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On the Go: Your Options for a Rapid Hair Drying Towel

Do you prefer to dry your hair manually over a hairdryer? Here are your options for a rapid hair drying towel so you can decide what's best for you.


Sure, you love showers. You revel in the feel of water pouring over your head and massaging your scalp. But once the shower is over, wet hair becomes a nuisance.

Who wants to walk around with dripping wet hair? Not you, especially if your hair is long and takes ages to dry.

Drying your hair does not have to be a hassle. Here's an overview of your options for a rapid hair drying towel. Choose the right one for you, and change your hair-drying routine for good.

Why Dry Hair Naturally?

Do you ever just give up on drying your hair naturally and reach for a blow dryer instead?

The next time you are tempted to speed through the hair-drying process with a hot blow dryer, stop and think of your beautiful locks.

There is substantial scientific proof that drying your hair with a blow dryer at a hot temperature can damage your hair. Consistent blow-drying on the hot setting dries out your hair and causes it to become rough and frizzy. In some cases, using your blow dryer incorrectly can even trigger hair loss.

Therefore, the best way to dry your hair is with a towel. Using a towel to absorb the excess water from your hair and allowing it to air dry completely helps it to remain smooth and plentiful.

Turban or Traditional Towel?

Since we've established that blow dryers can be unhealthy for your hair, the natural way to dry your hair is obvious: use a towel. But what kind of towel is best for your hair?

Newsflash: A traditional bath towel is not ideal for the health of your hair. Experts say that wringing your hair out with a regular bath towel can weaken your hair shaft.

Squeezing the water out of your hair or rubbing it dry with a towel can cause craters across your hair shaft over time. This worsens your split ends and causes hair to fall out as it is brushed or otherwise handled.

So what is a better alternative to using a regular towel to dry your hair? The answer is simple: Turbie Twist.

Cotton Turban Towel

If you're looking for an all-natural hair-drying experience, consider this innovative cotton Turbie Twist towel. This luxurious cotton hair towel is as absorbent as it is fluffy.

Created from long-grain cotton, this type of towel is soft to the touch and creates a comfortable turban when wrapped around your hair.

Best for a Spa Experience

Though cotton cannot absorb water quite as quickly as other materials (such as microfiber), it provides an organic way to dry hair. Its texture complements the texture and volume of your hair and protects it from forming more split ends.

This cotton hair towel is ideal for the times when you crave a spa-like experience. Imagine taking a lovely, long shower, and then gently wrap your hair in this breathable cotton towel. You can luxuriate in a spa-like hair-drying experience right in your own home.

Microfiber Turban Towel

How often do you have long periods of spare time in which to dry your hair naturally?

For those days when drying your hair has to be quick and efficient, grab a hair towel made of microfiber. This is the rapid drying Turbie Twist hair towel, and for good reason.

Microfiber is a light synthetic material with a pleasantly soft texture. It also boasts moisture-wicking properties. For this reason, this hair towel is ideal for everyday use.

Gently wrap your hair in a microfiber hair towel, and watch how quickly it dries. These hair towels are available in many colors, so you can dry your hair with a little style and flair each day.

Best for Curly Hair

Did you know that drying your curly hair with cotton can actually damage your roots and cause your hair to become dry and brittle?

That's right: If you have curly hair, cotton is not ideal when it comes to drying it.

Use a microfiber hair towel to dry your precious curls. Microfiber is a more gentle fabric, and it does not cause friction when rubbed or tied around curly hair.

Extra-Long Rapid Hair Drying Towel

What's the most annoying aspect of caring for your waist-length hair?

If for you, the answer is figuring out how to dry it in an efficient manner, you're not alone. Long hair is not only the hardest to dry, but it is also the easiest type of hair to damage.

Regular-length hair towels can also manage to dry long hair, thanks to their well-placed loops. That said, extremely long hair deserves a towel of its own. For hair that is approximately waist-length, try the extra-long microfiber quick-drying hair towel.

This hair towel hugs the entire length of your hair, allowing you to make the perfect turban. Just scoop up your long into this extra-long towel, and gently twist it into a turban. Then, use the elastic loop on top of the towel to secure your turban.

Turbie Band Can Help as Well

Do you ever just want to air-dry your hair after you've dampened it?

Sometimes, a sturdy all-purpose hairband is all you need. For those times when you just want to get your hair out of your face as you apply makeup, or when your hair is damp and you need to pull it back, here is the perfect Turbie hairband.

This thick yet soft hairband is super-absorbent. Therefore, it can wick some excess water from your hair if it's just slightly damp. Though it's not a hair-drying towel, it is a perfect alternative for when your hair isn't exactly wet, but just damp enough to be a nuisance if it falls in your face.

Ready to Dry Your Hair the Right Way?

How will you dry your hair after your next shower?

Treat yourself to the best way to dry your hair. Use a rapid hair drying towel. To explore all your natural hair-drying options, browse around our site today. Shop for your new hair towel today, and soon you'll see that it's one of your favorite beauty-related purchases to date.