel when the ends of the towel are in the center. Twisting your hair wrap will hold all the strands in place.

Make sure you avoid twisting too tight, or else you risk breaking excess strands. Leave the towel on all night and enjoy a peaceful slumber. Your hair will be shiny and sleek with its original shape. 

Revamp Your Hair Routine Today

There are numerous benefits of drying and styling your hair with a hair towel and leaving it on all night. Hair wraps will also save your pillows from getting damp and growing mold.

You will also notice your skin feeling smoother when you wake up because none of the oily strands touch your face or pillow throughout the night.

Contact us today, and we can help you find the perfect hair wrap that will take your hair care routine to the next level.