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Sister Gifts: How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Sister

What is the perfect gift for a sister? We've got the best tips for choosing the best sister gifts to make her feel special.

Sister Gifts


What if you could tell your sister how much you love her without saying a word?

Getting someone the perfect gift is a great way to show how much you care. However, it can be very difficult to shop for family members like your sister.

How can you make the right choice of sister gifts and really blow her mind? Keep reading to discover our comprehensive guide!

Bring Memories To Life 

With any luck, you and your sister have plenty of awesome memories together. Some of the best gifts you can get for her are ones that bring those memories to life.

For example, glass photo coasters provide a dynamic way for her to display photos around the house. And, this gift is even better if she takes pride in her photography skills or Instagram selfies.

Alternatively, you can go more traditional with a tasteful photo album. This thoughtful gift makes it easier for her to flip through her favorite memories at any time.

Go Practical

Many people have trouble with gift ideas for their sister because they want the gift to be something unique or outlandish. But there's nothing wrong with choosing a gift because it is sturdy and practical.

For example, a cute PopSocket is a great gift because it makes using her smartphone easier. And she'll have a simple way to pop her phone up for your next FaceTime chat.

If you want to put a new spin on this practical gift, you can find PopSockets that also double as lip balm. This helps keep her comfy in just about any weather.

The Smell of Nostalgia

Of all the senses, which one do you think is most connected to memory? Believe it or not, it's the sense of smell. A special scent can instantly transport someone to a meaningful moment in the past.

That's one of the reasons that candles remain such a great gift for sisters. By choosing a scent that she likes, you help bring her back to her happiest moments.

Candles also have a number of practical applications. They can make a house smell nice before she has company over, or candles add a pleasant sense of ambiance to the kitchen table.

Make Her Baths "The Bomb"

While every sister is different, there are a few qualities that they all share. For example, sisters everywhere like to kick back in a hot bath at the end of a long day!

The math on this is simple: if your sister already loves to take baths, you should give her something that makes her bath even better - and that means buying her bath bombs.

Depending on ingredients, bath bombs can help her both relax her mind and heal her body. They help transform each bath into a special event.

Don't forget to follow this thoughtful gift with hair towels in her favorite colors

Comfy, Cozy Clothing

When you're a kid, getting clothes as a gift is always a bit of a buzzkill. As you get older, though, clothes make for the perfect gift.

The secret for buying your sister clothes is this: don't bother buying some kind of high-fashion item. Instead, concentrate on things like loose sweaters that are soft and comfortable.

Such a sweater will instantly become part of her "comfy clothes" that she puts on when she wants to relax. And every time she relaxes in that comfy sweater, she'll be thinking about you!

Sweet Dreams

What is one valuable thing that you absolutely cannot put a price tag on? A good night's sleep!

Your sister may be like many people who spend each night tossing and turning, and when she wakes up, she hardly feels rested at all.

A possible solution to this problem is a weighted blanket. Such blankets work by making someone feel tightly embraced all throughout the night. The result is a good night's sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning.

You can also pair a weighted blanket with gifts such as satin pillowcases. This is the equivalent of giving her entire bed a major makeover!

By buying your sister a weighted blanket, you're going to transform her entire life. This is pretty much the definition of "the gift that keeps on giving."

Custom Accessories

Nothing makes an outfit pop quite like the right fashion accessory. And in the "Age of Etsy," custom fashion accessories are all the rage.

One trend that makes for a great gift is a coordinate necklace. Such necklaces are available in a variety of colors, and you can add any coordinates to it.

There is plenty of room here to get both creative and emotional. For example, you might put in the coordinates of your childhood home. Or even put in the coordinates of your own home so your sister keeps your house close to her heart.

Needless to say, coordinate necklaces also make for great conversation starters!

Go Tongue-In-Cheek

When buying gifts for family members, many people try to find gifts that are serious (or, at least, seriously emotional). But what if you and your sister have a very silly bond together?

In that case, there is nothing wrong with buying a more tongue-in-cheek gag. For example, you can buy real jewelry that celebrates silly things that she likes. One of our favorite examples is a gold necklace that simply says "pizza."

You can also buy custom coffee mugs that joke about your relationship. For example, a mug that reads, "Being my sister is the only gift you need." 

Such whimsical gifts aren't just funny the first time, either. Your sister will smile every time she sees this item. Most importantly, she'll think about how much you love her!

Choosing Sister Gifts: Where To Go?

Now you know what makes for great sister gifts. But do you know where to find some truly "one-of-a-kind" items?

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