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How to Shampoo When You Have Fine Hair

Washing your hair properly if you have fine locks can be tough. Here's a guide on how to properly shampoo if you have fine hair.

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Is your fine hair driving you crazy? Did you know that the type of shampoo that you use could make a tremendous difference in the volume of your hair?

The truth is, there are a variety of shampoo brands that are specifically made to add volume, thickness, and texture to your fine hair. They can also decrease oil production.

Washing your fine hair the right way will give you the voluminous locks you've always wanted, while making your hair healthier at the same time.

Do you want to learn more about the best ways to shampoo your fine hair? Then keep reading this guide!

Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

This is by far the most important part of your washing routine. A volumizing shampoo and conditioner will add the desired volume and thickness to your hair.

The reason for this is because volumizing shampoos decrease the buildup of oils or previous hair products that cause your hair to appear finer than it is. Once these impurities are stripped, your hair will have much more body.

Volumizing conditioners will help your fine hair by removing frizz to ensure smoothness. The special thing about volumizing conditioners is that they will not make your hair overly hydrated like some conditioners, which would weigh down your hair and make it thinner.

The brand OGX Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen comes as a shampoo and conditioner and has received great reviews for those trying to add body to their fine hair.

Wash Your Fine Hair Thoroughly

Now is the important part - the washing process. Oftentimes people zoom through the hair washing process and are not fully cleaning their hair properly. It's extremely important to fully clean and rinse your hair, or else it will have more product buildup, making it appear oily and thin.

Before applying any shampoo, your hair should be fully wet. Then, you should apply a small amount of shampoo to your head.

The amount you use depends on the length of your hair. If it's shorter, aim for a dollop. If it's longer, you can use a little more, but never use too much, as excessive use could weigh your hair down.

After this, massage the shampoo vigorously throughout your hair, especially your scalp, which holds the most dirt and oils.

Then, rinse your hair thoroughly, making sure that all of the shampoo is completely out of your hair. After this, you should repeat the process and rinse again, which will ensure that your hair is completely removed from all the built-up oils.

However, if this is too time-consuming, consider spending at least three minutes scrubbing your hair the first time.

When the shampoo process is complete, apply a dollop of conditioner to the lower portion of your hair. Applying conditioner to your scalp is a huge disservice to your hair, adding in excessive oils and weighing it down.

Finally, rinse the conditioner out fully and you're complete!

Wash Your Hair Every Other Day

Most experts agree that fine hair should be washed every other day. Since thin hair is more prone to oil buildup, waiting too long to wash it will lead to more oil and less volume.

However, it's important to avoid overwashing because that can cause your hair to become too dried out. Make sure to use a shower cap on days you're not washing your hair. Exposure to moisture in the shower can lead to frizz and more oily hair.

That being said, washing your hair every other day is a perfect way to balance and maintain the buildup of oil in your hair.

Microfiber Hair Towel

Another important part of maintaining your fine hair is through the drying process. Using a regular towel to dry your hair can promote frizz and damage your beautiful locks. This is where a microfiber hair towel comes in.

A microfiber hair towel wraps around your head and absorbs the moisture in your hair rather than rubbing it out. This will result in faster drying and healthier hair overall.

At Turbie Twist, we offer both cotton and microfiber Turbie Twist Hair Towels in different colors and designs.

Dry Hair Shampoo

So we know overwashing fine hair is counterproductive, but what about those days where your hair is oily only a day after washing it? You may have heard of dry hair shampoo, and it can indeed work wonders on those days your hair needs more body.

Dry hair shampoo is made up of powder cleansers like starch or clay. It works by absorbing grease and other impurities in your hair and adds volume and texture at the same time.

IGK Hair Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo is one example of a dry hair shampoo brand that's great for fine hair.

While dry hair shampoo is beneficial to thin and limp hair, overuse can lead to hair breakage, so only use dry hair shampoo on the days you really need it.

Keeping Your Fine Hair Clean

If you have fine hair, using the tips in this guide will be of great benefit to you. Full, healthy, voluminous hair will give you a boost of confidence and allow you to rock hairstyles you always wanted to try, but never thought you could.

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