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How to Towel Dry Hair Without the Damage

Towel drying hair with a regular towel can cause damage and frizz. Learn how to towel dry hair correctly without the damage.

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When you exit the shower, what's the first thing you do to get your hair dry? Do you towel dry hair by instantly wrapping your hair in a body towel and then begin the rest of your morning or night routine? Think about all of the things you do with your hair directly after exiting the shower. 

Are your hair-drying methods damaging your hair? If you don't know the proper way to towel dry your hair, then you could be damaging it every time you dry it. Yes, there is a right and wrong way to dry your hair, and knowing the difference means keeping your hair safe and healthy!

Put your regular towel down and learn how to towel dry hair the right way by continuing to read below. Here's everything you need to know! 

The Dangers of Improper Drying

Towel drying your hair with a regular towel can cause your hair to experience major frizzing and even splitting. When your hair is wet, it's in its most fragile state. It's essential that you treat it delicately while drying it for this very reason. 

Here's what you need to know about the dangers of drying your hair the wrong way. 

Large Towels

Using a large towel to dry your hair can result in damage due to the weight that it places on your hair. As the cotton absorbs the water in your hair, it'll become even heavier than the large towel already is. The weight of the large towel can cause your hair to break. 

If you have a habit of drying your body off with your body towel and then wrapping it around your head to dry your hair, then it's time to make some changes. A smaller towel that doesn't pull on your hair is a much better option. 

Rubbing Hair Dry

Rubbing your hair dry is another way to ruin your hair. Excessive rubbing with a towel to dry your hair will only result in some major frizz. Remember, when your hair is wet, it's fragile. 

You need to handle it gently during this state. Rubbing it to get it dry can not only cause frizz but damage as well. 

Blow Drying

Blow drying your hair might seem like the ideal option for you especially when needing your hair to dry quickly. However, this is a major way to damage your hair. Not only is heat not good for your hair in general, but applying it to your wet hair is even worse. 

Avoid blow drying your hair when possible. 

Brushing Wet Hair 

You'll also want to avoid brushing your hair while it's wet. It could be beneficial for getting a lot of excess water out of your hair, but brushing it while wet can cause damage as well. Because your hair is so fragile at this time, you don't want to run a brush through it. 

Drying the Correct and Safe Way

It's now time to learn how to dry your hair the right way! Doing so will keep your hair safe from damage and healthy! Here's what you need to know.

Remove Excess Water by Hand

Before you begin to dry your hair using the right-sized towel, be sure to remove excess water by hand. To do this, you'll want to gently squeeze your hair. Be sure not to twist it tightly and squeeze it too rough. 

You can also consider hand combing through your hair to remove the extra water. Hand combing is less damaging than a brush, but this step also depends on the type of hair you have. If you can comb your hair by hand, do your best to separate your hair into sections before doing so. 

Comb through it slowly and avoid pulling at your hair.

Condition the Hair

Before putting your hair in a towel to towel dry, be sure to condition the hair. Use a leave-in conditioner that'll help keep your hair healthy while it dries. You can complete this step while hand combing through your hair. 

As you use your hands to comb your hair, you can apply the conditioner through and through. This will also help you comb through your hair with ease. 

Use Your Turbie Twist Towel

The final step is to use your Turbie Twist towel to dry your hair. The Turbie Twist towel is made to fit your head perfectly. It's not too big, which means it won't pull at or damage your hair. 

The Turbie Twist also fits just snugly enough to hold your hair up to dry while doing other tasks. You won't have to worry about your towel falling off your head while you're doing laundry, getting dressed, or anything else. 

There's an elastic loop to help keep it secure, and it's made to be lightweight to not damage your hair or hurt your neck! When purchasing your Turbie Twist, you can also choose between microfiber and cotton. There are plenty of colors to choose from, so there's something for everyone!

Towel Dry Hair the Right Way

When it's time to towel dry hair, make sure you follow these tips and steps listed above. In a perfect world, we'd be able to dry our hair however we'd like without damaging it. Unfortunately, we have to spend a bit of time taking the proper precautions to ensure our hair remains healthy and undamaged.

To start the healthy hair drying process, learn how you can purchase your own Turbie Twist today!