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How to Find the Best Hair Bands for Your Hair Type

Wondering what type of hair bands would work best for your hair type? Take a look at this helpful guide on how to choose the best hair band for your hair type.

Hair Bands


How do you do your 'do? Hair clips can add some flair to your style, but sometimes a hair band is the better accessory for your day. 

Hairbands come in different colors and materials. However, sometimes the right type of hair band doesn't have anything to do with the color or how it works with your outfit. 

If your hair struggles to stay up when using a hairband, or you spend more time untangling your hair from the band you used for a ponytail, you could have the wrong hairband! Here's our guide to choosing the best hair bands for your hair type. 

For Thin Hair

Keep your thin hair silky smooth when it's pulled back using a silk hair band. These elastic bands have a covering made of silk. This helps protect fragile hair from breaks and bends while keeping your hair pulled back or up in your favorite position. 

When removing the silk tie, you'll notice it releases easily and pulls away from your head without dragging your hair along with it. 

For Thick Hair

If you have a thick mane of hair, you know the struggle of using hair ties that get lost and tangled in your lovely locks. On a windy day, good luck retrieving a hairband retained your hair while battling the breeze. 

Toss away the traditional hair tie to keep your thick hair under control. Look for spiral plastic hair ties designed explicitly for thick heads of hair. The spiral design helps you easily place or remove the tie without your hair tangling onto the tie.

Plus, these thick hair bands are strong enough to hold heavy hair in place.  

For Straightened Hair

Did you think scrunchies were a thing of the past? They're back! 

Use a scrunchie for relaxed or straightened hair. Choose a velvet scrunchie for the strength to hold your hair back while preventing kinks in your straight hair. 

These hair bands work best after a blowout to maintain that smooth, silky, straight look and feel to your hair. Scrunchies are also ideal for keeping your hair back with a light touch while you sleep. You'll wake with fewer tangles and without a crease where the scrunchie held your hair back throughout the night. 

For Wavy Hair

Do you feel like nothing can hold your thick, wavy hair back? Elastic hair ties and scrunchies aren't big enough to get around your bulky bunch of hair to keep it back from your face or off of your shoulders. 

You need more than "just" a hairband. You need a hair bungee! You can find plenty of uses for bungee cords, but don't choose a bungee from your local hardware store for your hair. 

While they look like a traditional bungee, these hair bungees have a covering that helps reduce the potential for the tie to become tangled or stuck in your wavy hair. These ties have a hook on each end to make it easier to wrap around the full bulk of your hair and secure it. 

For Short Hair

Short hairstyles can make it challenging to pull any of it back into a ponytail. Keeping short hair at bay while working out or on a windy day often means dealing with your wisps blowing in the wind or wearing a hat. 

Polyband hair ties are best for gripping short hair and staying in place. These bands are small and often clear so they can disappear into your hairstyle, rather than standing out like a black elastic hair band. 

For Workouts

Choose a hair tie without metal connectors to workout with a pain-free ponytail. Sometimes the metal connector on a hair tie can dig into your head during an intense workout. 

Seamless hair ties eliminate that pain. They are also less likely to slip out of place or fail to keep your hair back when running, jumping, or lifting during your workout. 

For Frizzy Hair

Keep the frizz to a minimum with an adjustable tension hair tie. These ties adjust depending on the texture of your hair, how tight you want to pull it back, and your desired final look. 

Adjustable tension hair ties often use a snap to connect and create tension. You can make them longer or shorter to become looser or tighter by attaching or removing additional ties. 

For Style Points

Hair ribbons add a little flair to your pulled-back hairstyle. Tie one of these wide hair bands around your hair to keep hair back from your face. Form a bow or stylish knot, then position it where you think it best compliments your look for the day! 

Choose an elastic ribbon to make sure you can tie it as tight as you need it. An elastic ribbon is also more likely to stay where you put it on your head, rather than slide off or come undone when you need it to keep your hair out of the way. 

For Comfort and Control

An elastic hair covering can be the ultimate in comfort and hair control. The Turbie Band is extra stretchy to serve a variety of hair control purposes. 

From keeping your hair back and your ears warm to helping manage your forehead sweat while staying cute at the gym, this hair band is easy to use and works with any type of hair. 

It's also 100% cotton, making it easy to clean and reuse. They make great gifts for sisters or moms for Mother's Day!

For a Quick Ponytail 

A spiral rubber hair band works in a pinch in almost any situation. These hair bands look like a bracelet when worn on your wrist, then transform into a hair tool when you need it! 

Choose Hair Bands For Your Hair and Your Needs!

No matter your type of hair or the situation, choosing the right hair bands can help you keep your hair under control and on-trend! Keep a few options on-hand, and you'll never worry about having the right tie when you need it.

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