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Secret Beauty Tip: Use a Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Health

A satin pillowcase isn't just comfortable. They also have beauty benefits. Learn why you should use a satin pillowcase for hair and skin health.


As you run your brush through your hair, you look down and see countless strands of hair that have fallen out.

Not only is this gross, but it's a sign that your hair is not as healthy as it should be!

Healthy hair is important for preventing hair loss. We all want to keep our hair, right?

Keep reading to see how a satin pillowcase for hair, as well as heatless drying techniques, will boost your hair health!

Benefits of Using a Satin Pillowcase for Hair

Using a satin pillowcase has so many benefits for your hair, but did you know it could benefit the health of your skin as well?

Satin Pillowcase for Hair

Shinier Hair- You may not realize it, but as you sleep your hair is going through a lot. Your hair rubs your pillowcase and is pulled as you toss and turn in the night. Over time, this will pull the moisture out of your hair if you're using a cotton pillowcase.

Replacing the cotton pillowcase with a satin pillowcase will help keep that moisture locked in and protect your hair at night.

Less Hair Breakage- Cotton pillowcases can be really harsh on your hair. Along with reducing the amount of moisture in your hair, a cotton pillowcase can cause breakage.

This happens when the friction from the cotton pillowcase weakens the strands of your hair. Over time, the hair becomes weak and brittle, and will break off.

Prevent Hair Loss- It's no secret that if your hair is dry, brittle, and breaking, the result will be a fair amount of hair loss. If you are preventing the friction being created on your hair, your hair will stay much healthier.

Satin Pillowcase for Skin

Less Wrinkles-Just like with your hair, cotton pillowcases can create friction on your skin. Only with skin, the friction can result in wrinkles.Ā 

Choosing to replace your cotton pillowcase with a satin pillowcase will give your skin the ability to move without friction causing damage.

That Hollywood Glow- If your skin isn't able to breathe, redness, irritation, and enlarged pores become a problem. Rougher fabrics create a warmth on your face that make it harder for skin to breathe.

Satin pillowcases keep a cooler temperatureĀ as well as a smoother texture which allows your skin to breathe throughout the night.

Other Benefits of Using a Satin Pillowcase

  • Protects your eyelashes and hair extensions
  • Prolongs the life of blowouts
  • Prevents "bedhead"

Other Ways You Can Prevent Damage to Your Hair

While a satin pillowcase is a great start for preventing damage to your hair, there are plenty of other practices you can tag on to this one!

Towel Drying Hair

While blow-drying hair cuts down on the time it takes to dry your hair, it may not be the best option for the health of your hair. The high heat that a hairdryer uses can be really damaging for your hair.

Using a towel and letting your hair air dry will cut down on the damage you're doing to your hair tremendously.

Here are some other fun facts about towel drying your hair...

  • Choosing to towel dry your hair cuts down on the energy you're using, which is much better for the environment
  • You're eliminating the amount of product you are using in your hair when you skip blowdrying. The less product you have in your hair, the healthier and lighter it will feel.
  • While towel drying is better for your hair than drying it on high heat, make sure to be gentle so the friction from the towel doesn't cause damage.

Hair Plopping

If you have curly hair, you realize how important moisture is for it.

Without enough moisture, curly hair becomes frizzy and difficult to tame. This is why hair plopping is a lifesaver for curly hair!

If you haven't heard of hair plopping, here's how you do it...

1. Grab an old t-shirt or microfiber hair towel and set it on a chair or counter.

2. Stand with your head upside down and center your hair on the t-shirt.

3. Place the bottom of the shirt on the nape of your neck

4. Take the sleeves of your t-shirt around the back of your head and tie them to secure the hair in the t-shirt.

5. Tuck any loose pieces of hair into the t-shirt and let sit for 10-20 minutes. Let air dry once you've finished the hair plopping process.

Use a Hair Turban

Similar to the hair plopping method, using a hair turban to dry your hair locks in moisture while avoiding the use of heat from a blowdryer.

Using a hair turban is awesome for your hair because it's made from microfiber which allows your hair to dry without sucking the moisture out of it. Some people fear using a cotton towel on their hair because rubbing it against the hair can be abrasive.

Using a hair turban is really convenient because you can walk around the house and get stuff done. With a big, bulky towel wrapped around your head, you have to worry about it falling off any time you need to bend over.

On top of the convenience that using a hair turban adds to your daily routine, it also cuts down on hygral fatigue.

Hygral fatigue is when your hair loses its elasticity and moisture from abrasive drying techniques. Signs of hygral fatigue include...

  • A gummy feeling in hair when it is wet
  • Hair breaking off when being brushed
  • Hair that doesn't stretch much when wet

If towel drying isn't a safe enough hair-drying method for you, consider grabbing yourself a hair turban!

Achieving the Healthiest Hair Possible

When our hair feels and looks great, our confidence skyrockets.

Having weak, brittle hair is going to cause frizz and split-ends, which is not what you're looking for. This is why usingĀ a satin pillowcase for hair, as well as heatless drying techniques are crucial!

If you're ready to take the next step to healthy hair, check out our selection of hair turbans and satin pillowcases!