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Short Hair Towel Wrap and Short Hair Tips

Looking for some short hair tips? How about some techniques for using a short hair towel wrap? Read about some techniques here in this short breakdown.

Have you decided to do "the big chop" and go for a short and sassy hairstyle? Have you always been part of the short hair club? 

Having short hair can make life so much easier. It dries quickly, you need to use less hair product to get good results, and getting ready to go out is a breeze.

That said, people with short curly hair, or even short straight hair that's unruly, may struggle with their new short locks. It's totally different from long hair.

Long curly hair often takes care of itself once it's dry. It's easy to pull back when you want to try a new hairstyle and it can look okay when you first wake up. Curly short hair ends up going every which way before you get it under control!

We're here to talk about quick tips for short hairstyles. Read on to learn more. 

Use the Right Towel

When you get out of the shower, what do you do? What type of towel do you use?

If you're like most people, you use a standard bath towel for both your body and your hair. If you have frizz-prone, wavy, or curly hair, this is a mistake! 

Bath towels are fine for drying your body, but they can be too rough for your hair. You may end up with excess frizz or breakage, especially if you're rough with your hair.

Instead of a rough bath towel, we recommend getting a microfiber towel for your hair. Instead of rubbing, scrunch your hair upwards to dry it without damaging it. This will also help your curl pattern. 

To Plop or Not to Plop

Many people with textured hair choose to "plop" it. This might seem like a silly word, but it's actually a great way to get rid of excess moisture in your hair before you finish drying and styling it. 

Use a soft microfiber towel (or better yet, a towel wrap). Lay it down on a surface, like a counter, and put your head down on it in a way that causes your curls to scrunch up.

Wrap the towel or hair wrap around your head, keeping your hair in place.

You can leave the wrap on for a few hours if you want, but it's best to take it off within about a half-hour if you want to continue drying and styling with the best results. 

Finishing the Drying Process

After you remove your hair from the towel wrap, it will still be damp. If you're in a rush, you need to finish the drying process.

Luckily, because your hair is short, it shouldn't take too long to dry. Even if you have thick hair, it will be easier to dry than if you left it long.

If you have a bit of time, it's okay to air-dry your hair. We recommend sitting outside, with a window open, or with a fan going to dry it more quickly and evenly.

It's helpful to switch your hair part from side to side for even more even drying. 

If you must, you can use a hairdryer. Many people find that hairdryers leave their hair looking frizzy, and heat can cause damage. Use your dryer on a low heat setting and make sure to use a diffuser for the best results. 

Brushing, Combing, and Styling

If you have short textured hair, you know that combing isn't as easy as it looks. Ignore conventional advice about brushing your hair when it's dry. This advice works well for people with thin or straight hair, but you need to brush or comb it while it's wet.

You can brush it while you're still in the shower or as soon as you get out. This is also when you want to use your styling products.

Get a collection of gels and leave-in conditioners. Scrunch them into your hair by putting the product in your palm and grabbing your hair from the ends and pushing it toward your scalp. 

Accessories and Hairstyles for Short Hair

Many people struggle to accessorize their short hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you have a lot of options!

If your hair is super short, like a pixie cut, you want to stick with delicate accessories that still make an impact. Thin metal headbands, decorative pins and clips, and thin ribbons look great. If you're feeling fancy, you can even pick a small headband hat or fascinator. 

If your hair has a bit more length, we recommend thick headbands, tied scarves, and butterfly-style clips. They're great for keeping your bangs out of your eyes, especially in that awkward "growing out" stage.

Getting a Short Haircut 

When it's time to restyle your hair with a professional, make sure that you know what you're looking for. This is especially important if you have textured hair. Try to find a professional stylist who has experience with curls. 

Short layered hair is a great look that gives you bounce and volume, but people with curls may need a "curly cut" rather than traditional layers. 

Make sure that your stylist knows how much length you want to keep. "Short" is somewhat vague when it comes to hair. Do you mean shoulder-length, or do you want less than an inch of length? 

If you have curls, we recommend having the stylist cut your hair while it's dry. It's common for curls to shrink as they dry, especially if you've cut your hair short. You may end up with a shorter cut than you expected!

If your hair looks straighter after your cut, don't panic. Some people need a bit of length for their curls to form. This is normal.

Start Styling Your Short Hair

You can rock short hair as long as you know how to style it! Start with great products and accessories and you'll be showing off your sweet and short hairdo with pride.

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