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How to Make Hair Naturally Curly

What can you do to make hair naturally curly? Find out in this short breakdown. Learn some basic tips and tricks to freshen up your look with curly hair.

When asked if they could choose their natural hairstyle, 80% of women said that they would prefer to wake up with wavy or curly hair. Curly hair is continuing to gain popularity, especially on social media. 

Luckily, you can find ways to have naturally curly hair, even if you have your hair straight. 

Do you want to learn more about naturally curly hairstyles that you can use on your hair? Keep reading these top tips to help make your hair more naturally curly!

Find Products To Fight Frizz

One important part of having curly hair is finding ways to reduce the frizziness of your curls. 

For example, you may want to invest in a satin pillowcase. These will help you prevent frizzy hair while you sleep and will allow you to wake up with flawless curls! You can also find hairstyles for naturally curly hair that will protect your curls while you sleep. 

Other naturally curly hair products will help you combat humidity and tame flyaways for smooth, soft hair. 

However, you must avoid products that will weigh your hair down. Even if they work to prevent frizz, you will notice that your curls will not hold their shapes as well. 

Diffuse or Air-Dry Your Hair

Next, you need to learn how to dry your hair properly to keep your curls defined and to reduce frizz! If you use your normal hairdryer, the heat will lead to a lot of extra frizz and will make your curls look wilder. 

Instead, you should let your hair air dry or you should use a diffuser. Both are good alternatives to blow drying your hair!

However, using a diffuser will even out your curl pattern and can add more volume and body to your hair. Diffusers help you spread the air from your hairdryer into a larger area, which will help minimize the frizz. 

If you use a diffuser, make sure you use a heat protector to protect your curls from damage. 

Use Curl Enhancing Products

Another way to improve your naturally curly hairstyles is to use curl enhancers! These products are used to help those with loose curls or wavy hair get more definition out of their curls!

Curl enhancers help you increase definition and clumping, which will give you bigger, bouncier curls, even if you have naturally short curly hair. 

They also contain proteins that help you set your curls, which will keep your hair curly all day. 

One helpful product that will enhance your curls is a curl cream. These are light creams that will help you form your curls without weighing them down! 

Keep Curls Moisturized

Next, you need to find ways to keep your curls moisturized! One way that you can do this is by using a conditioning treatment as part of your regular hair care. If your hair is looking dry or frizzy, using a leave-in conditioner will help you hydrate and define your curls!

You can also use oil treatments and a combination of other products to help you meet your specific hair needs. 

However, you do not want to weigh down your curls. Make sure you only ever use a dime-sized amount of styling cream, conditioner, or oil to give your hair more moisture and bounce. 

As you moisturize your curls, you can use the "praying hands" method. This will help you keep your curl pattern consistent. 

Scrunch or Finger Curl

Even those who have naturally curly hair have to do a lot of work to have the beautiful bouncy curls that are so popular. For example, many people will scrunch their hair or try a finger curl method to make their curls look more defined and consistent. 

Scrunching your hair uses your fingers to push the ends of the curls up, like an accordion.

This will encourage your curls to form. Once you scrunch your hair, you can diffuse your hair to make sure your curls are soft and bouncy and will improve your short naturally curly hairstyles. 

You can also use a finger curl method! First, make sure your hair is wet, and then apply some sort of curl cream or enhancer. Then, you will separate your hair into loose sections and twist the pieces around your finger. 

These methods will provide you with an extra boost for your curly hair and will help you create beautiful curls even on wavy hair. 

Get a Trim

Finally, you need to regularly trim your curly hair to avoid split ends. When your hair is damaged and dry, it will make your hair look frizzy. Plus, hair that is dead or damaged will not curl as well as healthy hair. 

By getting a trim, you will have bouncier curls that will curl more evenly. Plus, getting regular haircuts is essential for growth! Otherwise, you may find that your hair breaks off at the ends and prevents your hair from getting longer. 

When you get your curly hair cut, you can ask for a feathered cut. This will help the ends of your hair to look more curly, even if your curls are not super defined. 

Want Naturally Curly Hair? We Can Help

Having curly hair naturally is something that many people wish for, even if they don't have it in their genetics. Luckily, many easy tips can help you enhance your natural wave and have curly hair. 

Do you want help having naturally curly hair? Turbie Twist can help! We provide products like satin pillowcases and microfiber hair towels that can help you cut down on frizz and enhance your natural curls. 

Contact us today to learn more about our products and to see how you can have naturally curly hair!